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Prism Design


Dear reader.

Prism Designer Jezzixa Cazalet released " Ashlie Skirt Set " "Ela Cords Outfit" in April...
This time, i took some pictures and introduce you 2 type cloth and 3 color.
I decided that trying to catch up to blog for Prism! but not come true yet. aw aw ...

 outfit : Prism Ashlie Skirt Set by Jezzixa in Beige Blue
 Hair : Beusy: Crush Double-Bun Mesh Hair [Assorted] SL13B gift @HairOLogy (from10th to 30th every month)
 Sandal : ::ROC:: Aimee Sandals (only for Slink bare feet / Color change by HUD) in-world / MP
 pose : {.:exposeur:.} Spring Singles 5 series (Closing Sale until 30th June)

 outfit : Prism Ashlie Skirt Set by Jezzixa in Gray Rust

 outfit : Prism Ela Cords Outfit by Jezzixa in Green Orange
 Hair : :::Phoenix::: Fabienne Hair Color Mix  SL13B gift @HairOLogy
 Heal : ::ROC:: Cher Heels (Color change by HUD / in-world shop  / MP
 pose : Exposeur/Decoy - Chasing Stars series  (Closing Sale until 30th June)

Happy sho…

blue breeze blows


Dear reader. Hope you having sweet SecondLife <3

woot... reflecting my shadow in below picture lol

This time, i decorated with my partner together. "The beach"... This keyword is same point to us.
and also we love "Blue".
Sometimes, I am confuse that my decorate is looks normal or looks strange.
because for me, small item and big item... the each is Art. so if it strange or not normal by looking from the other person, i don't see so at all.
So if you want to say something for me about my picture... fashion and decorating... please give me message!
I want to be better the way to take picture with you.

Beach bar : Hakuna Beach Bar (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ Tres Chic event (From June 17th to July 10th)
boat on the sand : .:Bee Designs:. To The Beach gacha Sofa Boat Pg RARE @ Lost and Found (until 1st July!!)
table on the sand : .:Bee Designs:. To The Beach gacha Table & cheese  @ Lost and Found
lantan on the sea : .:Bee Designs:. To The Beach gacha Floating …

Little bird whisper me your secret


Dear reader.

I can feel sweet summer breeze....
When you are hear "Summer", what color comes up in your head? I am blue color.
because very beautiful Secondlife nature specially summer atmosphere. of course i like autum and winter atmosphere and spring ...everything.

This time, i hope you would feel the summer from my picture. woot...i wear long shirt....
CHEZ MOI FUTNITURE is one of designer of "Chapter Four" and "Lost and Found".
"Pergola BirdHouses" was released for Chapter four June round. but already closed....
So you can find it at Main store or Market place.  so so lovely couple pose and sexy in Adult ♡
"Canopy Bench Alyssa" released for Lost and Found. Lost and Found is until 1st July!

Canopy : Canopy Bench Alyssa Adult CHEZ MOI @ Lost and Found until July 1st.
 (After that, it will be on Main store or Market place)
Bird house : Pergola BirdHouses White (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ Main store or Market place
Pot flower : Flower p…

The summer is in


Dear reader.  Hope your weekday is good so far!

I want to introduce you about some item for you in this post.
I hope you like everything.

Lavian&CO released exlusive dress for Lost and Found June event.  The name of cloth is "Long Hard Look Bag" 2 / 3, and "Star Of The Sea". "Star Of The Sea" is very lovely gown. if you want to see, visit to Lost and found June round.  Until 1st July!  This time i picked up "Long Hard Look Bag2 / 3" outfit. They looking so good on beach. 
picture1  outfit : Lavian&CO - Long Hard Look Bag 2 @ Lost and Found June
picture2  outfit : Lavian&CO - Long Hard Look Bag 3 @ Lost and Found June

and next i would love to introduce you "KC Couture" Heal and "Baubles!" Necklace. You can find at Designer Showcase.
 Necklace : Baubles! by Phe GeoNecklace (Gold)  / Baubles! by Phe GeoNecklace (Silver) @ Designer Showcase June
 Hair : Blues. Melissa @ Kustom9 SL13B gift
 Lingerie : &q…

Finale Couture @ DS June


Dear reader. Hope your day is good!

