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Bloom Into Spring Sales Event / {AnaMarkova}Designs


Nice to see you again :)

Bloom Into Spring Sales Event  will coming up from April1 to April 15,
This event is of sale event. The thema is "Spring Item".
Those items are related to spring.

I want to introduce the item of [Earth's].

and the other shop "{AnaMarkova}Designs" 50% off Sale!!
Now is the chance to grab any of those items.

please take my flcker and look :)

Earing / Ring : Box #1 Earrings & Ring 
   (Color changeable with HUD. Color them to suit any outfit)

Belly ring : Box #3 Belly Jewelry - Spring Being 
   (Color changeable with HUD.Fun, flirty belly piece

hand bag : Box #4 handbag (Cubix)  
   (two holding positions) 

jacket : {AnaMarkova} Gemma Jacket Onyx 

inner : {AnaMarkova} Brigitte Bustier Noir

leggins : {AnaMarkoa} Chantelle Leggings  Platinum

hair : Uw.St Valentine gift2011 (previous event)

Neko ear and tail :Box #2 Neko Ears & Tail (Spring Tail) 
  (Color changeable with HUD. Whimsical fun tail)

Box #5 (Exclusive) - May Flowers 

* Elegance Boutique* NEW!!


Nice to see you again dear :)

I love  * Elegance Boutique*    new released Gown.
sexy and very formal. 
It would be one of my favorite gown.

Gown : Elegance Boutique - Mesh Gown Set - "Impress" - Blue/Red
* Elegance Boutique* main store ---  *taxi*

pose : own work

my flicker photo

There is 8 version Gown.
Every colors are very beautiful combination Gown and Pantie :D 
I choose blue and red one. Because My lucky color is blue :)

im sure you would be love this gown. 

Thank you for coming here today :)

OrsiniRed @Cosmopolitan


Nice to see you again :)

I was shopping yesterday night at Cosmopolitan

I am glad that i could to know OrsiniRed when i was shopping :)
and im happy that introduce you again about *:..Silvery K..*accessorie


Outfit : OrsiniRed Youbg Blood Outfit Blush @Cosmopolitan
                 OrsiniRed main store -- OrsiniRed

belly ring : *:..Silvery K..*Belly ring (Silver Butterfly)

butterfly pose :[andika poses vip spring gift] 
andika pose

my flicker photo 

Thank you for coming here today :)

zanze / [LeLutka] (GroupGift)


Nice to see you again :)

I didnt know about this beautiful shop until i saw in "Fashion for Life 2015"
because .... There is Free Gift by "zanze" lol (i love free gift)
then i went to "zanze" main store.
.. There are many many gifts. when join to the group . no need pay. 
It is very awasome for me!! 

and Hair shop " [LeLutka] "has many GroupGift there.
Those are Fatpack :)

I want to introduce you some gifts.

zanze main store ---- taxi
[Lelutka] main store ---- [taxi]

hair -- [LeLutka]-CHILL hair/FATPACK (GroupGift)
dress : [ZE] Roxy Dress {DOTTY}
boots : *COCO*_Over-the-kneeBoots_Brown (free)
(flicker photo)

hair -- [LeLutka]-SIENNA hair/FATPACK
dress : [ZE] Lialah Gown/Dress {FATPACK}
door pose : Optimistic Playlist Hunt - Digital DeZines (3Ldollors) (flicker photo)
I hope you would like those gift.

Thank you for coming here today :)

-AZUL- (GroupGift②)


Nice to see you again :) 

Maybe already a lot of people know -Azul- GroupGift.

I thought those group gift was only for Platinum member..
I am not Platinum menber,However i got those gift before i knew it :)

anyway, i want to introduce you about those gift.
I hope you know they are how beautiful gift by this photo.

dress : -AZUL- GroupGift2015Jan ( White cocktail dress )
(for -Azul- menber and Platinum menber)

dress : -AZUL- GroupGift2014Dec (black bird feather skirt)
(for -Azul- menber and Platinum menber)

Pose : .::DD::. Sky Dancer Ring
 .::Digital DeZines::.

Thank you for coming here today :)

[VM] VERO MODERO NewRelease & GroupGift


Nice to see you again :)

[VM] VERO MODERO released new Party Outfit.

There is 11 colors variation.
and sexy back style :)  I love it!!! 

each / 300Ldollors

I hope you find your favorite color :) 
already in main store.

and Also March Group gift.
"[VM] VERO MODERO /  Butterfly Dress"  has ready in main store.

I hope you like both!!

Thank you for coming here today :)

~Ghee~ (GroupGift)


Nice to see you again :)

Ghee released New GroupGift of March and iNOVAREgift
Gift of both very nice.

dress : VIP GroupGift March 
Ghee Aqua Daisy Drape Spring Dress (unpacked)

 (You need tojoin stores group. need to pay 250Ldollors)

jacket : Ghee fall 14 Casual jacket noir Spesial Edition iNOVARE readers gift.
(You need to join "iNOVARE Magaine" group. no need to pay when you join)

I hope you like both!!

