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Late spring with overall


Dear reader. Hope your FAB Saturday :)

Some people have spent a long holiday to 8th May. But i dont have holiday so long time!
So i will enjoy SecondLife as always.

*plowwies* released cute overwall outfit.
maybe this post is little bit late for this outfit. because this is so nice on winter time.
and same time, i would love to introduce you

*plowwies* main store Slurl

 Outfit : *plowwies*Betty Rose outfit
 Hair : +elua+ Caylin_Darkbrown pack
 shoes : ::ROC:: Chris Boots Female (Marketplace / in-world store)
 pose : cute doll pose 3(24) FreeGift (Serendipity Poses @ Artists4SL Gallery )

Outfit : *plowwies*Betty Rose outfit
 Hair : +elua+ Caylin_Darkbrown pack
 shoes : ::ROC:: Chris Boots Female (Marketplace / in-world store)
 pose : cute doll pose 2(24) FreeGift (Serendipity Poses @ Artists4SL Gallery )

Betty Rose outfit by *plowwies* and  ::ROC:: Chris Boots the color change by HUD for many color!
Enjoy fash…

*FLOWERDREAMS Elenora(New/99Loffer)


Dear reader.  Hope your brilliant weekend <3

*FLOWERDREAMS CREATION released new gown "Elenora". available 7 color.  
Cloth applier coming Belleza / Slink / Maitreya. System layer for Standarad avater.

Flower accessory on shoulder and at stomach / hip makes me elegant much more.
I think no need the other accessory :)
black / emerald / purple ..... are 99L offering until Sunday midnight (1th May SLT)


Gown :  .:FlowerDreams:.Elenora - emerald (99L offering gown)

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Elenora - purple (99L offering gown)
Hair : Clawtooth: Cherry Bomb (Captivating Brunettes Pack)

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Elenora - black (99L offering gown)
Hair : Clawtooth: Cherry Bomb (Captivating Brunettes Pack)

Location : *The Keys*

Hope you visit *FLOWERDREAMS CREATION.  and Have a sweet weekend <3
Thanks for reading.

Hot spring with Fireplace @ Tres Chic


Dear reader.

In japan, there is a lot of Hot spring, specially we prefer natural hot spring.
Every time, when i take a hot spring, i want a hot spring dedicated to me!
would be so wonderful. My body can keep health forever.

<Heart Homes> released "Hot Spring" made by rustic rock.
Released for Tres Chic April round. It comes in PG and in ADULT.
It is beautiful interior at outdoor and indoor both.

Tres Chic Slurl (Open 17th April - 10th May)

Fireplace & Hot spring : <Heart Homes> "Hot Spring" Thermal Bath (PG/GROUP) @ Tres Chic

Including the menu controlled the fireplace and Hot water / cold water and more...

Thanks for reading.
Hope you love it <3

VeroModero New!


Dear reader. Hope you doing fine!
Rainy day. today going to rain whole day.

[VM] VERO MODERO released "Dance Jumpsuit". Color change by HUD. and you can change color for limitless!
I was waiting that bou released color change HUD with outfit.
it was released 2 type, Fish Scale design and plain(Basic) type.  i chose Plain(Basic) design outfit for blog.

[VM] VERO MODERO main store Slurl

picture1 & picture2
 Outfit : [VM] VERO MODERO / Dance Jumpsuit Basic with color HUD (New!)
 Hair : +elua+ Jaycee_Darkbrown pack
 Heal : !~SV~! Lao Stiletto Sandals Black
 pose : Di's opera
 Location : *The Keys*

Thanks for reading. Happy shopping!

Near the end of the April


Dear reader.

2 Event of this round will close soon! On9 and Designer Showcase!
On9 until 28th. Designer Showcase until 30th.
Specially this round of On9 is anniversary round. you can get a lot of gift from each shop <3
I tried to get them... but was busy whole month. but its ok. i will wait next anniversary round!

I would love introduce you {AnaMarkova} dress for On9 ,  Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes for Designer Showcase.

 Dress : {AnaMarkova}Hannah Ruby @ On9 Anniversary round
 Heal : Lindy Bency Red (for Slink high) @ Designer Showcase

 Dress : {AnaMarkova}HannahTeal @ On9 Anniversary round
 Heal : Lindy Bency BlackCroc @ Designer Showcase

Common item
 hair : Hair : [e] Brooklyn - Essentials
 pose : Di's opera

and close up picture of Lindy's heal. Elegant!

Happy shopping!
Thanks for reading.

Pretty Toadstool in garden


Dear reader. Hope your weekday will everything fine <3

when i was elementary school students, it was homework the observation of morning glory in summer vacation.
and this was kind of standard homework for us on summer vacation.
but i dont remenber detail of morning glory. how long time spend the time to glow up, or i could grow up properly or not after all.
when i found Morning Glory in Secondlife, it makes me remind it sometimes.

