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LUXE Paris Spring Collection


Dear reader.  I hope your weekday is fine! and please hope luck my weekday also!

LUXE Paris Spring collection 2.
I would love to introduce you LUXE Paris spring outfit for male and woman.

Wave is still not good at to wear the outfit. (But if i say to him he would say "nooo am nice")
I hope he would be more good at to wear outfit by LUXE Paris outfit.
Because he Loves Mika created outfit. so i think meeting with Mika and Wave is wonderful things for him.

I want to say Thank you for Wave and Mika both!!
and i hope you feel the spring by Luxe Paris outfits.

LUXE Paris main store Slurl

male outfit : LUXE Paris SCOTTISH Jacket & Pant VV2
       Hair :  *ARGRACE* TAKUMI
       pose : KaTink - Sebastian 1
female outfit : LUXE Paris VENUS Gown
       Hair : Clawtooth: Cherry Bomb (Captivating Brunettes Pack)
       pose : Di's Opera ( Di's Opera - Pop-up Store )

male outfit : Luxe Paris Classic NavyTuxedo with Shoes V2

White Dream by VeroModero


Dear reader. This is second post of today!

Here is i can feel very cozy spring sunny today in japan. BUT pollen flying alot alot.....
running nose and itchy eyes somehow stopping. I hope it would be continue until end of the spring.

先日、VeroModeroがいくつか同時にリリースしたのですが、その中の”White Dream Gown”。

I would looove introduce you "White Dream Gown".
not including "Wedding" in the name, it can be very very beautiful wedding gown. Gorgeous white gown and long tail.
Would you like to see white dream with your loved one?


Gown : [VM] VERO MODERO / White Dream Gown (including roses for eyes/for neck)
Hair : [e] Odette - Brunettes
pose : *PosESioN* Venezuela 7 (GroupGift / Free join)

Couple pose in picture2 : . Infiniti .  - A Wonderful World - Couples Pose

I hope…

Visit to VeroModero!


Dear readers! Good mooorning!! / evening!

Today is I am off in all day long! so i am going to stay in SL all day long.
so today i will blog at least 2 times. If you have time, check my blog!

I was going to tell you definitely that "Have you go to VeroModero main store??"
even i am a blogger of Vero, i didn't know that main store has renewal opened!
I love right now main store much more than before!

I would love to introduce you "[VM]  VERO MODERO F Tunic Sets"
when you wear this, you would feel very normal pants set. but you will change that feeling.
tops and legging was created System layer.  

available 5 color.


 outfit : [VM] VERO MODERO / F Tunic Set Red
 Necklace : Meva Flower Spheres Necklace Silver
 Hair : .ploom. Madison - Indecisive
 pose : *PosESioN* Venezuela 4 (GroupGift / Free join)

Have Enjoy your shopping and your Secondlife. I will so!  
and visit…

after five our private time


Dear reader. Hope your wonderful Easter and your weekday will fine!

After the work. if your loved one is in same company. you want to be see him/her very quick.
Yes, CHEZ MOI FURNITURE released cool official desk. and animations are sexy even just couple animation <3
also some wall art. and white cushion and rug also including. you can find on Tres Chic Event.
and same time, i would love to introduce you Sway's lovely Bunny's vase and Notice Board.
Notice Board was released for Lost and found right now round.
Sway's notice board can put your picture.  would it be your love love pictures only? :D

Lost and Found Slurl

(( Credit ))
Desk : Home Office Nob Hill (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ Tres Chic
wall art : Home Office Board Nob Hill CHEZ MOI @ Tres Chic
wall art : But First Coffee Pic CHEZ MOI @ Tres Chic
wall art : Be Awesome Today Pic CHEZ MOI …

Adorable spring and Adorable one


Dear reader. Good morning! / evening!

Prism Design released "Prism Jenny Jumper by Journey with Fabric Hud".
It comes four design by HUD. They are super cute on Spring. also lovely onepiece on Easter season.
and sexy open neckline.
and Vips Creation released 6 design Heal for Easter. It comes for Slink High/Maitreya / Belleza feet.
They also Super lovely spring design Heal for Easter and Spring!

