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Visit to Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016


Dear reader. I hope you had nice weekend.

Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 is running right now. from 26th Feb to 5th March.
Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 Landing point Slurl

Designer List
B. Barbie / Bliensen + MaiTai / Captivating! / Dita Couture /  Eclectica / FORMANAILS
Image Factory / JfL Real Hats /  KL Couture / LaVian & Co / Lazuri / Lyrical B!zarre Templates
n° 7 /  Pomposity /  -SECRETS- / Son!a Luxury Fashion / Tantalum /  Taox / Tres Beau
WHITE CITY / Wicca's Wardrobe /  Zibska

CentoPallini  /  Faster Pussycat / Indrya / Kunglers / Meva / M.U.A / PurpleMoon Creations / RAPTURE

BamPu Legacies /  .Dirtystories. /  Distorted Dreams / Motley / Haute Couture Designs / Promagic / Stitched Gods
Urban Wealth / W E S T 143RD.
for more info visit :

All designer so Gorgeous!!

I want to introduce you ".::KL Cout…

lovely pink in retro furniture


Dear reader. Feel so cold and so dry dry!! in RL

Okey... Have you went to RFL Home & Garden Expo?
if you don't yet, still you have time! don't forget that "until 6th March!"
in this post, i want to introduce you "the mustard seed" donation item. They are lovely pink color.

and by Sway's decor to Lost and Found and by CHEZ MOI for TRES CHIC item
Tres chic event from 17th February to 10th March
Lost and found from 22th February

(( Credit ))
tms bird cage (wall) - tulips & bow _pink/white/stripes Donation Item @ RFL Home & Garden Expo Hope6
tms flowers _ pink camellias _ pastel stripes Donation Item @ RFL Home & Garden Expo Hope6
tms table _  menu-driven demi table #1 _ pink camellias Donation Item @ RFL Home & Garden Expo Hope6
tms bird cage planter (floor):  antique pink,  tulips & bird Donation Item @ RFL Home & Garden Expo Hope6
(picture2)tms flowers _ pink camellias _ striped vase 1 Donation Item @ RFL Home & Garde…

Simply Me! recent released lingerie


Dear reader. good morning! (for me) / evening!

When i showed to my partner this lingerie, he said "looks like bathing suit"
so i took picture near the sea!

Simply Me! released Lingerie set "Kiss Me" for a while ago.... late blogged but still in time i think.
Cloth applier coming The mesh project / Slink / Omega System / Belleza, and system layer for standard avater.
if you don't have mesh body, Don't worry.
10 color including.

Simply Me! main store Slurl

Lingerie : "Kiss Me" - Lingerie by Simply Me!
Hair : .ploom. Fiona - Browns

picture1 & picture2 : *PosESioN*
picture3 {.:exposeur:.} Fire

whole body & Head : The Mesh Project

I hope you chose this lingerie for your sexy weekend <3
Thanks for reading. see you soon :)

Bells Gown by [VM]VEROMODERO


Dear reader.

[VM] VERO MODERO released new dress "Bell Gowns".
Its my favorite long skirt :) Yeay! but not just long skirt,its big volume skirt.
available 14 color.

[VM] VERO MODERO main store Slurl

 Dress : [VM] VERO MODERO / Bell Gown Red New
 Dress : [VM] VERO MODERO / Bell Gown Army Green
the other item credit
 Hair : MOON // Hair // Hysteria - Chloroform Mutt
 pose : *PosESioN*

Whole body & Head : The mesh project

Happy shopping!
see you soon <3

J&A Expo 2016 with Lavian&Co


Dear reader.

I want to introduce you about "Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016" with "These Days" by Lavian&Co-BySam.

well.... what J&A Expo is...
Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 is set to kick off on Feb 26th, 2016 with shows from Lazuri and Zibska.
Not to mention a host of wonderful other designers including Wicca's Wardrobe, Lavian & Co., and Taox Tattoo to name a few.
We have fun in store for you from over 60 fabulous designers of Jewelry, Shoes, Purses, Hats, Belts, Make-up, Headbands, Body Jewelry, and more.
Faster Pussycat, PurpleMoon Creations, Tres Beau, Kunglers, and Meva, are only a small fraction of the designers who will be present.
You will get to see all the creations from the designers on the runway on Friday Feb. 26th, 2015 at  5pm with Siren Productions and SCALA.
There are shows and parties planned the entire week!

Visit Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 official blog

Lavian&Co Slurl…

Play with me @ RFL Home&Garden Expo


Dear reader.  How was your day? / Hope your Tuesday is good!