CHEZ MOI FURNITURE released Toadstool table set (Toadstool!!!)
Nanda named Toadstool for them, but they are very cute for me lol
and around morning glory and Hydrangea fence stuff was released by [CIRCA] @  Dreams Gacha Fair. Running to the 28th April.
This is Gacha item. per play / 50L, 5 RARES & 22 Commons.
TOADSTOOL MAGICAL SET was released for Lost and found by CHEZ MOI FURNITURE. (April 22th - May 1st)

(( credit ))
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" String Light Stand - Moss & Cream @  Dreams Gacha Fair
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory&q…

Entice @ Designer Showcase/Gift


Dear reader.  Hope your happy Sunday <3

Entice released 2 outfit for Designer Showcase April round.
"Oye Coma Va Dress" and "Stars Are Blind Outfit".
in this post, i want to introduce you "Stars Are Blind Outfit".
I felt in love this outfit when i opened pack first time. specially adorable short pant!
and Desginer showcase Vip GroupGift and SLFO Gift also!

Designer Showcase Slurl

 bottom :  Entice - Stars Are Blind Shorts - Grey Tones @ Designer Showcase Apirl
 top :  Entice - Stars Are Blind Top - Basics @ Designer Showcase Apirl
   --> both item color changeable by HUD for 3 color.
 pose : Purple Poses - Callie 02 @ Free gift at Black Fashion Fair 2016

 bottom :  Entice - Stars Are Blind Shorts - Blue Tones @ Designer Showcase Apirl
 top : Entice - Stars Are Blind Top - Citrus  @ Designer Showcase Apirl
    --> both item color changeable by HUD for 3 color.
 pose :…

Supporting the Japanease Earthquake


Dear reader.

As i wrote in my past post, The Earthquake disaster in Japan of Kumamoto pref, still there is many unsolved incident.
and still continuing hard earthquake and many people passed away... and will come rain season soon..
nobody can not see the end of this disaster.

I wanted to do something for them but I can not do so much things.
in that, i met with "HEART for NINE STATES" charity event. Charity event that Part of your shopping will be donated for HEAET of NINE STATE.
we do that we can do right now.
I am very happy that there is many people same feeling with me in Secondlife.


Participating designer.. and more detail is in HEART for NINE STATES blog :

Male : kimono kasa(sumi)Mpop : kokorotayori (50% Donation item) @ HEAET of NINE STATE
Female : shishi kirei3! : kokorotayori  (100% Donation item) @ HEAET of NINE STATE
             nipple cover : chichik…

*FLOWERDREAMS of this weekend


Dear reader. Hope your FAB weekend <3

Have you visit to *FLOWERDREAMS CARETION to check 99L gown?


 Gown :  .:FlowerDreams:.Christina - powder  pink (99L offering until Sunday midnight (24th April)
 Hair : [e] Karee - Essentials
 pose : Di's opera

 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:. Anastasia - white (99L offering until Sunday midnight (24th April)
 Hair : (Bagged-Wear/Add) Zalea Hair - AJ - Brunettes Pack

I used the body of Slink. you dont see arms cloth because I forgot to apply on the arms cloth applier when i took of second picture.
i like this style also but when you wear properly, the cloth applier will apply on your arms also.

Hope you visit to FLOWERDREAMS until 24th Midnight SLT!

thanks for reading.
see you very soon...

Spring Rose @ On9


Dear reader.

I am very lucky that i have involve with Me Sew Sexy creator Jeylen Oh.

Me Sew Sexy released new Gacha "MSS Spring Rose"for On9.
Its so so fantastic outfit!! 5 rare (Head accessory) / 10 common (Skirt and top)
I feel Jay released gacha often

picture1 & picture2
 Head dress / top / skirt : MSS Spring Rose Gacha @ On9
 pose picture1 : . Infiniti . - Carefree - 8M
         picture2 : Serendipity: humble fairy 3

Serendipity 's pose is so beautiful with this outfit.
and Location is -NOSTALGIC-

Hope you love all of them! outfit and pose and beautiful sim!
Thanks for reading.

Snowpaw @ Designer Showcase April


Dear reader. Rainy day today here.... and in Kumamoto also hard rain.
I hope it doesnt make terrible things for them.

Snowpaws released new gown for Designer Showcase April.
Snowpaw is one of my favorite gown shop. of course there is a lot of beautiful design gown.
but one more reason...
Some people love old type dress(System layer type) and some people love new type dress(Cloth applier or mesh cloth).
Snowpaw can makes satisfied for all of resident in secondlife.
I am very happy that i can involve with Snowpaw.

Designer Showcase Slurl (from 5th to 30th)

 Dress : Snowpaws - Hampton Gown - Orient (including "Hampton Green Stone Necklace")
 Hair : [Entwined] Holly
 pose : Di's opera

 Dress : Snowpaws - Hampton Gown - London (including "Hampton Red Stone Necklace")
 Hair : [Entwined] Holly
 pose : Di's Opera - Elegance 2 - 3 @ Cosmopolitan

Also, available "Snowpaws - Hampton…

Cozy my spring life


Dear reader.  Thanks for coming to my blog in this moment!
How are you?? Times goes by fast!  little bit slow pace to blog this month.