Have you visit to Designer showcase? June round will close on 30th.
So if not yet, i hope you visit and check it out after close event.

Final Couture released sexy zipper tight dress. Including the heal For Slink high same color with dress.
available 7 color.

picture1 & picture2
 Outfit : Finale Couture Niki - Maize @ Designer Showcase June
 Hair : pr!tty - Jeanie - [All Color Huds] :boxed @ HairOLogy SL13B Gift
  picture1 : Makeover - Chlea M  by {.:exposeur:.} closing Sale until 30th June
  picture2 : Makeover - Renee M  by {.:exposeur:.} closing Sale until 30th June

Location : -Netherwood-

Thanks for reading.
Happy shopping! <3

Lazy Summer


Dear reader. How is your weekend?

My computer is almost fine. still have problem.. I need to call to Microsoft... sob sob...

This event is until 30th June! so still have time!!
Tub type coming 2 type. "fancy" and "pearl". and animation is as always, lovely couple animation <3
You can find it only at CHEZ MOI FURNITURE Marketplace
and same time, i want to introduce you "-[SamJones] Heavenly Paradise Patio Set"
Its a patio and some exterior decoration set item by Lavian&CO at On9 June round!

BUY NOW and On9 both june round close soon....
Don't miss them <3

bath tub and shower : Rock Garden Bath Pearl (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ CHEZ MOI FURNITURE Marketplace
 Heavenly Paradise Patio Set @ @ On9 June
 **Lavian&CO -[SamJones] Heavenly Paradise Patio Sunshade @ On9 June
 **Lavian&CO -[SamJones] Heavenly Paradise Patio Chair
 **Lavian&CO -[SamJones] H…

Dragon Dream


Dear reader. hope your weekday will wonderful!

I don't have baby and Kids in Secondlife.
but when i met with the furniture for family... i was be sentimental...
Specially Aphrodite shop released ""Spring Valley" Family Bed" and a lot of dragon collection makes me so.
because i can imagine if am with kids or baby on this bed, and having fun with dragon, it would be so so lovely and bright time.

Aphrodite shop main store
Aphrodite shop Market place

The hanging light was by [CIRCA] @ Geektopia 1.0 Event.   Have you visit? like "Tetris".
[CIRCA] released for  Geektopia 1.0 Event more stuff. This event until July 3.
sometimes it would be nice working around in Tetris, then maybe you would want to play Tetris.

(( Credit ))
Bed :  Aphrodite "Spring Valley" Family Bed
Aphrodite shop's …

Lavian&CO @ On9


Dear reader.

This post is my first post for relative with On9 June round..  Still have time!

Lavian%CO released 3 exclusive outfit and furniture item.
in this post, i will introduce you exclusive outfit one. I will blog furniture one also next or more later (but of course before On9 event june close)
I picked up 2 outfit. The name is "Coastal " I Can Feel Your Body".
I like both, but if i have to chose one, i would chose " I Can Feel Your Body ".

 outfit : **Lavian&CO - Coastal Bag 3 @ On9 June
 pose : *icen*PetalPose @ H4NS (HEART FOR NINE STATE)
  -->including attachable petals and grass flower with particle by touch or by HUD)
 outfit : **Lavian&CO -[SamJones] I Can Feel Your Body Bag 2 @ On9 June
 pose :  *icen*PetalPose @ H4NS (HEART FOR NINE STATE)
 outfit : **Lavian&CO -[SamJones] I Can Feel Your Body Bag 3  @ On9 June
pose :  *icen*PetalPose @ H4NS (HEART FOR NINE STATE)

Hair : *ARGRACE* INA - Dark Browns



Dear reader. hope your weekday is find so far!

