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*FLOWERDREAMS 99Loffer/GroupGift


Dear reader. Good morning / afternoon / evening!! How are you?
my cold is getting better more and more. I am glad.

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATION has ready special offer for this weekend as usual.
.:FlowerDreams:.Eliza - purple / .:FlowerDreams:.Jewel pink
and My Dear Nile released new group gift!
if you are already in member, don't forget to take this gift.


picture 1
 Dress : .:FlowerDreams:.Eliza - purple (99L offer / until 31th Jan)
 (Cloth layer coming with applier for Maitreya / Belleza / Slink, System layer for Standard avater)

picture 2
 Dress :  .:FlowerDreams:.Jewel pink  (99L offer / until 31th Jan)

and  This is Group Gift of *FLOWERDREAMS!

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:. Sharon - Group Gift

Don't miss it <3
Hope your FAB weekend. Thanks for reading.

cozy break time


Dear reader. 

Secondlife is kind of wired virtual world. we have to find to do something in SecondLife. I am lucky, because i could find it :D

Introducing about Sway's FLF (January 29th) / WayWard Winter (start January 18th)  / Lost and Found.
every items so cute.
and small shed was made by **shutter field (Gift)

Sway's FLF (main store)
Sway's @ WayWard Winter Slurl
Sway's @ Lost and Found

Bench : Sway's [Sled] Bench / Adult @ WayWard Winter
table : Sway's [Facette] Table @ Sway's main store
tray and coffee : Sway's Tray with cocoa and cookies (Sway's previous gift)
chair : Sway's [Ido] Beanbag @Lost and Found
picture frame : Sway's [Keira] Picture frame . empty frame @ FLF
picture frame : Sway's [Keira] Picture frame . for your picture @ FLF
Candle : Sw…

Will be your Valentine @ Color Me Project


Dear Reader. How is your weekday? :)

So i posted about Valentine last time and 2 times ago, and this post!
I am so Valentine mood already. but i don't get ready for my partner yet :D

{AnaMarkova} released some items for Color me project.
this round theme is "Color of Love" . This round runs to february 3rd. 
you will meet many red color item <3  so so so cute color is for cloth. 
I love very much red color clothes. Red color dress could be formal and casual both.  

Color Me project Slurl

picture 1 
Jacket : {AnaMarkova}Bevyn Jacket  Amaranth @Color Me Project
Boots : {AnaMarkova}Kendra Boots  Amaranth @ Color Me Projcet 
inside dress : "Jade" Minidress Outfit Collection by Simply Me! 
(cloth applier for The mesh project (tatoo / cloth applier both) / Belleza / Omega System / Slink  System layer for Standard avater) 
Simply Me! main store
pose : Di's Opera - Rockabilly 1
Hair : [Entwined] Elisa (Group G…

Valentine JumpSuit by PrismDesign


Dear Reader.
thanks for coming to my blog this moments!

This post also for Valentine! by Prism.
Prism released new dress "Prism Sloane by Journey - Valentine"
looks warm and softly fur is around your neck. and lace design Tshirt is inside of fur.
and dark red pants and black glove makes you beautiful Valentine lady.
Check it out at main store <3


Prism Design main store Slurl

Outfit : Prism Sloane by Journey - Valentine
 (including cloth applier for Maitreya)
Hair : [e] Cassidy - Essentials
pose : Di's Opera (pop-up store)

Have a great day for you!!
thanks for reading.



Dear reader :)  Good morning / afternoon / evening!

Will be February after 1 week.  new year season later, will come Valentine season <3
I saw some of shop released for valentine items already.  when i saw first time, i thought "even still january..."
but left only 1 week. it is not far season! isn't it?
maybe most faster released that i saw is "Vips Creation".  bee loves an event in year :D

and same time, i want to introduce you Vips Creation "Black Dream"
if you get bore "Red", change color to "Black" also good :)

Vips Creation Market place --> Vips Creation

picture 1 & picture 2
 outfit : Female Outfit - [Overdose!]Valentine Outfit*
  including bag / Heat Necklace / Lipstick / blush / knee high socks / boots
  boos, dress changeable color by HUD

Hair : .Olive. the Pearl Hair - Naturals
pose : Vestige

picture 3
 outfit  : Female Outfit - Black Dream
  including Heal for Slink high / clutch / ring / bracelet / ear…

QiBaoDress @ On9


Dear Reader.

Have you checked On9 this round? this round is left only a few days!
if you are not yet, hurry hurry! because today i visited first time of this round... (@@
Introducing about Me Sew Sexy "Qibao Long Dress " for On9 January round.
available 5 color

On9 Event Slurl

picture 1
 Dress : *MSS* QiBao Long Dress Vendor Jade
picture 2
 Dress : *MSS* QiBao Long Dress Vendor Blue

Hair : [ SIXTY NINE ] - HAIR 05 - Fatpack (Eaters Coma main store)
Heal : -mL- Eliana Mules (tmp,belleza,maitreya,slink) - Silver (main store)

Happy shopping!
thanks for reading.



