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Winter BBQ


Dear reader. 
This post is my last post of this year.   I really hope your beautiful end of year and your wonderful new year! 
I will back 6th January.  I hope i can start the blog at this day. 

Credit  Aphrodite shop "Aphrodite - Mountain Cottage BBQ - Complete Set" @ Tres Chic December   Kichen : Aphrodite - Mountain Cottage - BBQ  PG 1.0  Decor on kichen    Aphrodite - Mountain Cottage - Sauces Deco   Aphrodite - Mountain Cottage decorative sauces trio   Aphrodite - Mountain Cottage decorative spices rack   Aphrodite - Mountain Cottage decorative sauces trio 2   Aphrodite - Mountain Cottage - Cafe Deco   Aphrodite - Mountain Cottage -  KitchenUtensils   Aphrodite - Mountain Cottage -  Mitts  Table and chair and decor on table   Aphrodite - Mountain Cottage - BBQ Table   Aphrodite - Mountain Cottage - BBQ Chair A   Aphrodite - Mountain Cottage BBQ - Bread Deco Basket   Aphrodite "Wintertime BBQ" House Salad with chicken   Aphrodite - Mountain Cottage BBQ - …

snowflakes candy party


Dear reader.  Wishes you having wonderful winter day <3

In RealLife, from today (29th) Japanese workers new year holiday begun.but i have to work tomorrow.... but ok then my work is finish in this year.
Most of workers will start 4th January. my work will start 6th. while that, we eat alot of food so i hope i don't get fat anymore.

But in Secondlife, Still i am in Christmas mood♥

Aphrodite shop / Marketplace : Aphrodite Hansel & Gretel complete party set
table : Aphrodite Hansel & Gretel complete party set
Chair : Aphrodite Hansel & Gretel candy stool
Candy cane : Aphrodite decorative Candy cane 1 ~ Aphrodite decorative Candy cane 3
balloon : Aphrodite candy balloon green
balloon : Aphrodite candy balloon red
baloon : Aphrodite candy balloon pink
 Aphrodite "Wicthes Shoe Cookies" Platter
 Aphrodite "Witchie Cookie" Platter
 Aphrodite candy house cookies
 Aphrodite "Hansel and Gretel" cupcakes platter
 Aphrodite fairyt…



Dear reader... Still i am singing the Christmas song ...

I would love to share the Vips creation lovely dress "Cordelia"

Vips Creation main store

Dress : [Vips Creations] - Female Outfit - [Cordelia]
Hair : .Entwined. Daisy - GIFT!
Necklace : Chop Zuey Gift - A Special Grace Blk Set @ Cosmopolitan gift
Head : Lelutka Bento Simone 2.0
Skin : Belviso - Bella Lelutka head applier  - Cream
Body : Maitreya Lala

location : Neverfar

Thanks for coming to my blog.

(if you are not interesting in me please pass here :D )
Today and tomorrow, The history will change again two country between United State and Japan.
When United State President came to Hiroshima, i hoped Japanese prime minister also should go to Pearl harbor. So last night (Japan time) , he went to Hawaii Oahu.
When that time, we killed each other country people.... it was very sad history. but right now …

Gorgeous VeroModero


Dear reader.


Have you checked VeroModero mesh body cloth applier gown?
There is no exception! all gowns are very gorgeous. I would love to share 2 gowns of them.
Cloth applier for Belleza / Maitreya / Slink in one HUD.
Check it out at [VM] VERO MODERO.

Picture1 and Picture2
 Gown : [VM] VERO MODERO / Nike Gown*
 Hair : *Besom~Sita *Browns*
 pose : *PosESioN* Madeleine Set
 body : Maitreya Lala

location : The Fallen

picture3 and picture4
 Gown : [VM] VERO MODERO / Diana Gown*

location : THE WILD

Hope those dress would be your one of special gown!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Eloise Coat and scarf


Dear reader. Wishes having a wonderful day <3
My Christmas finished. and back to ordinary day... but will come new year soon!