Prism Design Slurl
Vips Creation Slurl

outfit : Prism Jenny Jumper by Journey with Fabric Hud (Pink & Black)
Heal : [Vips Creations] - Female Shoes - [Easter5 - Sharah]

and below picture is close up of Vips Creation's heal for Easter.
Showing you only 2 design but available 6 design.
lovely green, adorable pink,.... i can not choose!

outfit : outfit : Prism Jenny Jumper by Journey with Fabric Hud (yellow&Blue)
Heal : [Vips Creations] - Female …



Dear readers. Its FlowerDreams Time!

*FLOWERDREMAS CREATION released new gown "Lilya"
available 5 color. emerald /  turquoise are 99L offering until Sunday midnight (27th March)
later Sunday midnight, will back to full price.
Lilya makes you elegant with flexi skirt and without flexi skirt as well.


Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Lilya - emerald (99L offer)

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Lilya - red

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Lilya - turquoise (99L offer)

(Common item credit)
Necklace : ((Crystal Line))Elegance Pearl Necklace Marketplace
Hair : Mirna Hair  BrownsGroupGift by Virtual Diva

Hope your Happy Easter!
Happy shopping! Thanks for reading.

Razaor by Simply Me!


Dear reader. Hope your weekend will be wonderful!
Next Sunday is Easter!

Simply Me! released sexy lingerie "Razaor"
every time, Simply Me!'s lingerie are very sexy. sometimes i feel shy even to blog! lol
but when her lingerie looks good on me, it makes me happy and make me sexy even more <3

Cloth applier coming for The mesh project / Belleza / Slink / Omega system and System layer for standard avater.
  *TMP applier coming tatoo layer and cloth layer

Simply Me! main store Slurl

Whole body and Head : The mesh project
Lingerie : "Razor" - Bodysuits by Simply Me!
Hair : TRUTH HAIR Karlie -  variety
pose : Di's Opera - Ravissante Line 2 - 6 (pop-up store)

location : * Amatorum *

8 color in pack.

Happy lingerie life!
Thanks for reading.



Dear reader!
Its Lavian&CO-BySage time!

I would like to introduce you "Lavian&CO-BySage  Gizelle Dress Set".
Including 3 type HUD for  Antique and Blacks and Solids colors.
It would be cool when you need casual suit. specially office RP....
My favorite color HUD is "Black" (on picture3)
aaaand! ::ROC::  relesed Sabrina Heels".Compatible with The mesh project ouch / Slink high / Maitreya.
and also including color change HUD for 12 color.

Lavian&CO Slurl
::ROC:: main store    / ::ROC:: Sabrina Heels on MP

picture1 picture2 picture3
 outfit : Lavian&Co-BySage Gizelle Dress Set
 Heal : ::ROC:: Sabrina Heels
 Hair : Moon. Hair // - Brunettes - Common Burn

Hope you love them!
Thanks for reading. Happy shopping!

Easter comes around


Dear reader.  Good morning! / evening!

Easter is the traditional and very very important festival of Christian.  The Easter coming at Next Sunday.
but in SL, we are already in Easter mood :)  a lot of shop released Easter item.
This time, i would love to introduce you "Aphrodite shop" Easter item.
and CHEZ MOI FURNITURE released "WICKER CHAIR GOOD MOOD" for Lost and Found.
Lost and Found.
as always, CHEZ MOI's chair has love love animation :)


Aphrodite Shop Slurl
Lost and found Slurl (from 22th March to 01 April)

(( Credit ))
  Aphrodite The Easter Eggs Tree pink version
  Aphrodite Crazy bunnies Easter tree
  Aphrodite The Easter Eggs Tree "fantasy 2" version
 Aphrodite My first Easter babies gift
 Aphrodite optional deco for baby
 Aphrodite …

Ordinary days of cutie


Dear reader. How are you doing?

Recently, i need more than 24 hours!!
because my RL is little bit changed. so i can't have time to SL and blogging like before.
However i am satisfied my RL and SL right now.

