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Get ready for Halloween......


Hi dear! 

I hope your  Halloween is Happy.... 

FlowerDreams released New costume for Halloween. 
and Those Outfits are 99L offering as always until Sunday midnight (November 1st). 
Later that, will back to full price.

FlowerDreams main store Slurl

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Vic's Bride - black 
 -->Compatible with Slink / Maitreya / Belleza body
 -->including weeding bouquet   / eye make up 

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Vic's Bride - white
 -->Compatible with Slink / Maitreya / Belleza body
 -->including weeding bouquet  / eyemake up 
Lipstick : alaskametro<3 Halloween gifts @ anyBODY 

Have a Happy Halloween..................................

Thanks for reading :)



Hi dear! 

Did you get [VM] VERO MODERO New GroupGift skin?  its for Halloween Skin! 
Don't miss Vero Modero's official blog and to get new released info and GroupGift!   
[VM] VERO MODERO official blog
Introducing about [VM] VERO MODERO Luna Skirt Set.
available 4 color. 

[VM] VERO MODERO Fashion main store Slurl
[VM] VERO MODERO Market place

alaskametro<3 released for anybody event new tights and gloves. 
compatible with The mesh project / Slink / Omega System / Standard avater

alaskametro<3 official blog    /    alaskametro<3 MP    /   anyBody in world.

Dress : [VM] VERO MODERO / Luna Skirt Set Blue 
Tights : alaskametro<3 "Kat" tights - Navy 

Dress : [VM] VERO MODERO / Luna Skirt Set Green 
Tights : alaskametro<3 "Kat" tights - Olive

Thanks for reading. 
Have nice weekend <3

VirtualDiva Pants Gown


Hi dear! 

Virtual Diva released 2 pants gown for Solaris Autumn Winter 2015 Fashion week. 
They are not in main store yet, but Angy said They are  "Coming soon" :) 

and until November 1st. Virtual Diva 50% off sale running!  only 2nd floor. 

Virtual Diva main store Slurl

Outfit : Euridice Gown Couture 
Hair : .ploom. Long Day - Indecisive
Lipstick : alaskametro<3 gift - Halloween 2015 lipstick  @ anyBody

Outfit : Poem Gown Couture 

I hope Angy will put on main store soon those outfits!

Have a nice weekend!

Halloween Outfit by French Vintage Couture


Hi dear! 

I feel that Last time I Blogged for French Vintage Couture was long time ago.
Comete Clary released for Halloween outfit. 
Introducing about " Batgirl Outfit" and "Missy Outfit".
and First picture pose is Haru's groupgift! 

Are you ready costume for Halloween? 

French Vintage Couture main store Slurl
French Vintage Couture Market place

Outfit : French Vintage Couture - Missy Outfit 
 --> including  Black Makeup - Lips & Eyeliners / Tattoo - Blood - Lips / Necklace / shape for dress
pose : *Haru* GROUP GIFT 

Outfit : French Vintage Couture - Batgirl Outfit
 -->including shape for dress / Dark Metal Makeup - Gold  / Wing 

Thanks for reading. 
Have a happy Halloween?  still too early? ok Have a nice day :)

AZUL New! Julie Halloween


Good morning Good evening (←for me right now)!! Dear! 

AZUL Time! 
Mami-san has released " Julie /Halloween Ver." 
You can be soo beautiful hungry spider :p

AZUL main store Slurl

Gown : -AZUL- Julie /Halloween Ver. 
 --> including Tiara /  Wing  

before you purchase please try to DEMO! 

I can't say anything for Azul!
anyway check it out!!

Have a wonderful day!! :)  

-AZUL- on Marketplace ▬
-AZUL- Blog ▬
-AZUL- Flickr Releases ▬

Fall Cashmere Coat set @ Flux Sur Mer


Hi dear! 

I LOVE  Flux Sur Mer Sim! and i have visit often for taking picture.
Me Sew Sexy has small shopping space in this sim.  
Jaylen Oh released new outfit "Fall Cashmere Coat set" for Flux Sur Mer.
available in this month at Flux Sur Mer / 3 color.

Flux Sur Mer Slurl

Flux Sur Mer というSIM知ってる方も多いと思いますが、フランスの田舎街をイメージしたSIMのようでとっても綺麗な場所です。

といいつつ、今回の撮影場所はWayward Hillsです。

Outfit : *MSS* Cashmere Coat Prairie Sand Vendor @ Flux Sur Mer 
Heal : ::HH:: Hucci Okwa Pump Suede - Midnight (for Slink feet / TMP feet)

Me Sew Sexy main store Slurl

Thanks for reading :) 
have a good day <3

Witch's Wicked tea party @ Tres Chic


Nice to see you again :) 

Introduction post of * CHEZ MOI FURNITURES * for Tres Chic Event "Wicked Tea party"
and SwayLand Autumn Hunt is running until November 2nd. 
 --> How to SwayLand Autumn Hunt

Tres Chic Slurl (until November 5th)
SwayLand Slurl

Chair : Wicked Armchair CHEZ MOI @ Tres Chic
Floating tea pot : Floating Wicked Tea Pot CHEZ MOI @ Tres Chic
table : Wicked Table with Scene CHEZ MOI @ Tres Chic
Candle : Wicked Candle Pumpkin CHEZ MOI  @ Tres Chic
Floating book : Floating Magic Book CHEZ MOI  @ Tres Chic
Scarecrow : Sway's [Boo] Scarecrow @SwayLand Autumn Hunt prize(October 15th - November 2nd)
Garland @ Wayward Halloween (October 16th-31st)
  Sway's [Boo] Halloween Garland . Skull
  Sway's [Boo] Halloween Garland . Ghost

* CHEZ MOI FURNITURES * main store Slurl…

Lost and Found


Hi dear! 