I would love to share Vipst Creations "Eloise Coat"

Vips creation main store

picture1 & picture2
 outfit : [Vips Creations] - Female Outfit - [Eloise Coat - Plaid]
 *Including fitted mesh standard fitted mesh 5 size and Maitreya / Slink / Venous and scarf.
 *Including black watch.
 *Coat color change by HUD
 Heal : Glamistry - ZINNIA Heels
 Hair : *Besom~Bree *Browns*
 Pose : *PosESioN*

Enjoy your Secondlife!
Merry Christmas.

A winter day of snowman family


Dear reader. Wishes your wonderful Christmas!  My Christmas is almost ended!! 
In this season, a lot of shop having a Sale in Secondlife.  Its the time again to be empty your wallet...... my wallet is always empty!!!
Let me share with you a winter day of snowman family. 

Credit  Firepit : Backyard Firepit (Adult) CHEZ MOI (Chez Moi furniture Main store / Marketplace )
Snowman family @ Aphrodite shop, <Heart Homes> main store  / <Hear Homes> Marketplace  < Heart Homes> Happy Snowman Family - Dad  < Heart Homes> Happy Snowman Family - Mom  < Heart Homes> Happy Snowman Family - Girl  < Heart Homes> Happy Snowman Family - Boy Cute Snowman (Inside Snowman ) : <Heart Homes> Cute Snowman (Resizer)   @ Aphrodite shop, <Heart Homes> main store / Marketplace
Christmas Tree : Enchanted Christmas Tree @ DIVIAs Design (Marketplace)
*There is many option by touch -- decoration , gift , and more! 
The AlFresco Frost Gacha by ~Adorably Strange War…

Bella - Lelutka Bento head Simone


Dear reader.

At first, This is my first Lelutka mesh head. as you know, Bento head Simone -2.0.
Belviso released "Bella" new mesh head skin applier for Lelutka. Skin tone coming 6 color.
My first Belviso skin "Audrey" for Catwa, i chose "Cream". so i chose "Cream" this time too.
Beautiful Bella. but pretty Bella. it is depend on how you edit the shape.
If you wear the "Simone" previous released head, after you paid full price (5000L), will pay back 2500L to you.

I can not write an article about Lelutka bento head so much. many people said HUD useful much more than before or blah blah blah... but i do not know that before Lalutka mesh head.
(shape edit is endless! now i see my picture, Chin looks strange chin... )

Head : LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 2.0
Skin : Belviso - Bella Lelutka head applier  - Cream
Eye : .euphoric ~ Allure Mesh Eyes.
Necklace : Necklace : +M's Avon+Reindeer necklace
Lipstick : alaskametro<3  "Sheer …

Snow white queen


Dear reader.

Under the Christmas tree at *FlowerDreams creation, you will see some beautiful white gowns.
The name is "Snow white Queen". and they are 0L!
No require to join group, just to buy 0L.
I would love to share some of it.  Hope you visit and grab the gown!

J&W Jewelers released brilliant and wonderful decorate accessory at Designer Showcase.
Don't miss out <3

 right : J&W Jewelers Charming Collection Red pearl and gold @ Designer Showcase December Exclusive
 left : J&W Jewelers Pamela Collection Turquoise and silver Designer Showcase December Exclusive

Gown  :FlowerDreams:.Snow White Queen 2 @ 0L gift Under the Christmas tree at Main store
Hair : :::Phoenix::: Yasmin Hair Dark Browns

 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Snow White Queen 4 @  0L gift Under the Christmas tree at Main store
 Hair : [e] Kristen - Essentials

location : LICK Sim Design

Happy shopping!!
Have a wonderful time in your secondlife!

Sweet surprise @ On9


Dear reader.

Right now, i am thinking very hard to buy bento head... lelutka Simone or Catwa Catya...
both of very wonderful and beautiful ....
i will think about it little bit more...

Have you visit to On9 December round?
Only you join the On9 group (and its free to join!), you can grab the gift at the designer booth.
It said "a sweet surprise" So im going to get all the gift!

Me Sew Sexy Jeylen released "Skadi Gown and Wrap".
available 5 set ... gown and fur wrap. You can wear separate...only gown, and only fur.

 outfit :  *MSS* Skadi Gown and Wrap Ash @ On9
 Hair : [Entwined] Skye - Dark Browns
 pose : BellePoses - Joss  1

 outfit : *MSS* Skadi Gown Dusted Rose @ On9
 *Gown and Fur wrap are selling together. it does not sell separate.
 pose : BellePoses - Joss  4

location : LICK Sim Design

Enjoy your Secondlife!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Prism Design @ Swank


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is not bad.. at least so and so!