Did you visit to The Arcade March round? Did you check "Sway's [Teatime Mice]"?
So So So So lovely mice. and you will see their lovely life with teapot.
am sure you will love this cutie mice :)

The Arcade Slurl 

(( Credit ))
Sway's [Teatime Mice] Ruth & Sam RARE (c) : have yummy cheese with milk @ The Arcade March
Sway's [Teatime Mice] Elvira (c) : is knitting in her rocking chair @ The Arcade March
Sway's [Teatime Mice] Oscar (c) : enjoys mouse tales @ The Arcade March
Sway's [Teatime Mice] Martha (c) : keeps the teapot clean @ The  Arcade March
Sway's [Teatime Mice] Angus (c) : gets a (love) letter @ The Arcade March
Sway's [Teatime Mice] Charlie (c) :  has sweet drea…

Jet black


Dear reader. Good morning! It's a refreshing morning.
however itchy itchy edge of eyelids.....
Yesterday, Sakura blooming has officially announced in japan.
but not full blooming yet, it would be full blooming from end of this month to first week of April.

Introducing "-IrodorI-  Noir"
This kimono design say in japanese "漆黒" / in english "jet- black"
Elegant head accessory. they are so beautiful and fantastic.

available 4 color.

-IrodorI- and ***En*** Main SHOP

 Kimono : -IrodorI- Noir(flower)  ....Head accessory / Geta for Slink Flat / exclusive hair  including
 pose : *PosESioN* Tokyo 4

 Kimono : -IrodorI- Noir(crane)  ....Head accessory / Geta for Slink Flat / exclusive hair including
 Pose : *PosESioN* Tokyo 6

Location : -NOSTALGIC-

Visit to shop and Check it out <3

Thanks for reading.
see you soon....

Fragrance of floral


Dear reader.  Hope your weekday will good.
and Next Sunday is Easter!

I went to  Harmony Garden. if i could live here, i never leave to the other place.
Its a beautiful place.

Vips Creation released flower pencil corset skirt.
This outfit changeable for many design by HUD.
Vips Creation main store Slurl
Vips Creation Marketplace

outfit : [Vips Creations] - Female Pencil Corset Dress - [Floral]
  -->including for Slink Mid Heal
pose : andika[mon chat pose pack] all the stuff @ Pose Fair 2016  March 12th - March 26th
Hair : [e] Studio - Essentials Collection

location : Harmony Garden

Hope you like this.
Have Happy Fashion and Explore in Secondlife.

Thanks for reading.

Natalie Jumpsuit by Vips Creation


Dear reader. Hope your beautiful Sunday.

Introducing about  "Female Outfit - [Jumpsuit Natalie]" by Vips Creation.
You can change for many color or change design by HUD.

Bee released this outfits little bit while ago. my blog is little bit late :p
but i hope that it is not too late :D

Vips Creation main store Slurl
JumpSuit Natalie on Marketplace  --> Here!!

picture1 & picture2
 Outfit : [Vips Creations] - Female Outfit - [Jumpsuit Natalie]
  -->including for Slink Heal and Handbag
Hair : [e] Studio - Essentials Collection
pose : Di's Opera (Pop-up Store)

Hope you like this beautiful jumpsuit!
Thanks for reading.

FFL6 Carol Gown by Lavian&Co


Dear reader.

This post also  Lavian&Co at Fashion For Life6 supporting for Relay for Life.

FFL6 - Pin Up City - Sponsored  by Lavian & Co

when you teleported to there, you will see donation vender .
All the money from the sales will go to the American Cancer Society by purchase from this vender.
one of donation dress "Lavian&Co-BySage Carol Gown"
You have a lot of choice for dress color by HUD.

Hope you visit to good cause!

picture1 & picture2
 Dress : Lavian&Co-BySage Carol Gown @ Fashion For Life 6
 Hair : *Besom~ Beso *Essentials*
 pose : Di's opera (Pop-up store)

Location : [       Elysion Adult Lounge    ]

Thanks for reading.
Have a nice Sunday!

Fashion For Life 6 by Lavian & Co


Dear reader. Good morning / evening!

Have you visit to Fashion For Life 6 Charity Event? Supporting for Relay For life.
Lavian & Co is participating as one of Sponsored.
and 3 beautiful dress and Heal are donation item.
If you don't check yet, Visit Hurry! Because Fashion For Life until 20th March.