Have you visited to Lost and found event? 
There is many vintage stuff.... outfit and furniture and decor. Now running 2nd round! 
Its very short time until 1st November. from October 22th.

Lost and found Slurl

知らなかったのは私だけかもですが、Lost and foundというイベントが行われています。
The Chapter fourのイベントオーナーさんのイベントみたいなので、今後もっともっと有名になる可能性大です!

Detail info by Serephim

Wheel barrow : Wheel Barrow FirePit CHEZ MOI @ Lost and Found 2nd round 
Wall bed : Snuggle Wall Bed CHEZ MOI  @ Lost and Found 2nd round 
Ottoman : Snuggle Ottoman CHEZ MOI @ Lost and Found 2nd round 
Stool : Snuggle Stool CHEZ MOI @ Lost and Found 2nd round 
Coffee : Snuggle Decor CHEZ MOI @ Lost and Found 2nd round 
Rocking chair : Snuggle Rocking Chair CHEZ MOI  @ Lost and Found 2nd round 
blanket box…

Piotr Heels by Mâchoire


Hi dear. 

Mâchoire released new Slink Heal "Piotr Heels". 
In order to complete outfit, i wore ".:FlowerDreams:.Elsa rust red" without skirt part.
Elsa gown is latest released gown! 

Mâchoire main store Slurl
.:FlowerDreams:. main store slurl

Heal : Machoire - Piotr Heels Black (for Slink High)
Outfit : .:FlowerDreams:.Elsa rust red 
pose : Di's Opera - Express Line 2 - pose 7

Di's created poses are everything looks nice. 

Thanks for reading.

VERO MODERO New!! Wild Pant Set


Hi dear!  I have feeling winter will come soon..... 
BUT when Summer time, i will be miss Winter time,but when winter time, am not miss Summer time. 

introducing about [VM] VERO MODERO Eva Wild Pant Set. 
very open wide neck.Rather than it doesn't cover around neck. So I like this flabby and loose top.   
Including belt and Sunglasses. 
available 11 design. 

[VM] VERO MODERO main store Slurl
*Haru Poses*

Outfit : [VM] VERO MODERO / Eva Wild Pant Set African
pose : -HARU- Yuki 5. 

Outfit : [VM] VERO MODERO / Eva Wild Pant Set Peacock

Thanks for reading! 
Will see you soon..... :D

Prism New! Sienna


Hi dear! I hope your weekend beautiful day! 

Introduction post of "Prism Sienna". and This post is my first blog post for Prism!
and Nice to meet you Prism Fans!! 
and i am very happy to meet with Prism and Maia McKeenan. 
always meeting with somebody is happy happening for me :)  

I know i would like Prism much more, because already i do! 

First outfit is Jacket Skirt set.  
including Leggings applier of Maitreya and system layer. 
Texture changeable by HUD of jacket and skirt each 4 texture.

Prism Designs main store Slurl

Outfit : Prism Sienna by Journey Fabric HUDs 
Hair : .ploom. Tennie - Browns
boots :  Pennywise Dec 2011 Group Gift Shoe Box 
pose : Di's Opera - Femme Fatale 2

Outfit : Prism Sienna by Journey Fabric HUDs 
boots : [BUKKA]knit boots ::hud color select:: (Closed) 
pose : Di's Opera - Feminine Line 2 - 8

I want you to enjoy this outfit set by use HUD and find your favorite combination design. 

Thanks f…

Mui Mui by MSS @ On9


On9 October round close soon! Woot time goes by fast..
because i don't go there yet. 

Introducing Me Sew Sexy " Mui Mui Cardigan w/ Skirt" at On9 October round.
available 6 color 
Jaylen Oh has created very cute Ladies outfit. This outfit is not looks sexy?
because he likes to create sexy outfit :p

On9 October round (Running until 28th)

Outfit : *MSS* Mui Mui Cardigan w/ Skirt Brown
boots : * M'z Lace up boots D.brown *
Hair : [e] Odette - Brunettes
pose : Di's Opera - Divine Series 3

Outfit : *MSS* Mui Mui Cardigan w/ Skirt Baby Blue
boots : !1mm***   Engineer boots Navy (previous LB)
pose : Di's Opera - Divine Series 3

Hair : *MSS* Mui Mui Cardigan w/ Skirt White 
boots : " Sugar " buckled heels, 18 socks options, cherry
pose : Di's Opera - Divine Series 3

I really hope you will chose one of your favorite autumn outfit.
Thanks for reading.

will see you soon!