Today (21th) that Most shortest day time in year day. is it say in english "winter solstice"?
TV said today we can see the sun about 9 hours. so night time is about 15 hours.
and from tomorrow, its become long the day time little by little.

Ok back to my blog post for Prism Design..
Prism Design Designer JEZZIXA Cazalet released so cute "Briana Skirt Outfit & Boots" for Swank December round.
Including the ankle boots / 5 color available.

 outfit : Prism Briana Skirt Outfit & Boots by Jezzixa in Black @ Swank
 Hair : TRUTH HAIR Grecia -  light browns
 pose : Di's opera

 outfit : Prism Briana Skirt Outfit & Boots by Jezzixa in Purple  Swank
 pose : BellePoses  - Cute Umbrella

location : Bal Harbour

Enjoy the shopping at Swank and Prism Design.
Thanks for coming to my blog.



Dear reader.

*FLOWERDREAMS is running the store hunt until 31th December.
Nile has ready 22 gifts for you / 20L each.
and she put different objects as Christmas bells or confetti ribbons or mistletoe, Christmas sticks or dwarfs or cupids & hearts....
The gifts are mesh gown and applier (for Belleza / Maitreya / Slink ) gown and lingerie, and only for classic avater gown and Makeup applier for Catwa head and more! Woo!

I would like to share with you some of item.
Please visit and grab the wonderful gifts!
You can get a Nc of info of hunt by touch to Miss Karas'  cute Assistant :)

 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Aisha - black @ Hunt item
 *Cloth applier for Maitreya / Slink / Belleza, and System layer for Standar avater.
 *Including gold tiara
 Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Aisha - red @ Hunt item
 *Cloth applier for Maitreya / Slink / Belleza, and System layer for Standar avater.
 *Including  gold tiara

Hair : :::Phoenix::: Vivian Hair Dark Browns

Dress : .:FlowerDreams…

Prism @ Designer Showcase


Dear reader.

Designer Showcase & Prism Time!

Prism Design designer Journey McLaglen released so lovely dress "Mistletoe Velvet Elf Dress ".
Including fitted mesh for Belleza / Maitreya / Slink / TMP / Tonic / and 5 standard size.
Color change by HUD for 4 color.

Little holiday fun <3

Dress : Prism Mistletoe Velvet Elf Dress & Panties by Journey with Huds @ Designer Showcase
Hair : TRUTH HAIR Grecia -  light browns
Boots : PARADISIS Girl of chistmas : boots ( week 2 gift) (Shop Closed)
Head : Catwa Dyana
Skin : Belviso - Audrey

Location : Bal Harbour

Enjoy shopping!
Have a nice day♥

Hotcocoa bar in warm winter afternoon


Dear reader. Hope your nice Saturday <3

This season, we are very busy in RL in SL both.
Today i took a nap but still im too tired from RL work..

Sway's released "Hot cocoa" gacha for The Arcade December round. 2 rare / 14 common
Reward item on The Arcade is "Bench for two".  so lovely couple bench.
Texture options for Mugs and Jug: cream, red and blue - for stack of mugs also a mix
Bunting comes in plaid, blue, red and hot cocoa.
Don't miss out <3

Sway's @ The Arcade item (Close up in picture2)
Hot coca stand : Sway's [Hot Cocoa] Stand with string lights RARE (c)
Sway's [Hot Cocoa] Bench for two // REWARD @ Reward at the Arcade
Sway's [Hot Cocoa] Box Seat RARE (c)
Sway's [Hot Cocoa] Bunting (c)
Sway's [Hot Cocoa] Chalkboard (c)
Sway's [Hot Cocoa] Hot cocoa with cinnamon / rez (c)
Sway's [Hot Cocoa] Plate with Cookies (c)
Sway's [Hot Cocoa] Hot cocoa with marshmallows / rez (c)
Sway's [Hot Cocoa] …

Zanze @ Designer Showcase


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far.