FFL6 - Pin Up City - Sponsored  by Lavian & Co Slurl

I would love to introduce you one of donation item "Lavian&Co-BySage Faith Dress / Shoes"
Hope you would love it and visit for good cause!

picture1 & picture2
 Dress : Lavian&Co-BySage Faith Gown @ Fashion For Life6 Donation item
 Heal : Lavian&Co-BySage Faith Shoes @  Fashion For Life6 Donation item
 Hair : [e] Stella - Essentials
 pose ; . Infiniti . - Elegance - 3 (picture1) / . Infiniti . - Carefree - 8M (picture2)

Have happy shopping!
Thanks for reading.



Dear reader.

Did you check *FLOWERDREAMS CREATION special offer gown?
".:FlowerDreams:.Kylie - black" and ".:FlowerDreams:.Lori"
99L$ offer until Sunday midnight (20th March)
and if you are Group member of *FLOWERDREAMS CREATION, don't forget to take NEW Group Gift.


Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Kylie - black  (99L offer gown)
 -->Cloth applier coming Maitreya / Slink / Belleza, System layer for Standar avater.
Hair : [e] Stella - Essentials
Necklace : UrbnW. Cross/Circle Charm Necklace - Silver
Choker : +M's Avon+BallChoker_Gold @ TEA PARTY FAIR
pose :  . Infiniti . - F.Basic 33

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Lori  (99L offer gown)
Hair : .Olive. the Pearl Hair - Naturals

and This is GroupGift. lovely pink color.

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Layka - group gift (to join 250L)
pose :  Infiniti . - Elegance - 3

Have a lovely weekend <3
thanks for reading. see you soon.…

Spring Fairy


Dear reader!

Have you visit cosmopolitan new round?
Me Sew Sexy released new gacha "Spring Fairy" for cosmopolitan new round.
Its so fantasy butterfly wing and very adorable dress.
18 item / 8 rare (wing) / 8 common.  65L / per play
Wishes your love them :)

Cosmopolitan Slurl

 dress : *MSS* Spring Fairy Dress Rose @ Cosmopolitan Gacha
 wing : *MSS* Spring Fairy Wings Rose  @ Cosmopolitan Gacha RARE
 Hair : .ploom. Bambi - Browns

 dress : *MSS* Spring Fairy Dress Sage  @ Cosmopolitan Gacha
 wing : *MSS* Spring Fairy Wings Sage  @ Cosmopolitan Gacha RARE

pose : [andika/sakana posepack] andika pose main store

Enjoy the fashion and fantasy!
Thanks for reading. see you soon!!

Alice and Flora


Dear reader.

I would love to introduce you "+M's Avon+Vintage Alice necklace" at TEA PARTY FAIR from 16th - 30th March 2016.
+M's Avon+ is ready for you 0L$ gift and Discount only on this event.
available 5 color.
and Lavian&Co-BySage Flora Dress / Heal at Black Dot Project exclusive item.
you have a lot of choise color for dress and heal by HUD.

picture1 & picture2
 Dress : Lavian&Co-BySage Flora Dress @ Black Dot Project
 Heal : Lavian&Co-BySage Flora Heels @ Black Dot Project
 Necklace : +M's Avon+Vintage Alice necklaceSingle @  TEA PARTY FAIR
 Choker : +M's Avon+BallChoker_Tea patty-limited @  TEA PARTY FAIR
 Bracelet : +M's Avon+BallbraceletTea patty-limited @  TEA PARTY FAIR

pose : picture1    Infiniti . - Definite - 4
          picture2 . Infiniti . - Carefree - 8M

Enjoy the shopping and Enjoy the Fashion!
Thanks for reading.

Happy Leprechaun


Dear reader.

"If you could catch the Leprechaun in St Patricks Day, you would be get a lot of gold"
This is a traditional folklore of Irish. but even now some Irish say ... be careful for Leprechaun... :)
I love to know the other country folklore. those are very mysterious and fantasy.

and in Secondlife, green green green everywhere.
are you ready for St Patricks Day decoration?