Relay for Life Home & Garden Expo time!
Introducing about "Dragons Are Too Seldom" Item.
I have no baby in SL and i don't have kids avater. Thought that kids item would be unrelated in my secondlife.
It was a lovely encounter for me in this event.

You can find Dragons Are Too Seldom item on Hope3 sim

(( Credit ))
DATSI Mesh - Square Beach Chair Donation item @ RLF Home & Garden Expo Hope3
DATSI Mesh - Round Beach Chair Donation item @ RLF Home & Garden Expo Hope3

Gazebo : DATSI Mesh - Square Gazebo Base Colored @ RLF Home & Garden Expo Hope3
Inside Gazebo : DATSI Mesh - Inflatable Pool Mesh Model @ RLF Home & Garden Expo Hope3
Inside Gazebo : DATSI Mesh - Inflatable Children's Chair 4  (right) @ RLF Home & Garden Expo Hope3
Inside Gazebo : DATSI Mesh - Inflatable Children's Chair 2 (left) @ RLF Home & Garden Expo Hop…

CupCake party


Dear reader.

This post is my new blog partner "Aphrodite Shop". and this is my first blog for Aphrodite shop.
Aprodite shop is one of exhibitor of RFL Home&Garden Expo.
I think you have met with Aphrodite creation at many place. specially romantic place for couple..
Because their creations are so romantic and so sweet <3
Still I don't know well their creation. little by little i want to know about their creation.

and Aphrodite shop donation item is cupcake or cookie .... anyway Sweeets box <3

(( Credit ))
Cupcake tower : Aphrodite Relay for life cake 100 % donation! @ RFL Home&Garden Expo Hope3
Table : Aphrodite RFL table gift RFL Home&Garden Expo Hope3
Cupcake box : Aphrodite RFL cupcakes box Donation item @ RFL Home&Garden Expo Hope3
Cockie box : Aphrodite RFL Cookies box Donation item @ RFL Home&Garden Expo Hope3
Gazebo : DATSI Mesh - Flower Gazebo Demo @ RFL Home&Garden Expo Hope6

(( the other item credit ))
Topiary tall : Sway'…

Will get Nice idea in cozy discussion room


Dear reader.  Wishes your FAB weekend <3

Relay for life Home & Garden Expo time. running from 14th Feb through the 6th March.
already passed 1week. Times goes by fast! we have the time only 2 weeks!
I will informing you the how much raised up the donation on the last post. i heard already a lot was raised!

This post's main exhibitor shop is "*Closer to the Heart Stores*".
For me, below picture is nice work. but I think still am not sure what is Gazebo. Because i never seen in RL.
but i saw a lot of times in SL. and somehow i know what is Gazebo. .
How do you think first picture?

The second picture and third pictures are close up picture of Donation item by Closer to the Heart.
and fourth picture's horse is only 1LI by Dixe Dandelion. and Wizard Stone figure with pond by Closer to the Heart.
Looking so nice Landscape! :D

(( Credit ))
In Gazebo
Table set : H&G Expo Exclusive-Monochrome Dinette by Closer to the Heart donation item. @ Relay For Life Home…

The Gown like gemstone


Dear reader. Good morning! / evening!

AZUL released new gown "Valsnia" on 20th February. as always, beautiful!
I felt in love since first time i looked this gown as always!! again!
I can't find enough word for AZUL gown.
but i can say that DEFINITELY AZUL is one of my best shop!

AZUL main store Slurl

picture 1
Gown : -AZUL- Valsnia /Morganite [LTD_MP]
Hair : *Dura-Girl*57 (Dark Brown)  Dura main store
Gown : -AZUL- Valsnia /Jade (MV India/MVW2016)

You will love AZUL new gown "Valsnia" For Sure!

AZUL Market place :
AZUL Blog :
AZUL Facebook page :
AZUL Flicker release :

Thanks for reading.
Have a wonderful Sunday!!

Your warmth, It will be Hope.


Dear reader.
In the season that changing the english right?
even if not, if you can understand what i want to say, everything ok.

Relay for Life Home&Garden Expo time!

Introducing "Chic buidings" and " Dixe Dandelion" item. I didn't edit the picture so much.
everything looks cute.
I wanted to show you "warmth" by this picture.
the letters of "HOPE" and Stove by Dixe Dandelion. "Fly With Me Decor" on the floor by Chic buidings.
and sunny in the room.
They make me feel early spring. and of course "HOPE" that Relay for life.