This post is my first post for Designer Showcase December round.
I would love to introduce you Zanze released "[ZE} Eirwen Sweater Dress "
pretty and causal sweater and cutie jeweled tight.
Sweater available 12 color separate  / fatpack and fitmesh for Slink 2type / Maitreya.
Tight comes cloth applier and it is for Maitreya.
I can imagine that It would be so nice to relax on one of a day on weekend in warm room.
(but my picture is not in warm room... lol)

Credit --
  Picture1 : [ZE} Eirwen Sweater Dress {BROWN}  @ Designer Showcase December
  Picture2 : [ZE} Eirwen Sweater Dress {PPINK} @ Designer Showcase December
 Tight : [ZE] Jeweled Tights Maitreya Applier  @ Designer Showcase December
 Hair : TRUTH HAIR Xia -  browns
 boots : N-core ALEXANDRA "Choco" (Rigged Mesh)
 pose : [KoKoLoReS] Twelve Days of Christmas - gift
 Head : Catwa Dyana
 Skin : Belviso - Audrey

Location :  [KoKoLoReS]

Enjoy the sho…



Dear reader...  I will enjoy my blog life as much as possible.

SL Christmas Expo was closed... it was so wonderful event our team work was amazing!
I hope to see you as a blogger of SL Christmas Expo!

My dear demi's shop E U P H O R I C released new cute eyelashes "Scandal Lashes&Deepliner".
it has a flower around the eye!
E U P H O R I C in-world / E U P H O R I C marketplace

After, closed Expo, i decided to buy new skin! (aww. my wallet is always empty!)

Head : CATWA HEAD Dyana
Skin : Belviso - Body Works - Audrey (Cream)
Lashes : .euphoric ~Scandal Lashes&Deepliner Applier [Catwa]
Eye : CATWA Mesh Eyes
Eye applier : .euphoric ~Kenya Eyes [Catwa App. - System - Mesh ]
Hair : TRUTH HAIR Loni -  light browns

No lipstick No eyebrows, but this is elegant.
So if i do make up more.. i could be more beautiful and elegant!
There is a lot of skin shop after Catwa head became popular.
but not all the shop i would like. so everytime, i met with new shop, i wan…

Holiday wish .. SL Christmas Expo close soon


Dear reader.

December 12th, SL Christmas Expo close.... time goes by very fast.
Have you visit there? If not, you still have time! please visit and to see the white Christmas.

More than 40 Merchants!  Fashion, Breedables, OOAK & L E's  Home & Garden & Holiday Shopping! (Auction closed)

Holiday Wish。。あなたは何をお願いしますか?

Blogger Challenge Day 12 : Holiday wish. (I thought i challenged all days.. but i missed 10th and 11th... )
"We wish a merry Christmas" ... The next of Christmas, will come new year.
I will wish to the coming new year would be peaceful year. and my life and my work and my Secondlife will be much better one than this year. and wish my english will be get better more....
However.. "All i want is in Christmas is you"…

Recital for my winter friend


Dear reader. Wishes your wonderful weekend <3

Blogger Challenge Day 9 photo "Tree"
While winter time, the tree is naked... no leaf ... there is only branch.
However, doesnt falling leaves tree also beautiful.. specially in snow.

White piano : [Mesh] White Grand Piano - Christmas Edition : by Dekute Dekore @ 100% Donation item
chipmunks with small Chrismtas tree : chipmunks Xmas Tree by Simply Shelby Gacha / 50%Donation / per 50L)
Dekute Dekore in Expo / Gacha and Raffles, auction in Expo

White Fountain : Wintery Fountain CHEZ MOI @ Chez Moi Furniture main store
Couple Snowman : Aphrodite loving snowmen couple @ Aphrodite shop Group Gift
Tree : Aphrodite Winter tree-Sycamore (Animated Snowrabbits)  Lighted @ Aphrodite shop Marketplace
Tree : Aphrodite Winter tree - Sycamore Young Winter with lights @ Aphrodite shop Makrketplace
Deer : Winter Deer Grove by Simply Shelby 
Reindeer : Winter Reindeer Feast by Simply Shelby

Day 10 Christmas Holiday Recipe... This is…

Elegant VeroModero


Dear reader.

This time, SL Christmas Expo is a break.
then.....[VM] VERO MODERO Time!
VeroModero has released many applier gown. I don't know they are remake gown for applier or new.
Bou is so awesome designer i can say only "Brilliant"...

