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-IrodorI- Furisode collection


Dear Reader :) 

already this year 3 hours left for me.coming soon new year. 
I already ate japanese traditional noodle. so am ready to greet the new year :) 
then am watching music TV on NHK lol 
This is singing battle male group and female group. i forgot which won last year.. maybe male? 
and last day of a year, to watch this TV show also one of traditional. at least for me. :) 


Introducing about "-IrodorI- Furisode collection 2016".
-IrodorI- released new Kimono. "Furisode" is kind of formal kimono. available 6 color.
30%off offer until January 15th at main store. 

-IrodorI- main store Slurl

picture 1 : -IrodorI- Furisode collection 2016 (bloom)
picture 2 : -IrodorI- Furisode collection 2016 (cherry)
-->including Hair for Kimono / Hair accessory / Geta / Fur Stole 

Pose : [[J'adore]]Zakuro

Thank you very much for coming to my blog even o…

Diva JumpSuits by VERO MODERO


Dear Reader :) 

[VM] VERO MODERO relesed new outfit "Diva jumpsuit". 
beautiful silky hood and tight waist and wide open neck and looks so cool boots.....
for everything, looks hot diva! more than i think before i wore.
available 6 color / including boots (glove and hoodie together with cloth, not separate)

[VM] VERO MODERO  main store Slurl

picture 1 : [VM] VERO MODERO / Diva Jumpsuits Black
picture 2 : [VM] VERO MODERO / Diva Jumpsuits  Green
picture 3 : [VM] VERO MODERO / Diva Jumpsuits Purple

every colors beautiful. Try to DEMO! 

Thanks for reading. 
I hope dearly that your 2016 will be wonderful year!!

Let's Celebrate


Dear Reader :) How is your day? 

* CHEZ MOI FURNITURES * released "Let's Celebrate! Set" for TRES CHIC. from 17th December. 
Decorated beautiful gold and silver balloon. as always, very lovely couple animation.
and one more main item is Firework."2016" item touch and you can see Fireworks at the sky. 
and one of Japanese tradional new year decoration is "Kadomatsu".
it made by Pine or bamboo tree and some the other flower and some ornaments.
this time i took a picture together Chez moi item and Kadomatsu. 

TRES CHIC Event Slurl
* CHEZ MOI FURNITURES * main store  / Market place

Gazebo : Let's Celebrate! Set (PG) CHEZ MOI @ TRES CHIC
(20 couple animation  / 18 single animation each for male and female / 9 type dishes )
(Firework works by touch) 
bamboo decorate : *New Year's bamboo decorations* (previous Leroy Gift)

Hope Happy New year Celebration with Firework &l…

Nutcracker and ballerina @ Cosmopolitan


Dear reader :) 

How is your weekday? :) I am little bit busy for clean up for new year.

Me Sew Sexy released Nutcracker Suit (for male) / Ballet Tutu(for female) for Cosmopolitan New round.
maybe Jaylen wanted to sell on Christmas? I guess.
available 3 color each outfit of male and female 

Cosmopolitan Event Slurl
Me Sew Sexy main store Slurl

picture 1 
 male outfit : *MSS* Nutcracker Suit Blue @ Cosmopolitan New round
 female outfit : *MSS* Ballet Tutu Pink  @ Cosmopolitan New round

picture 2 
 male outfit : *MSS* Nutcracker Suit Red  @ Cosmopolitan New round
 female outfit : *MSS* Ballet Tutu Pink @ Cosmopolitan New round

Nutcracker and ballerina. 

Thank for reading.

Featuring VeroModero/Snowpaws


Dear Reader :)

Only 4 days left this year. 2015 / H27(use only in Japan) . 
but still have 4 days. i want to enjoy left of this year. 

[VM] VERO MODERO released new dress "Asm Dress"
looks sexy that one side short skirt and stylish high neck top.  
available 8 color. 
same time, "Snowpaws  Pigalle Shoe" at Designer Showcase December round. 
4 pair in one pack. available 2 set / For Slink high Heal. 
Sexy and beautiful Heal ... I love it very much. 