FlowerDreams creation creator Nile released " Marcellina" gown. maybe 2 weeks ago.
At that time, my computer has problem so i could not blog soon.
Then like she is waiting for me (lol). she has this offer in this week also!
Some color ... pink / green / light blue / Black... this four color is 50%OFF until Sunday midnight. (26th June) i think.
but if her work is nice slow ... then she will have more long time this offer... :)
Don't miss this offer <3

 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:. Marcellina - green @ 50%offer gown
 Hair : .Olive. the Stephanie Hair - Brunettes
 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:. Marcellina - pink  @ 50%offer gown
 Gown :  .:FlowerDreams:. Marcellina - blue
 accessory (head / mouth) : *N*Berry Accessories by NAMINOKE @ H4NS (Charity Event for Kumamoto prefecture in Japan)

Hope your lovely time with Marcellina gown in this weekend <3
Thanks for r…

[Loovus] @ Designer Showcase


Dear reader.

It is rain season almost place in Japan. near the tokyo, is not too much. but the location of big earthquake 3 months ago, happening is serious water disaster.
I hope they don't give up.....Imagine.... if you get serious disaster few times in a small time, could you keep calm?
how much strong person, not strange to give up to live. and also they still have very very serious incident of the other disaster.
I can do very little things.

okey... go to my blogging! [Loovus] released so so lovely onepiece skirt on Designer Showcase June.
available 5 color.

 Dress : [Loovus] Preziatu - Peach @ Designer Showcase June
 pose : EP - You Know I'm No Good #3

 Dress : [Loovus] Preziatu - Serenity  @ Designer Showcase June
 pose : Di's Opera - Indulgence 2 - 1

picture1 & picture2
 Hair : .Olive. the Stephanie Hair - Brunettes
 Heal : [hh] GIFT Daline Strap Heels (Group Gift / Free join)
   (for Belleza / Maitreya / Slink / The mesh project)

I hop…

Early Summer


Dear reader.  I hope you are everything fine!

My computer had problem and it was not easy to solve. but anyway my computer working well :)
am glad it. and my work in RL also pretty busy. so i have not blog for a while. (at least for me for a while lol)

anndd... my first blog after i back. my new blog partner "Bee Designs "".:M.LAW:. "

May i talk about them and me? ... if you don't want. you can pass and go to picture and credit!
I met with them "RFL Home&garden Expo" on early spring. I felt in love their creation when i met first time.

better way i stop my chat lol

(( Credit ))
raft : .:M.LAW:.  Midsummer Raft PG @ TRES CHIC June (from June 17th to July 10th)
Bee Designs Summer Lights  PG - Box @ TRES CHIC June (from June 17th to July 10th)

Fu's Cosmos pink 2012 prim type
Fu's Cosmos yellow 2012 prim type
Fu's Cosmos choco 2012 prim type

at Tres Chic event, you will find in PG and in Adult.

I wanted to take a picture th…

at the bridge


Dear reader. Hope you are okey :)

This post is my first post this month of another fashion blog.
so CHEZ MOI FURNITURE "IRON BRIDGE" was for Lost and found May round... already over.
but if you have interesting in this creation, you can find main store or Marketplace.

btw, I love the nature of secondlife. if my pc spec more higher i could see more real and amazing beautiful.

(( Credit ))
Gazebo : ~PPC~ Summertime Gazebo @  Colors of June Hint (1L hunt / from June 1 - 29)
Bridge : Iron Garden Bridge Nature CHEZ MOI
Tent : Sway's [Atepa] Tipi . tie-dye RARE @ The Arcade June 
Tent : Sway's [Atepa] Tipi . dream RARE @ The Arcade June
Willow tree : Bee Designs  Romantic Willow Tree

Grass flower : *plowwies* grass & flowers 12
Grass flower : *plowwies* grass & flowers 10
Grass flower : DaD DESIGN "Bush daisies " mesh - resizer by touch Copy
tree : *alirium* DwarfForest [LightGreen]

This time i tried to make small hand made nature. water, and grass…

*FLOWERDREAMS @ Zuri Jewelry Wedding Faire


Dear reader.