(( Credit  @ Aphrodite shop St Patricks & Easter Market))
Green Shed : Aphrodite St Patricks Market Stall
sign : Aphrodite Happy St Patricks day mesh sign
sign (Green) : Aphrodite St Patricks day sign
tree with rainbos and gold : Aphrodite "Rainbows end" tree with dropping coins
tall tree : Aphrodite falling shamrocks tree
short tree : Aphrodite - The Leprechauns Tree
shamrock : Aphrodite mesh Shamrocks 3 (Dark green)
shamrock : Aphrodite mesh Shamrocks 1
shamrock : Aphrodite mesh Shamrocks 2

(( Credit  @Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair by CHEZ MOI FURNITURE))
table : Saint Patrick…

Prism Design @ SWANK/GG


Dear reader <33

Prism Design released lovely Jenny Jumper and Blouse featuring a choice of either a green suede skirt or a green plaid. 
And the dotted blouse is adorable. and little bit sexy that wide front open blouse.
You can find this lovely oufif at SWANK.


outfit : Prism Jenny by Journey for Swank - Luck of the Irish @ SWANK
Hair : MINA - Stella - Dark brown
pose : *wear/andika[ Que sera sera]pose pack @ Pose Fair 2016  (before unpack)

andika pose released for Pose Fair 2016 some so so so lovely poses.
even unpack pose, it would be art.
Linda creating poses are awesome! she is one of talented pose creator and my dear friend.

outfit : Prism Jenny by Journey for Swank - Luck of the Irish @ SWANK
Hair : MINA - Stella - Dark brown
pose : andika pose wear[03(m)sola to kimi to]  @ andika pose main store

I hope my picture is suitable with her poses :)

and Prism Design is ready a group gift for you.

Dress : &quo…

St Patrick's Day by Vips Creation


Dear reader.

"St Patrick's Day" is 17th March. for me, not familiar day. cause am in SL, i know about this day.
This is Irish holiday.  even not irish. we are already in celebration mood in SL :)   Wonderful!
By Vips Creation released many green dresses for St Patrick's Day. I will introduce you some outfits.

St Patrick's Dayは私達にはあまりなじみがない祝日ですが、SLではアイルランド人ではなくてもみなさんお祝いムード。

Vips Creation main store Slurl

 Dress : Female Sleeveless Dress - [Patrick's Day Allison6]
 Hair :  [e] Miya - Essentials

 left Dress : Female Sleeveless Dress - [Patrick's Day Allison4]
       Hair : .Olive. the Blake Hair - Brunettes
 right  Dress : Female Patricks Dress - [Sofia2]
          Hair :  Exile:: Serenade 5 Color Naturals pack

Happy shopping!  Thanks for reading. see you very soon!

U Sets by VeroModero


Dear reader.

Today is very nice day. nice sunny and nice wind. But.. Itchy itchy ..... specially edge of eyelids..

I would love to introduce you VeroModero released " U Sets"
half pants and scarf and tatoo including. Be honest... i wore "Tatoo" first time in my Secondlife!
I have never think to wear to show to somebody! This is my Tatoo debut! too late?  
and location is  "-Netherwood- "

available 11 color.

[VM] VERO MODERO main store Slurl

 outfit : [VM] VERO MODERO / U Set Army Green
 Hair : .ploom. June - Browns
 pose : Kirin - Rini Pose 5

 outfit : [VM] VERO MODERO / U Set Cage
 pose : Kirin - Yuka Pose 1

Happy Shopping! and take care!
Thanks for reading. see you soon!

Snowpaws Au Revoir Silk Gown


Dear reader.  good morning! / evening!

Sakura blooming soon...... i am looking forward to bloom every year.
They are beautiful and i can not enough expression in world. i was impressed by Sakura.
and feel with whole my body that i am lucky that I am Japanese.

Okey.... better to finish my talking!
Introducing about "Snowpaws - Au Revoir Silk Gown" at Designer Showcase March round.
I have known Snowpaws gowns are beautiful. but this time I become aware again of Snowpaws gown is how much beautiful.
available 4 color.

also, Snowpaws has one more gown "Courant Bow Gown" in Designer Showcase.
Big ribbon at front make you cutie but for sure you are elegant.