[VM] VERO MODERO main store Slurl
Designer Showcase Slurl

picture 1 
 Dress : [VM] VERO MODERO / Asm Dress Blue
 Heal : Snowpaws Pigalle Shoe - Black Floral
 pose : [X] Sparkles 2
 bangle : Meva May Bangles (Christmas Advent Calender 9th Gift) 
 Hair : .ploom. Fiona - Browns

picture 2
 Dress : [VM] VERO MODERO / Asm Dress Brown
Heal : Snowpaws Pigalle Shoe - Tan Sueffe
 pose  : *PosESioN* 

picture 3 
 Dress : [VM] VERO…



Dear reader :) 
Thanks for coming to my blog! 

Virtual Diva released new outfits "Joy Couture" for Instrument December round.
available 5 design. 

Instrument December round Slurl

outfit : Joy Couture Crowlines @ The Instruments December. 
  -->including earring 
  -->JOy Rose  Hat is separate.
Hair : *Dura* x'mas group hunt-(Honey orange)

body & Head : The mesh project

Check it out at The instruments <3 

Thanks :)

Still Christmas mood


Dear Reader :) Merry Christmas!! and wishes your FAB Christmas!

almost finish Christmas time for me, right now, 25th December night. 
so will back ordinary day, but come soon new year. 

This post is including Christmas gift item. little bit late? still have Christmas time for you. 
Christmas item is "Simply Me! Christmas Gift - Santa Baby". This is gift, and no require to join group. 
You would be Sexy Santa. 

Uber Slurl (by Sway)
Lost&Found (Start: 22nd December and ends 01 January)   (by CHEZ MOI FURNITURE)
Simply Me! Slurl

<< Credit >>
Bed : Sway's [Rosalie] Bed . romantic / silver (Adult) @ Uber 
Side table : Sway's [Rosalie] Bedside table . romantic / copper @ Uber 
Side Table : Sway's [Rosalie] Bedside table . romantic / silver @ Uber 
Lamp : Sway's [Rosalie] Lamp . romanti…

Christmas mood


Dear Reader.  I hope you enjoy your holiday :)

Have you checked SWANK December round? 
There is lovely Christmas Decoration and beautiful Dress and etc.. and a lot of free or freebie gift. 
i also get some gift :)

{AnaMarkova} is ready for SWANK "Sleigh Ride". skinny pants and off shoulder top.
separate purchase top and pants. but each 99L$. and you can change design by HUD. 
if i am not a blogger of Ana, i would buy! 
and ::ROC:: released High heel winter boots. 
Boots color change by HUD for 12 color. looks so warm heal boots. 
Compatible with The mesh project Ouch feel / Slink High and for Standard avater. 
and this Santa Hat Gift. 

SWANK event Slurl
::ROC:: Market Place
::ROC:: Santa Hat

outfit : {AnaMarkova}Sleigh Ride Bag 2 @ SWANK 
Heal boot : ::ROC:: High Heel Winter Boot 

Happy Christmas &l…

after.spring Moka


Gooood mooooorning! Dear Reader :) 

Yesterday was Japanese Emperor's Birthday. He became 82 age. 
I hope he takes care of his body. 

SO! Right now for me already Christmas Eve! 24th December. 
I ate Christmas cake yesterday night in RL. It was sooo sweet cream ^^w 

So my Christmas Eve first blog post is "after.spring"  Moka Dress. 
Its soooo short skirt, so you have to care :D 
and right now. after.spring is ready many gifts for you :) 

after.spring main store Slurl

picture 1 
 Outfit : ~after.spring~  Set 1 Moka  (Dress design change by HUD)
 Heal : Snowpaws - Pigalle Shoe @ Designer Showcase December 

picture 2 
 Outfit : ~after.spring~  Set 3  Moka   (Dress design change by HUD)

Hair : TRUTH HAIR Coral -  light browns
Hat : Meva advant Calender 17th Gift. 

Happy shopping <3



Dear reader :) Good evening!! 