Shopping Guide

(( Credit ))

wall borad :  DD RFL Hope Chalkboard by Dixe Dandelion @ Relay for Life H&G Expo Donation item
Board on the wall :  DD May The Odds Chalkboard RFL by Dixe Dandelion @ Relay for Life H&G Expo Donation item
Table : Hacienda End Table by Chic Buildings @ Relay for Life H&G Expo Donation it…

Sofia @ *FLOWERDREAMS New/99Loffer


Dear reader. I hope your FAB weekend <3

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATION released new gown "Sofia"
new gown released at the same time, some color is 99L offer now on sale.
Until Sunday midnight (21th Feb). later Suyday, will back to full price.
if you like tight shape gown, you would love this gown!
available 6 color.


 gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Sofia - black (head piece including) 99L offer 
Hair : Zalea Hair - Madeline - Brunettes Pack
 pose : Di's Opera (Pop-Up shop)
 gown :  .:FlowerDreams:.Sofia - teal 99L offer
 Heal : [Renegade] Lucy - Dark Green (for Slink High feet)
 gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Sofia - wine  99L offer
 Heal : [Renegade] Lucy - Dark red (for Slink High feet)

Happy Shopping and Sweet weekend <3
Thanks for reading.

Lazy Bedroom @ RFL Home & Garden Expo


Dear reader. Warm day where i live in japan!
Thank you for coming to my blog in this moment :)

Relay for life Home & Garden Expo time!!
"Kaya Ray of Sunshine" and "Maven Homes"

Kaya Ray of Sunshine Hope6
Maven Homes Hope8

looks like very compact bedroom....
First!  i like compact living space. i can get everything even dont move so much.l I am so lazy.
This is about my real life.
Second! I like compact living space in SL also. i can sit all of furniture even dont walk so much.
I am really lazy in SL also.
i want to introduce you each shop donation item and new release item with close up picture.

This is donation item "K*Dion Dresser Cream B 6" by Kaya's Ray of Sunshine.
To touch the Dresser, you can enjoy the decoration of 8 variation. I showed you only 3 variation.
you can purchase 8 design dresser on H&G Expo exhibit locat…

Brace up! by VeroModero


Dear reader. Good morning / evening!! (for me)

I watched on TV and internet news about explosion in Turkey...
I worry my dear friends in Turkey. They are cherish me care me a lot.
I hope from my heart all of my friend are fine and good.

Introducing about [VM] VERO MODERO Brace Gowns.
VeroModero released 2 type dress same time. and this is one of dress.
Stylish long skirt but sexy back style. available 14 color.


[VM] VERO MODERO main store Slurl

Gown : [VM] VERO MODERO / Brace Gown N Blue
Hair : [e] Sound - Essentials Collection

I live in island country. so we dont encounter terrorism so often at least than Europe or UnitedState.
we feel that kind of far place incident. we know that is not true,
but we know that we never know when we get attack, never kn…

Secret..... @ The Instruments


Dear reader!

I have taking picture often. for blog and etc. because i love it.
but before that i began the blogging, i had not like to take myself. but now i like it also ^^
specially in beautiful place -- with beautiful cloth --  i should be taking picture more :)

Virtual Diva released new dress for The instruments event.
Secret Couture dress available 6 color / accessory 2 color.

The Instruments Event Slurl

Dress : Secrets Dress and Jewelry Exclusive @ The Instruments February
 (including Earring / Necklace)
Hair : no.match_ ~ NO_FEAR ~ Pack of BROWNS

I hope you enjoy The instruments event February round!
Happy Secondlife!
see you soon!



Dear reader. If you live cold place. take care for your body.

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATION released new gown "How do I love thee". thee.. beautiful word.

available 4 color.
2 color are 50%OFF right now. (not sure until when... when she wants to stop lol)
.:FlowerDreams:.How do I love thee - black / .:FlowerDreams:.How do I love thee - red
cloth applier coming with applier Belleza / Maitreya / Slink. and of course including System layer for standard avater.
so so so big volume skirt and long tail. I want to show you from different angles.
Don't miss this opportunity!

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATIONが新作をリリースしました。お店に並んだのは、1週間以上前なのですが。。。


Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.How do I love thee - red (50%OFF offer) 
Hair : *Besom~Twenty two *Browns*

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.How do I love thee - black  (50%OFF offer) 

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.How do I l…

Carpe Diem! @ RFL H&G Expo


Dear reader.

ScondLife Relay for Life Home and Garden Expo time!!