Designer Showcase Slurl  (New LM)

 Gown : Snowpaws - Au Revoir Black Silk Gown @ Designer Showcase March
pose : Exposeur - febgift15-4M  (Free Gift)

 Snowpaws - Au Revoir Plum Silk Gown @ Designer Showcase March 
pose :Exposeur - febgift15-1…

Play game? or dinner?


Dear reader. nice to see you again<3

CHEZ MOI FURNITURE released new furniture set "*CHEZ MOI FURNITURES* Leeloo Complete"
Dining table seance to change by menu for 12 pattern. Gaming seance or cooking ....
(please take a picture of  "How to Use - Leeloo Dining Room CHEZ MOI" picture)
I can imagine Nanda loves gaming and cooking :)
and lovely heart cushion is by +Espoir+. pose change by touch for couple pose or single pose.

(( Credit ))
Cabinet : Carving Cabinet Leeloo CHEZ MOI @ CHEZ MOI FURNITURE main store
Dining table : Table Multiscene Leeloo CHEZ MOI @ CHEZ MOI FURNITURE main store
Dining Chair : Dining Chair Leeloo CHEZ MOI @ CHEZ MOI FURNITURE main store
Curtain : Side Curtain Leeloo CHEZ MOI @ CHEZ MOI FURNITURE main store
Heart Chair : +Espoir+Lovechair(Red) @ +Espoir+ main store
Heart Chair : +Espoir+Lovechair(White) @ +Espoir+ main store
Closet cabinet : [CIRCA] - "Jolie" Chest Cabinet with Flower Vase - Meadow
Ottoman : [CIRCA] - &qu…

Lemonade and music


Dear reader. nice to see you again :)

when you listening the music, would you like to drink a lemonade?
and if it was a music concert at outside, it would be a sweet early spring memory for you.

I would like to introduce you CHEZ MOI FURNITURE group gift item "The Lemonade Booth * CHEZ MOI"
This is a gift for free group member.
and  DJ booth next of Lemonade booth is "**JPK Steampunk DJ Booth Ver.2" at The Secret Room.
The Secret Room this round will close on 14th March. (0:00 SLT)

CHEZ MOI FURNITURE main store Slurl
*:.:*The Secret Room*:.:* Slurl

DJ Booth : **JPK Steampunk DJ Booth Ver.2 with Dj animation @ The Secret Room
Lemonade booth : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. THE LemonadeBooth  (Group Gift)
Lemonade booth sign : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Sign LemonadeBooth (Group Gift)
chair : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. StoolGreen Lemon…

Flora by -IrodorI-


Dear reader. How is your weekend?

-IrodorI- released new Kimono set "Flora".
as like always, They are so beautiful color and cute!
Right now, "Flora" is all color 50%OFF offering until 20th March.
Visit to main store and try DEMO! :D

-IrodorI-  main store Slurl

 Kimono : -IrodorI- Flora(black)  *including Mini Hat / Hair / Geta boots / Shape
 pose : .*H+S*.YouCanLookUp!(L) @ The Secret Room

 Kimono : -IrodorI- Flora(white)   *including Mini Hat / Hair / Geta boots / Shape
 pose : .*H+S*.I'mWithYou!(R).  @ The Secret Room

Thanks for reading.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Butterfly by Prism Design


Dear reader.

Prism Design released beautiful color and sexy gown " Gwinny Gown by Journey - Butterfly"
including Fitted mesh for The mesh project / Slink / Slink Hourglass / Maitreya and Stanrdard mesh
Beautiful design that base color is blue. as like this outfit name, you can be butterfly :)

Prism Design Slurl

Dress : Prism Gwinny Gown by Journey - Butterfly (single version)
Hair : Exile::In These Shoes? Browns
Necklace : ((Crystal Line))Floret Pearl Necklace 1 & 2 (Market place)

pose : [andika/sakana posepack] all the stuff @ *:.:*The Secret Room*:.:*

My standard body is The mesh project. when i wore this, i thought would be see applier.
BUT this is fitted mesh outfit for TMP. OMG! no need edit, this is exactly Fitting to my TMP body!
(of course i have some Fitted mesh outfit by The mesh project)

So if you have TMP body, Don't worry!! It would be very nice fit on you.

Happy weekend <3
Thanks for r…