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATION released Christmas exclusive gown "Vivian" 
Limited time, aubergine / Olive green / wine red color gown are 50%off. 
main store and at Kastle Rock Couture shop.

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATION  at Kastle Rock Couture

picture 1 : .:FlowerDreams:.Vivian  aubergine (50%off) 
picture 2 : .:FlowerDreams:.Vivian olive green(50%off)
picture 3 : .:FlowerDreams:.Vivian turquoise
*Glove coming with applier for mesh body Belleza / Slink / Maitreya, and System layer for Standard avater. 

pose : [[J'adore]] 

It so beautiful gown. it so wonderful on ballroom with your loving somebody :)

Hope you love it.
Thanks for reading.  

I am Santa!


Dear Reader :) Thank you for coming to my blog!

This post will be last post for Christmas outfit or Costume by Vips Creation. 
Last post is Santa Avater. I hope you like it :) 

*** VIPs Creations *** Skins & Clothes Store

including exclusive shape , skin , eye for avater / Santa Sack holding type, shoulder type 

You can be Santa claus. 
So you will deliver present for nice kids. not naughty kids as like me :p

Thanks for reading.
see you soon!

Christmas Outfit by Vips Creation


Dear Reader :) 

as i blogged on my past blog, Vips Creation is ready a lot of Christmas Outfit and Costume. 
The wall orderd Christmas outfits vender, looks like there is only red and green. very colorful. but lovely each outfits :)
I want to introduce you 2 outfits by Vips Creation. 
Check it out at main store <3 

*** VIPs Creations *** Skins & Clothes Store Slurl

picture 1 & picture 2 
 Outfits : Female Christmas Outfit - Glamm Night
including Heal / Necklace / Bracelet  / Earring / Clutch / blush / Eyeliner / lipstick / Poinsettia Flower Hat 

*Heal comes with for Slink Mid and with feet Heal for Standard avater. 
if you don't have Slink heal, Don't worry! Of course , you can change skin color by HUD. 

I like flower hat very much. it will be very nice on Decorated place with Christmas ballroom.

picture 3 
 Outfit : Female Christmas Outfit - *Santa Kiss* 
including Heal / tatoo for body & face / Hat / Red Hair / b…

Prism New/HolidayColor


Good morning! / Evening / Afternoon!! 

Christmas will come real soon!! 
while writing this post, am hearing Christmas song. i like Christmas song very much <3 
it makes me happy. even not when Christmas.   

I want to introduce you 2 outfits by Prism Design. Stylish Skirt set outfit and so cute casual outfit.

Prism Design main store Slurl

Love thick bottom boots! 

picture 1 : Prism Annaliese by Jezzixa Cazalet in Caramel Beige B
*Hair attached to the teddy hoodie. 
 *Hair Color chang by HUD for 4 color.
 *including boots! So cute! 

picture 2 : Prism Annaliese by Jezzixa Cazalet in Fire Red B
*Hair attached to the teddy hoodie. 
 *Hair Color chang by HUD for 4 color. 
 *including boots :) 

6 color available. 

picture 1 : Prism Bijoux by Jezzixa Cazalet in Jet Black
 *5 size fitmesh and Maitreya / Slink / Belleza
 *including detachable Fur 
 *available 6 color 


{AnaMarkova} Vera @ On9


HELLOOO!!  Dear reader :) 

Remaining this year less than 2 weeks.  

This winter is not cold like as usual at least around Tokyo of Japan. because of global warming? or El Nino?
so This Christmas will be not white Christmas. will be warm rain. 

Introducing about {AnaMarkova} Vera Suit / Vera Ankle Boots @ On9 December. 
Stylish and fashionable suit and Ankle boots. 
available suit 10 color / boots 13 color. {AnaMarkova} is ready 1L$ Gift at On9. 
you dont want miss this gift <3  

On9 Slurl

picture 1 
 suit : {AnaMarkova} Vera Suit Chianti  @ On9
 boots : {AnaMarkova}Vera Ankle Boots Chianti for Slink high@ On9

picture 2 
 suit : {AnaMarkova} Vera Suit Onyx @ On9
 boots : {AnaMarkova}Vera Ankle Boots Onyx for Slink high  @ On9

necklace : Meva Boho Sept Necklace 2 Gold (Advent calendar gift of 14th)
pose : [[J'adore]]
Hair : .ploom. Madison - Indecisive

Hope you like them. 