"Wedding Faire" is running at Zuri Jewelry sim. Running to the 30th June.
I looove Wedding item sooo much! Pure white dress and elegant accessory on bride.
I know even just in SL, if i wear wedding dress with i really loved person with special place. I would never forget.
woot... i was going to complain about my partner lol

My dear *FLOWERDREAMS has special offer on Wedding Faire. 3 gowns are 50% OFF only on Wedding Faire.
Don't miss it <3

*FLOWERDREAMS @ Jewels Isle Slurl

 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.How do I love thee - white @ 50%OFF Wedding Faire
 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.How do I love thee - red  @ 50%OFF Wedding Faire
 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Simone - cream @ 50%OFF Wedding Faire

3 gowns coming cloth applier for mesh body Slink / Belleza / Maitreya, and of course System layer for Standard avater.
"How do i love thee" is very long tail gown as you see in pi…

Bright Summer soon @ Designer Showcase June


Dear reader.  Hope your Sunday is sweet <3
and i hope my Sunday also sweet.... lol

{AnaMarkova} relesed 2 type outfit for Designer Showcase June round.
This time i chose onepiece type outfit. and this is soo soo summer chic.
"Jules" available 8 design / "Leona" available 5 color.

 outfit : {AnaMarkova}Jules Daisy @ Designer Showcase June round
 Heal : -KC- SYLVIA HEELS  @ Designer Showcase June round
  (Compatible Maitreya / Slink / The Mesh project / Belleza / EVE feet, Color change by HUD )
 Hair : *ARGRACE* INA - Dark Browns
 pose : Exposeur - Spring Singles 30 M (closing Sale)

 Dress : {AnaMarkova}Jules Waves   @ Designer Showcase June round
 Heal : -KC- SYLVIA HEELS  @ Designer Showcase June round
 pose : Exposeur - Spring Singles 29 M (closing Sale)

Hope you visit to Designer Showcase and check latest fashion <3  thanks for reading. 

Angel eyes by Simply Me!


Dear reader. Hope your lovely weekend <3

Last time, i blogged for Simply Me! was long time ago.
In advance, i have bought a pose to take picture. but i could not to blog.
Finally i took picture and could come to blog!  but Simply Me! rleeased new Lingerie almost same time..
so this post lingerie is not most new item. but its very beautiful and sexy :)

picture1 & picture2
 Lingerie : "Angel Eyes" Lingerie Collection by Simply Me! 
 body : The mesh project

*Cloth applier The mesh project / Belleza / Omega System / Slink.
*System layer for Standard avater.

I have wrote every time when i blog for Simply Me!....
if you don't have mesh body. don't worry! Jazi is always including System cloth layer.
I hope you enjoy this Lingerie on your lovely time <3

Thanks for coming to my blog!

Suspender Dress @ SaNaRae


Dear reader.

I did not think that i would blog for "SaNaRae" Event. Me Sew Sexy is one of shop of SaNaRae June round.
Also, i did not think Jey would create Cute clothes lol
Who is Reiko.... maybe his before girl-friend i think lol
SaNaRae is Running until 18th June.

If you love Kawaii things. you would love "Reiko Suspender Dress" at  SaNaRae June round.

 Dress : Reiko Suspender Dress Blue @ SaNaRae
 Dress : Reiko Suspender Dress with Sleeves Red @ SaNaRae

Other credit
Hair : *ARGRACE* Wish ~ (Dark brown)
Suspender stocking : "Structure" Stockings by Simply Me! 
 --> Cloth applier The mesh project / Slink / Belleza / Omega system, System layer)
Body & Head : The mesh project

With Sleeves type and without Sleeves type each available 5 color.

I hope you love this lovely lovely dress <3
Thanks for reading.

Heart For Nine State

Dear reader.