Thank you for coming this website today :)

Azul (Group Gift)


Nice to see you again :)

its so Awasome!!
Azul has Released 2Group Gift!

One gift is for Azul Group member(not Platinum member)
One more gift is for SL F&O group menber.

dress : -AZUL- SLF&O GG 2015Mar 
(my flicker photo)

dress : -Azul- GroupGift2015Mar 
(black dress)
(my flicker photo)

Thank you for sooo beautiful dress in every month Ms Mami!
I hope you are always fine.

Thank you for reading today :)

Gift & SALE (DesignerCircle / 69)


Oops!! I was late to blog about DesignerCircle gift!!
(I know almostFashionlovers in Secondlife know it. If you dont know hurry hurry!!)
This time is 100th anniversary round!! 
Im not sure this gift still there next round also.
anyway,this round will finish  "14 March 8 AM SL Time"

There is many many Group Gifts.
no need pay to  join this group. 
So Awasome!

A hair shop "69 (SIXTY NINE)" SALE price on limit time.(old Release)
Single color 69Ldollors / Fatpack 169Ldollors. so nice price!
This SALE is untile 6/9.
Those hair also everything mesh hair and I love those stuff.

outfit ---- A: DC 100th Gift(:A: Spingerie Gift)
(my note : hair --- *Dura-Boys&Girls*48(Irish Coffee)
Specially I love this gift.  BUT the other gift also so NICE!! 
(oh... this photo is no number "5"  ... my mistake...sorry >< )

Credit about ①

hair -- [ SIXTY NINE ] - HAIR 04 - Mocha
top -- Eyelure Spring Gift Top
skirt -- A&CO-Jules Woven Mini Skirt-GroupGift(blue)

[VM] VERO MODERO Jade Outfit


Nice to see you again :)

 [VM]  VERO MODERO has Released New Outfit "Jade Outfit"

JADE outfit completed include

  helmet  gold cuffs

Specially The helmet sooo Gorgeous and sexy outfit.
Exactly it is "Jade" :)

[VM]  VERO MODERO Jade Outfit Green

5colors each / 400Ldollors
(Red / Black / Army Green / Silver / Green )

I hope you would love this time release outfit.

Thank you for reading today :)

[VM] VERO MODERO Dino Hoodie


Nice to see you again :)

[VM]  VERO MODERO  has Released cutie Dino Hoodie. 
its looks like dinosaur  :D

This hoodie was Released for woman and for man both. it would be nice for couple.  There are Cute Dinosaur couple :) If you take a photo couple dinosaur, please tell me if you want.  because i want to see if sooo much!!!

[VM]  VERO MODERO Dino Hoodie Casette / Green

The other color in main store 
6 color each / 100Ldollors

Next -----------

Past Release Skirt set.
I already blogged when Released at that time.
The other color also very nice. 

[VM] VERO MODERO / Lady Skirt Outfit 

In this photo color Green / Cognac / Cyan
7 colors each / 250Ldollors 

I hope you would love Dinosaur Hoodie and Lady Skirt set.

Thank you for reading today :)

[VM] VERO MODERO for Designer Showcase


Nice to see you again :)
[VM] VERO MODERO has Released Airy Dress for Designer Showcase.

dress : [VM] VERO MODERO / Airy Dress For Designer Showcase
Designer Showcase

Thank you for reading today :)



Nice to see you again :)

[VM] VERO MODERO Released that "Cool Winter Outfit"

This sets include 
・turtle neck sweater, 
・mesh robe,
・jean pant,
・fur scarf, 
・envelope foil clutch
・silver reflection sunglasses.

it means...FULL SET! :D

Fur color is 6 colors. 
each / 350Ldollors

I hope you would love this Outfit!!

Thank you for reading :))

***Ambrosia*** M's Avon (LB,GroupGift)


Nice to see you again :)

Now i want to introduce you 1dress and 1 Necklace.

first dress : ***Ambrosia***Mesh_Puff Sleeve Dress[tulipB]

This is Lucky board Item. (5minites) You need to join ***Ambrosia*** store group.  need pay to join 100Ldollors.
You can purchase other color in shop.  each color/ 140Ldollors
(Ambrosia give us very cute group gift every month   and each season does mini hunt or many events in this shop.   every events are member only.)
-------------- next one is ::AvonWater & M's Avon 2015 GIFT Cupid Necklace
main store ⇒ M's Avon

It has 2 type for woman and for men. and  2colors Gold and Silver.
its very cutie Cupid :)
This is Subscriber gift.  already subscribed people has get already i think. If you not subscribe, you touch subscriber.  and touch "Touch here to get prviousely sent item" board.
There is other gifts also M's Avon main store. anyway you go to main store?

Thank you for reading :)