Thanks for reading. 
see you soon..



Dear Ladies. How is your weekend? 

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATION released new gown "Halle". 
This week offer color is light blue / light salmon / pale green 3 color! 
It coming with applier for mesh body Belleza / Slink / Maitreya, and System layer for Standard avater. 
available 6 color / special offer until Sunday midnight (20th Dec). Later that, back to full price. 


picture 1 : .:FlowerDreams:.Halle - light salmon **99L offer gown**
picture 2 : .:FlowerDreams:.Halle - light blue **99L offer gown**
picture 3 : .:FlowerDreams:.Halle - light pink 

Hair : *Besom~ Beso *Essentials*
body and hand : Slink  

Wishes your FAB weekend <3 

Thanks for reading.

Pajamas day


Good moooorning!!! 

Its so lovely pajamas.  but outside place where i took a photo... lol 
this time i recognized strong that i need a facial expression mesh head.
I looked News about The mesh project's mesh head also will big update in early 2016. 
Thats including facial expression and more customization of head. I will wait.... I can not wait! 
what i wanted to say... this time picture had to smile..but me and my partner not smile... 
i hope you will know how this pajama is lovely by my picture! 

Introducing "*plowwies* Icicletrifle jammies" 

*plowwies* main store Slurl

So So cute! 

Outfit (picture 1 and picture 2) 
 me : *plowwies* Icicletrifle jammies  female  mesh
 He : *plowwies* Icicletrifle jammies  male  mesh 
*both including holding deer 
*not including Hair with Knit Hat. but best way that wearing together!

pose : +Espoir+ friend pose 

Thanks for reading! 
Happy pajamas life!!

Christmas outfit by Vips Creation


Dear Reader :) Thanks for coming to my blog! 

*** VIPs Creations ***  is ready for a lot of Christmas Costume and etc.
I blogged already in past post. I want you to take it and read together with this post :) 

(past post Christmas Costume by Vips Creation) 
Santa Girl and Poinsettia Girl  / Christmas Color (Sweater)

*** VIPs Creations ***  main store Slurl

Outfit : Female Christmas Outfit  - *Arbre de Glamm* 
 --including boots / accessory (Bracelet, Necklace,earring) / blush / Stocking 2 type / Hat / eyelash / Lipstick. 
*for Standard avater outfit. They are coming with System layer.  

lovely Hat :) 

outfit : Female Christmas Outfit - *Sweet Tree*
  --including blush / Hat / Stocking / Fur boot / Lipstick / Handbag at shoulder type, Hold type.

This bag is including with the other outfits set also. i like very much :)

They would be one of your lovely Christmas item and brings you a lot of entertainment for you. 

Thanks for reading. 
see you…

Under the Mistletoe


Good morning! 
Christmas coming soon!! Today after 1 week is Christmas morning for me.
are your ready? 

Kissing under the Mistletoe at Christmas, they will marry.
Mistletoe is not just a tree. Mistletoe has beautiful story. they are beautiful story for me :)
but sadly i have not know that. japanese dont pay attention serious about it.   
"Christmas" has a lot of traditional and romantic story. 
like to hear Christmas song, when i understand about Christmas, i feel comfortable and happy. 

Introducing about "Under the Mistletoe" by CHEZ MOI FURNITURE. 

CHEZ MOI FURNITURE main store Slurl

Corridor : Under the Mistletoe (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Sign with Stone : Mistletoe Sign CHEZ MOI

Under the Mistletoe has a lot of lovely romantic animation. Kiss and Hug and ....etc...♡
Sign changeable word on board by touch. 

Thanks for reading.  
see you soon♡