A charity event for Kumamoto (in Japan) earthquake will open from 20th June to 10th July.
This disaster was hurt body inside and outside who live in Kumamoto prefecture and Ooita prefecture.
and i saw the news often this earthquake still working.

official blog -->
(LM will open official announce later)

<< Shop list >>
***Ambrosia***   [CLOTHES (female)]
COCO  [CLOTHES (female)]
[MB] / [[RH]] Design House  [HOME and GARDEN]
.:Vanity Hair:.  [Hair]


HILLY HAALAN @ Designer Showcase June


Dear reader. Hope your nice day.

Have you visit Designer Showcase June round?  Running from 5th to 30th June.
I would love to introduce you "HILLY HAALAN " exclusive item "[hh] Casa top / skirt"
Looks so summer chic. and the color change by HUD for a lot of color!

outfit top : [hh] Casa Skirt @  Designer Showcase June round
outfit skirt : [hh] Casa Top @  Designer Showcase June round
 -->Fitmesh for Slink  HOURGLASS / Slink  PHYSIQUE / Maitreya. and classic mesh
Hair : [e] Sabine - Essentials
pose : Exposeur PF 2013 Gacha - Wee-Bow Pack (Closing sale until 30th June)
body / head : The mesh project

Hope you like HILLY HAALAN's outfit!
Thanks for coming to my blog!

Featuring VeroModero


Dear reader.  Hope your weekday is good.

[VM] VERO MODERO have creating the outfit that including limitless color change HUD.
In this post outfit also included this color change HUD for top.
Also, you can purchase "Mariachi Outfit". This is for mens outfit.
They are very nice with where the latin place and music.
and lovely simple shoes Delayna by  Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes.
Compatible Slink Mid feet / Maitreya / The mesh project Mid height.

 Dress : [VM]  VERO MODERO Flared Skirt Set in Yellow
 Bracelet : [VM]  VERO MODERO / Slim Stud Bracelets
 Heal : Lindy Delayna Nude @ Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
 pose : quiet & peaceful by Serendipity  / Marketplace

 Dress : [VM]  VERO MODERO Flared Skirt Set in Blue
 Bracelet : [VM]  VERO MODERO / Slim Stud Bracelets
 Heal : Lindy Delayna Black @ Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
 pose : falling in love by Serendipity  /  Marketplace

Happy shopping!
Thanks for reading.

Designer Showcase - June Round -

Dear reader.

Designer showcase June round is running, from 5th June to 30th.


<< Featuring Designer >>
1 Hundred.  Price 125 each
Baubles! by Phe  Price  90 each
Blac Label   Price 115 each set
Dulce Secrets  Price 99 each set
Entice   Price 150  / Jacket  Price 99 each / Pants    Price 99 each
Finale Couture  Price 130  each
GeMyles  Price 199 Each Set  Fatpack : @ 299
Hilly Haalan  Price 150 each set
KC  Couture   Price 125 / 245
LEGENDAIRE  Price 99 each
Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes  Price 161 each
Loovus   Price 135 each
Lush By CoCo   Price 199 each
More Than Ever  Prce 125
Nya's  Price 125 each
The Annex   Price 250 each
Tori's Stylez   Price  249 Each Set
URefined  Price 95 each
WellMade   Price 150 / 140 / 120
WoW Skins: Kassie 2016 Skin Price - 490 Each color / SLINK hands & feets appliers  300 / Maitreya Mesh body applier    400
zanze  Price 275 each set

Happy Shopping <3

Rose Romper Dress by Prism


Dear reader.

The uniform changed where i working in RL since the first of June. more and more will be hot.
so changed more looks cool uniform and it would be feel much better on so hot summer also.
We called it "Cool Biz".

One of my favorite romper dress of Prism "Kiki Rose Romper Dress" Created by Journey McLaglen.
Looks like soft silky cloth and pale blue rose design.
It would be sexy home outfit with loved one on lovely night also.