Hi dear! 

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATIONS began to create Halloween costume. 
First round is "Elsa". 
my picture is not looks HALOWEEN at all >.< 

*FLOWERDREAMS main store Slurl

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Elsa leopard New!! 
 -->including Wing / face tatoo / body tatoo (system Layer)
pose : Di's Opera - Rocque 2

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Elsa plum New!! 
 -->including Wing / face tatoo / body tatoo (system Layer)
pose : Di's Opera - Divine Series 3

as always, until Sunday midnight FlowerDreams has special offering gown. 
below gowns are 99L offering gown 

left : .:FlowerDreams:.Elsa gold
right : .:FlowerDreams:.Elsa rust red

later Sunday midnight will be back full price. 

Thanks for reading :)

AZUL New! Amalia Gown


Hi dear! AZUL Time! 

Azul has released new gown "Amalia". 
I think that how much i say my excitement for Azul, definitely much better way to see this gown at main store. 

As always Azul will get ready for Marketplace Limited color.

Azul Marketplace  (coming really soon)
Azul main store slurl

Gown : -AZUL- Amalia /Aqua (LIMITED_MP) 
Hair : .ploom. Long Day - Indecisive

The other color gown is already in main store. 
before you purchase please try to DEMO! 

-AZUL- on Facebook :
-AZUL- on Flickr        :
-AZUL- on Twitter     :
-AZUL- on Google+   :

Thanks for reading! 

{AnaMarkova}Sweater Dress @ SWANK


Haven't met just before? YES I met you just before! 
Because i wanted to blog about {AnaMarkova}'s item before end the each Event.
and those event that left time is not so long.
If i could make you remind those event,  it makes ok that my work as blogger! 

This post is introduction post of {AnaMarkova} for SWANK!
This event also i have not visited yet........ will try don't miss. 


Sweater Dress : {AnaMarkova}Layne Sweater Dress Cobalt @ SWANK 
pose : -HARU- Popy 5.

Sweater Dress : {AnaMarkova}Layne Sweater Dress Chocolate @ SWANK 
pose : -HARU- Popy 2.

There is so lovely fashion item at main store. and Those are just like Ana! 
Free gift and some Groupgift are now ready!   

{AnaMarkova}main store

Thanks for reading. 
Hope you will love Ana's fashion item even more!

{AnaMarkova}Mandalay @ On9


Hi dear! how is doing?  hope your day was good!

Have you visited to On9? I am not yet..... this month was busy for AW15. 
BUT it was so awesome week and it would never forget event! 

and On9 will end of October round at 28th. 
Introducing {AnaMarkova} released for On9 "Mandalay Fall Skirt Set" 2 color. 
available 7 color. 

On9 Slurl

Outifit : {AnaMarkova}Mandalay Fall Skirt Set Autumn @ On9 October
pose : -HARU- loli2
Hair : [e] Cassidy - Essentials
Heal : E-Clipse Hera  Turquoise
Necklace : *:..Silvery K..:*Babiche Dog tag Neclace_Cross(1set)_HC

Outfit : {AnaMarkova}Mandalay Fall Skirt Set Paisley  @ On9 October
Necklace : *:..Silvery K..:*Babiche Dog tag Neclace_Cross(1set)_HC

if you don't visite yet, left time is not so long. You don't miss of  {AnaMarkova}!! 

Thanks for reading! 
will see you soon ...... :D



Hi dear friend! 

Have you visited to "Wayward Halloween" and "Geeks'n'Nerds "???
....I like Geeks'n'Nerds. because i am one of the person of nerd!! 

I love warm autumn. i love warm Halloween. not scare!! i don't like scaring!!
pumpking soup... apple pie...and take a nap.... wooo... i need excersize!

Introducing Sway's for Wayward Halloween and  Geeks'n'Nerds event items! 

Wayward Halloween Slurl  (October 16th-31st)
Geeks'n'Nerds (October 17th - November 1st)
Sway's main store Slurl

Bookshelf : Sway's [Konrad] Shelf with back wall filled@ Geeks'n'Nerds
Bookshelf  :Sway's [Konrad] Shelf filled @ Geeks'n'Nerds
Chair : Sway's [Konrad] Chair . light  @ Geeks'n'Nerds
Chair :  Sway's [Konrad] Chair . dark @ Geeks'…

-IrodorI- New!! @.PENUMBRA.


Hi dear! 

Have you visited to "PENUMBRA."? 
A lot of fashion item and many shop you will meet at there. 
-IrodorI- also is participating with PENUMBRA. 
I am very glad that Japanese kimono shop is participating in such a big event!! 

-IrodorI- Slurl of .PENUMBRA.

and -IrodorI- Fashion show schedule ----
Show Time:    Saturday 10/24 @ 12PM

Kimono : -IrodorI- Saho hime(Special white) - .PENUMBRA. Exclusive (30%off only in Event)  -->including Hair for japanease kimono / Hair accessory / Fur stole / Geta (Thick bottom Japanese sandals) pose : -HARU- Asia 2.