Picture1 and picture2
 Gown : VERO MODERO / Shantal Gown (Applier for Belleza / Slink / Maitreya in one HUD)
 Hair (picture1) : enVOGUE - HAIR Alice - Dark Browns
 Hair (picture2) : .:EMO-tions:. GIFT * LANA * reds-pack (previous gift)
 boots : ::ROC:: Lace Up High Boots ( in -world / Marketplace )

picture3 and picture4
 gown : [VM] VERO MODERO / Cassini Gown (Applier for Belleza / Slink / Maitreya in one HUD)
 Hair :  enVOGUE - HAIR Alice - Dark Browns
 Necklace & Necklace : Moondance Jewels Venom
 Eye : Catwa Mesh eye
 Eye applier : .euphoric ~Poison Ivy  Eyes [Catwa App. - System - Mesh ] --Marketplace
 Lipstick : .:FlowerDreams:.Catwa lipstick set 4
 Head : Catwa Dyana
 Skin : *League* Ella - Catwa Applier - Fair

You wi…

Christmas outfit @ SL Christmas Expo


Dear reader.

12 days of SL Christmas Expo in support for Relay for Life Day 8 -- 8th December schedule.
More than 40 Merchants!  Fashion, Breedables, OOAK & L E's  Home & Garden & Holiday Shopping
Christmas Trees - Snowman Building and Lots more!

Entertainment @ Winter cafe
3pm    Ichie Kamachi    Winter Cafe Stage    Tinsel
4pm    DJ Blues Boss (RG Papp)    Winter Cafe Stage    Tinsel
5pm -7pm    DJ Peppah Spice    Extravaganza Stage    Tinsel
7pm-8pm    Todd Rumsford    Snowman Stage    Tinsel

and get picture taken with Santa!
"Photo with Santa Santa will be here at the top of every hour (first 15 minites) from 11am - 7pm.
Santa and elves can be found wandering the land the rest or the hour" HO HO HO!"
...However before 11am, ...whimsy of Santa.

Feyline Fashions released lovely purple Christmas complete outfit set for SL Christmas Expo Exclusive.
Feyline Fashions is ready many complete outfit set in Expo.…

OMG! Inc @ SL Christmas Expo


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far! my weekday is .. so and so. lol

When i participate with an event as a blogger, the things that most look forward is meeting a  creator or  designer.

.OMG! Inc. is one of a merchant of SL Christmas Expo.
.OMG! Inc. location on SL Christmas Expo
OMG! Inc is ready many sexy or lovely outfit for Expo. and they will be donated 100% of 50%.

picture1 and picture2
 Jacket : OMG! Inc. Xmas Expo Donation Items 2016 Double Vest Denim Jacket. @ 100%Donation item 
 (Jacket color change by HUD)
 pants : Entice - Follow Me Jeans - Fatpack
Hair : Analog Dog AD - ciera - dark blondes

picture3 and picture4
 Dress : OMG! Inc. Xmas Expo Donation Items 2016 Audi's Cutout Dress @ 100%Donation item 
Hair : Mithral * Hairology Birthday Gift (previous gift)
 Heal : Lindy Sophina Green @ Designer Showcase December

Have you visit to SL Christmas Expo?
This time i took the picture at SL Chrsitmas Expo.…



Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far. my weekday is so and so so far....

Have you enjoying Winter event or Hunt??  SL Christmas Expo? :)
SL Chrismas Expo LM giver location
Winter cafe

Outdoor winter fun .... (2:37am 6th Dec SLT.. Day 6 blogger Challenge!)
Blogger challenge themes makes me think a lot.. lol
Snowing for a few days every winter after i came to mainland of Japan. Still I am enjoying the snow. (Also annoying in many ways....). Step on the snow and grab the snow ... i am like a baby lol
of course wearing warm coat :)
Oh yes! I LOVE hot spring in winter.... but still i never take hot spring in snowing! this is one of my dream.
I love the winter fashion too... and winter food ...  winter fun for me.. is "Winter" in many ways. inside and outside both.

Hope that this article is not beside point.....

Credit for SL Christmas Expo --
Snowman with Sled : OTB!…