I want to introduce you a lot of furniture and decor item in this post. inside and outside both.
Spring season is sometimes good, but sometimes not good. because I have hay favor lol
However even when too bad running nose, too bad itchy eyes, when i feel spring sunshine, it makes me feel very good.

This time i tried to take a picture whole house."llorisen // alms cottage.yellow"
Created by Elsa Wellesley The owner of  "Llorisen"
I was going to to buy prefab. but i found lovely cottage Gacha. per play 75L.
I played 3 times. and i got red house and yellow house. This time, i chose yellow house to blog with the other stuff.

CHEZ MOI FURNITURE released "Garden shed" for TRES CHIC April round. Event running to the 10th May.
If i have large garden. i would put like this shed definitely.
Rustic but cute decoration inside s…

Prism Wrap Dress


Dear reader.

The level of earthquake M5.0 over , M6.0 over is continue everyday.
I can not imagine how much they have feeling scare.
Kumamoto castle also broken and would be 20 years to repair news said.
I wish not to deteriorate any more.

In that, Blogging for something makes me relax and feel fun.

Prism Design main store Slurl

picture1 & picture2
 Dress : Prism Zennia Wrap Dress by Journey  (Color change by HUD for 4 design)
 Heal : ::ROC:: Rita Heels (Marketplace / in- world store color change by HUD for 25 color)
 Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ Charlotte Mesh Hair - FLF Exclusive pack

Thanks for reading.
I go to work after this. The busyness makes me think only for work. Also good for me right now.

have a nice day for you ~C~

Beautiful one


Dear reader.

To broadcast about earthquake all day long on TV.
Happened in very late time first earthquake. and next day and next day.... it is continuing still now.
This earthquake have breaking down a lot of places and living house of people. and some people passed away.  
so right now, very very dangerous. Japanese Government said even who want to do volunteer over there, they should hesitate.
because nobody knows what would get happen. The earthquake is continuing still now.
Right now. we can do only pray. pray for them. pray for they do not give up to live their rest of life.  

In that, *FLOWERDREAMS CREATION creator Nile gave me a lot of smile.
so i decided to blog about her new release gown and 99L gown.
*FLOWERDREAMS CREATION is  *Highlighted Sponsor* Fifty5 Thursday.
She has ready 12 gown for special offer for this weekend.
I want to show some offer gown.
Again.. Nile is ready 12 gown for special offer. You should to check at main store <3


Spring In The Blue


Dear reader.

what color is spring color for you?  Green? pink?

Vips Creation released "Spring In The Air1" for a while ago.
Adorable pink and lovely flower design. I wanted to blog about this outfit in spring season.
That is now!

Vips Creation main store Slurl

outfit / heal (for Slink Mid) / bag / Head accessory : Female Outfit - Spring In The Air1
Hair : [e] Pretend - Golden Browns

Hope it would be one of your choice of spring outfit.

Thanks for reading.
see you soon...

Your special botanical Corner


Dear reader. Hope your wonderful weekday.

Have you visit to On9 New round?
This round is anniversary round and It's worth to visit there even if you are not going shopping.

Aphrodite shop released so so cute "Botanical Corner" to On9 New round.

above picture is whole style of Botanical house. and  Iron Fence was released by Sway's for We <3 RP new round.
Iron Fence availabe 5 color and 6 type.  and 25%off only at We <3 RP.
This time i chose black color decorate with Botanical house.
I have thinking since i opened "Botanical Corner". i wanted to take picture with Cherry tree.
Green and pink combinations are lovely colors. :)

and next 2 pictures are close up inside of Botanical house.
There is many botanical and chair set and pond at center. If Marina asked me what i want to put in this house, i will answer about "Bonsai".
It is nice hanging from ceiling or just put on the floor.
By the way, If you are Japanese or if you like Japanese c…

Sandy @ Premium Only


Dear reader.  Here is windy day today.

Introducing "Lavian&Co-bySage Sandy Set" for Premium Only April round.
I should visit to Premium Only :)

Premium Only April round Slurl (1st - 25th)

picture1 & picture2
 outfit : Lavian&Co-bySage Sandy Set @ Premium Only Event April
 Hair : [e] Pretend - Golden Browns
 Heal : [Renegade] Nikki - Dark Red

pose (picture1) : Di's Opera - Suave 1 - 5
pose (picture2) : . Infiniti . - F.Basic 26

Thanks for reading.
Have a nice day.

Kitty Come Home @ Lavian


Dear reader. still sleepy i am ... :)
before i go to work i want to blog about Lavian "Essentials Kitty Come Home".
changeable top color by HUD for a lot of color.

Lavian & CO main store Slurl

picture1 & picture2
 outfit : LAVIAN - AW1516 - Essentials Kitty Come Home
 pose : . Infiniti . - Carefree - 6  / picture2 : Di's opera
 Hair : [e] Pretend - Golden Browns
 Heal : [Renegade] Nikki - Dark Red

Hope you like Lavian Kitty Come home outfit <3
Thanks for coming to my blog at this moments. see you soon....