Dress : Prism Kiki Rose Romper Dress by Journey
Hair : enVOGUE - HAIR Gisselle - Dark Browns
body & Head : The mesh project

location : ...Clover Town...  

Hope you like this lovely romper dress.  and visit Prism main store.
Happy shopping!

Lavian&CO @ Tropical Summer Fair 2016


Dear reader. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Tropical Summer Fair 2016 is running from 3th - 17 June.
Official blog -->
Direct Slurl to Each shop also in official blog! but Landing point was set!

Lavian&CO is ready Exclusive item and 2L gift in Tropical Summer Fair 2016 .
The called "Lavian&Co-[Catalina] -Sweet Summer Melody bag 1-3"
totally sexy and cool very nice on summer long dress.

 Dress : Lavian&Co-[Catalina] -Sweet Summer Melody Bag 2 @ Tropical Summer Fair 2016
 Heal : Lavian&Co-Nature Fringe Pumps Bag 1 @ main store
 Hair : Blues. Jade - Naturals 2 @ The Dressing Room 
 pose  //elephante poses// - You Know I'm No Good #4

 Dress : Lavian&Co-[Catalina] -Sweet Summer Melody Bag 3   @ Tropical Summer Fair 2016
 Heal : Lavian&Co-Nature Fringe Pumps Bag 1 @ main store
 Hair : Blues. Jade - Naturals 2 @ The Dressing Room 
 pose : //elephante poses//  - You Know I'm No Good #3

Dress and Heal b…

Sq Bell by VeroModero


Dear reader. Hope your wonderful weekend <3

I love VeroModero's long skirt dress. specially this time dress "Sq Bell Dress" is so pretty.
Distinctive lone volume skirt, and wearing accessory also by VeroModero "Stud Bracelets"
Dress color change by HUD.

[VM] VERO MODERO Fashion main store Slurl

picture1 & picture2
 Dress : [VM] VERO MODERO / Sq Bell Dress
 Bracelet : [VM]  VERO MODERO / Stud Bracelets
 Hair : enVOGUE - HAIR Rihanna - Dark Browns
 pose : Di's Opera - Limited 1 (pop-up shop)

Hope you would choose one of your favorite long skirt dress like me.
Thanks for reading.

Milano by Vips Creation


Dear reader.

Recently, am watching Japanese animation of 20 years ago. It is  about high school Basket ball.
How many time goes by, loved one is still love one.
This animation name is "Slam Dunk"(I hope i dont spell miss)

I would love to introduce you "Vips Creation" released "Female Outfit - [Milano][Hud]"
Bee released this dress for a while ago. am trying to catch up to blog!

picture1 & picture2
 Dress : [Vips Creations] - Female Outfit - [Milano][Hud]
  -->Color / design change by HUD
 Heal : [Vips Creations] Milano-Black&Golden (for Maitreya / Slink / Belleza feet)
 Hair : enVOGUE - HAIR Gisselle - Dark Browns
 Necklace : F I N E S M I T H - perach group gift
 pose : Di's Opera - Sophisticated Series 2 (both picture) pop-up shop

location : -Netherwood-

Hope you like this dress!
Thanks for reading.

Silk Romper by Prism


Dear reader.  New month started!  Hope your June will wonderful!

I asked to my partner why people say "June Bridal". He said something like they can enjoy in summer together...
but does not the point what i wanted to know lol
In Japan, June is rain season. so if somebody have bridal, who get invitation have to go to celebrate even if very hard raining.
So, when i think in common sense, i could not understand why we say "June Bridal". (of course this is only in japan case)
but i hope it has something beautiful story....

My first post of June "Prism Marisol Silk Romper by Journey with Fabric Hud".
Trying catch up to blog prism dress in this month!

Prism Designs Slurl

picture1 & picture2
 Dress : Prism Marisol Silk Romper by Journey with Fabric Hud
  (Dress color change by HUD for 4 color)
 pose : [andika /It's five o'clock sharp*pose pack*] all the stuff (Closing temoprary right n…