Dear Reader.  Hope your weekday will everything fine!

My blog life will be for 1 year on next February 4th. time goes by fast!
[VM] VERO MODERO is my first partner and i really thank for Bouquet Babi.
she picked up me even i was very very newbie blogger.
my blogging life was started with VeroModero. I will work with her always!

This post is for [VM] VERO MODERO "Ellen" Pants / tops / Hanging Coat.
They were released separate. but Mix and Match is best way when you wear.
this time i want to introduce you some of pattern of Mix and Match of them.

[VM] VERO MODEROの"Ellen"がシリーズ的にトップスとパンツとコートが別々にリリースされました。

[VM] VERO MODERO main store Slurl

picture 1
 Coat : [VM] VERO MODERO / Ellen Hanging Coat Marsala2
 Top : [VM] VERO MODERO / Ellen Top Marsala
 pant : [VM] VERO MODERO / Ellen Pant Dark Cream

picture 2
 Coat : [VM] VERO MO…

Sweet Bathtime


Dear Reader.  Good morning / afternoon / evening for all <3 

Introducing Sway's & CHEZ MOI FURNITURE.
Sway's items for Tres Chic Rustic love event, and Lost and Found.
CHEZ MOI FURNITURE's items are new release.
CHEZ MOI FUNITURE's item has a lot of things. am sure you will love it.
Sway's released "BirdCage Candl holder / wall art"for Tres chic Rustic love. very beautiful. fire on / off change by touch.
I am impressed every time when i opened their item.
i can not be a creator but i want to be part of a creator's creation. if i could enjoy SL with it, wonderful things for each other.

CHEZ MOI FURNITURE main store Slurl
Lost and Found Slurl
Tres Chic Slurl

bathtub : Supreme Bathtub (Adult) CHEZ MOI
sink : Supreme Sink & Vanity CHEZ MOI
sofa : Supreme Bath…



Dear Reader. How is your weekend? :)

Introducing *FLOWERDREAMS CREATION 99L offer.
They are not new release gown. even thought, Gown quality is wonderful.

.:FlowerDreams:.Isadora - black
.:FlowerDreams:.Nadia - blue
.:FlowerDreams:.the queen of sheba - silver (coming with System layer)

This 3 gowns are special offer gown until Sunday midnight (24th Jan)
later this time, back to full price. Don't miss it!


picture 1 & picture 2
 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Isadora - black (99L offer)
 Hair : [e] Claudine - Essentials

picture 3 & picture 4   Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Nadia - blue  Hair : .Olive. the Pearl Hair - Naturals (Olive main store)
Hope your Elegance weekend <3 Thanks for reading.

Lavian @Designer Showcase Jan


Dear Reader :) Hope was your weekday? my weekday was little bit fine but today became very fine. 
the reason is secret.... :) 

I want to introduce you "Lavian&Co"outfits at Designer showcase Jan!
on this round, Lavian&Co outfit are everything pants set.
and each outfit can change the color with detail. called it "Mix and Match"
However... changeable for 36 color... i was thinking alot when i decide the color lol
the other word say, i am enjoying every time when i blogging for Lavian&Co.
and alaskametro<3 has big update for makeup applier. -->official blog

Lavian&Coの1月のDesigner Showcaseは全部パンツセットが並んでます。

Designer Showcase Slurl

picture 1 & picture 2
outfit : LAVIAN - AW1516 - Essentials After The Love Has Gone Bag @ Designer Showcase Jan
Hair : TRUTH HAIR Bronwyn -  variety (TRUTH main store)

Rustic Cave


Dear Reader. Hi!
just cleaned up all my house room. and am fighting with sleepiness now!

Have you checked Tres Chic new round? This round theme is "Rustic Love"
Introducing about CHEZ MOI FURNITURE "Rustic Cave"
I can feel it can be secret meeting place with your loved one :D in late afternoon..
and Sway's also part of this event from this round!! Wonderful!!

TRES CHICイベントのニューラウンドが17日から始まってるのです。
テーマは”Rustic love” 「素朴な愛」みたいな意味なようで、ChezMoiは素朴を”岩”と見立てたのでしょうか。

TRES CHIC event Slurl (January 17th to February 10th)

Rock Cave : Rustic Cave by CHEZ MOI FURNITURE @ TRES CHIC January
(Bed / Flag)
BirdCage : Sway's [Birdcage] Wall art Candle holder . silver  @ TRES CHIC January

The bed of Rustic cave is in PG / in Adult♡
Birdcage silver / Gold 2 color. fire on / off by touch.