I met with "Bee Designs" and "M.Law Designs" in this event.
I knew both shop since a while ago because i saw often about them on FB. I want to cherish this happy encounter.

Introducing about "Bee Designs" and "M.Law Designs".
I have wanted to blog together. because both creator are LoveLove♡ in SL and in RL.
and i like Bee and Marcelo very much!!
when i talked with them even first time, they talked to me friendly and very kind and gently.

Their exhibit items are on Hope6 sim.
Shopping Guide

Sea side and under the bright pink sky, would be enjoy with friend and with your love one.
both side items by M.Law Designs. middle items are by Bee Designs.
I think i did nice set up! :D

i wanted to emphasize glass flower and barrel flower. they are so sweet.  so i did set u…

Lets Get It on by Lavian&CO


Dear reader.

If you are guy, have you joined to ".::LaVian&Co::.MALE" Group?
as Lavian for lady, There is many group gift for Male. even you paid to join, it is worth.
I think too enough gift you can get :)
and i hope that there is to free join days for Male group of Lavian also.

I want to introduce you for male a group gift, and for lady is Steals and Deals item "The letter"
The letter is High waist pants set. and i love too long pants hem :)

Lavian main store Slurl
(to visit, need to use teleporter. for male outfit is "LAVIAN MALE")

(( MALE ))
 outfit : [LaVian&C0] HOMME F/W2015-  Lets  Get it  On Bag 2 (GroupGift)
 Hair :   *ARGRACE* MINATO - Dark Brown
(( WOMAN ))  outfit : Lavian&Co-BySam Essentials The Letter Bag 1 (Steals and Deals on main store)   Hair : .ploom. Harley - Browns
couple pose : {.:exposeur:.} Trying To Hold On (WEAR ME)
both of outfit for male and woman, you …

{ DH } irrie's Dollhouse @ RFL Home&Garden Expo


Dear reader.

Have you visited to RFL Home & Garden Expo?
It is running from 14th Feb through 6th March. Still have time 3 weeks.
I hope you visit and enjoy there.

Shopping Guide
(after you teleported where you want, There is teleporter to each shop near the of landing point)

Introducing about "{ DH } irrie's Dollhouse" on Hope6 Sim.

This is my image picture for { DH } irrie's Dollhouse on RFL H&G Expo item.
as shop name, those decoration items are in like DOLLHOUSE item. so so so cute!
and the wallpaper also { DH } irrie's Dollhouse item. They are very very lovely combination decor and wallpaper.
If i have like the house of { DH } irrie's Dollhouse on RFL H&G, i will wear Doll dress for sure!!
and I will do correction DollHouse decor and furniture For Sure!!
and i know you will like  { DH } irrie's Dollhouse's item and Gacha item! specially if you like "Kawaii" item.

*chocolat** Coat-One-Piece


Dear reader. How was your weekend?

This post is for about Fashion.
*chocolat** released "Ada-Coat-One-Piece" a while ago.
available 6 colors. simple and cute one-piece :)
and same time,  *chocolat** ready New Group Gift.
Free to join and Get Gift!
Group URI : secondlife:///app/group/bb8877d3-c176-6ea9-94ca-fcefe5168156/about

*chocolat** main store Slurl

picture 1
 Dress : *CL** Ada-Coat-One-Piece-Coral Pink
 Pose prop : the pose shop. apple juggler // MOH6 [rez] (Gift)
 boots : E-Clipse OhMe Mauve
 Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ Clove Mesh Hair - Fudge

picture 2
 Dress : *CL**  008 New Year Gift
 Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ Clove Mesh Hair - Fudge
 pose : Kirin - Rini Pose 3

Have a good day!
Thanks for reading,

Asian taste by Pastiche @ RFL Home & Garden Expo


Dear Reader. Good morning! (for me) / Evening!

Wishes there is a lot of sweet story for you and for me <3

Relay for Life Home & Garden Expo will start very soon!! from 14th Feb secondlife time.
I Hope every visitor fun and Enjoy Shopping.
actually.very beautiful location. you can enjoy for taking a picture or Dating with your love one and fun with your friend.

Relay For Life (RFL) Home & Garden Expo offical website

You can find "at where / what shop exhibiting" on Shopping guide webisite page.
It would be nice help for you.
Shopping Guide

Introducing about  "*Pastiche*" item.  Asian taste House and Decor.
I am a Japanese. I am lucky to meet with this shop and this creation.
above picture is "*Pastiche* Asian Dark Wood Teahouse [Crated]".
Its traditional Asian taste house.  

Showing you inside of house and furniture and decor.
In the Picture…