Thanks for reading.
Hope you all love those item  and Have fun :)

AvaDress by Sage @ DS JAN


Dear Reader.

where i live is little bit country. its very strong reflection the snow on the field when sunny day.
I can know for sure why when skiing,they get sunburn... lol

Introducing about "Sage Ava Dress / Ava Heal" at Designer Showcase January.
I hope you can see the design on the dress, its very detail design.and stylish.
Dress available 6 color / Heal available (fro slink high) 14 color / 50%OFF(Dress) only on Designer Showcase.
Beautiful every color.
Check it out at Designer Showcase<3

Designer Showcase Slurl

picture 1
 Dress : Sage Ava Dress Blue (50%OFF at Designer Showcase Jan)
 Heal : Sage Ava Heels Blue
 pose : [ V I T A L I S   A N I M A T U M ] Pose Hip 3 - Level 4

picture 2   Dress : Sage Ava Dress Coffee (50%OFF at Designer Showcase Jan)  Heal : Sage Ava Heel Coffee  pose : ::WetCat:: "TTB" 10

Hair : -Sentinus Hair-Fitted Mesh Anissa Hair Allcolors (AURA Design)

Thanks for reading…

*FLOWERDREAMS New/50%offer


Dear Ladies.  How is your weekday? 

while writing this post, am listening BOSSA NOVA music. It can be very relaxed.

and This post gown is very nice with Bossa nova music! 
Introducing *FLOWERDREAMS CREATION "Imelda".
FlowerDreams creation's owner nile.Karas released new gown.
nile said this gown coming with passion.....while listening quiet music, and nice slow dance with your love person.

pine green / teal / wine red... this 3 colors comes special offer, 50%OFF for limited time.
the other color comes regular price.  available 7 color.
Glove applier for mesh body Slink / Maitreya / Belleza. and System layer for Standard avater.

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATION ニューリリースガウン”Imelda”(今回のは週末向けとは別のものです)
全部で7色あるのですが、そのうちの3色(pine green / teal / wine red)は期間限定の50%オフです。


picture 1
 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Imelda…

-IrodorI- New Gacha!!


Dear Reader. Good evening!! / morning! / afternoon!.

I have to drive in morning time in RL.
I was lucky that nothing happened when i was driving on the icy road!!
Because i dont get used to drive on icy road. but it was ok!! Good!

-IrodorI- released Japanese bag Gacha!! very pretty.
Each gacha's RARE item is Kimono! even common item, they are very cute Japanese bag.
If you have interesting in that, better you try this Gacha. you would like this.

-IrodorI- Ribbon bag gacha --- 6 common / 1 RARE , per play 50L
-IrodorI- Gamaguchi bag gacha -- 8 common / 1 RARE per play 50L
-IrodorI- Kimono bag gacha --  8 common / 1 RARE per play 50L

-IrodorI- Gacha corner Slrul
-IrodorI- main store

 Kimono  : -IrodorI- Gamaguchi bag gacha RARE
 Bag : -IrodorI- Gamaguchi bag(pink)
 Kimono : -IrodorI- Kimono bag gacha RARE
 bag : -IrodorI- Ribbon bag(orang…

My Life


Dear reader.

It was too much snowing in this morning.
but tomorrow, i have to drive car.. am very very worry to drive! please wishes me safe to drive!

Introducing about "Vita Mia Couture" by Virtual Diva. available 3 color for male, 1 color for female.
Virtual Diva released for SWANK January round. i can feel Angy's passionate love for her boyfriend.

SWANK Event Slurl

outfit for lady and gentleman : Vita Mia Couture @ SWANK January
pose : !bang - reach for me  (!bang pose main store)
location :  * Amatorum *

Have nice weekday for you and everything fine!
(please wishes me also...)

Thanks for reading.

Miranda outfit by *plowwies*


Dear Reader.  How is your weekend?

Introducing about *plowwies* Miranda outfit in 28 colors.
my last post outfit "Esther outfit" are 8 color but this is for 28 color!! 
Including boots / hair / Hat, boots and dress can change color by HUD. Hair is including 5 color. 

*If you already purchased it, please try Redelivery.. There is update outfit. 

*plowwies* main store Slurl

picture 1 & picture 2 & picture 3
 outfit : *plowwies* Miranda outfit in 28 colors
 pose : VD Veils8 (picture 1) / VD Veils4 (picture3)  by Vitrual Diva
 Collar : Meva Steampunk Collar (Meva main store)

Thanks for reading.
Wishes your weekday will be fine everything!!

Esther outfit by *plowwies*


Dear Readers :) I hope your wonderful weekend.

I love the season in SecondLife. and am fell in love in SecondLife Nature. Sky and Ocean...
I am attracted every time when i take a picture.
if i have more high performance graphic board, i know it would be more more more beautiful.

Introducing about  "*plowwies* Esther outfit"
Coat / Boots / Jeans / Tops Changeable color by HUD for 8 color. so nice!
picture taken at *Amatorum*  (you need group tag. to join need fee)

"*plowwies* main store Slurl

outfit : *plowwies* Esther outfit in 8 colors (everything 1 set)
Hair : Naomi mesh hair browns & black
 (Store Slurl :

location :  *Amatorum*

Thanks for reading.