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Dear reader. Hope your day will good!

Powder Pack July Catwa released.
Catwa July Preview -->
Order In marketplace / Order in world /  The other info Powder Pack online

My dear [PUMEC] released new skin for Powder pack. Yeay!
Including Shape (based catwa Tala), 3 skin tone (january / May / september), Eyebrow shape,  System skin.
Maked up together with Izzie's EyeShadow, Lipstick, Catwa eye applier.

Skin : .:[PUMEC] :. - .:ELLE:. /  PP  JULY  -  SKIN SET @ Powder Pack Catwa July
Lipstick : Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Moka Lipsticks @ Powder Pack Catwa July
Eyeshadow : Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Moka Eyeshadows @ Powder Pack Catwa July
Eye applier : Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Moka Eyes Earthtones @ Powder Pack Catwa July
Head : Catwa Lona
Hair : [e] Kiki - Exclusives
Body : Maitreya Lara
Shape : Own work

Bento mesh head is really amazing. You can enjoy alot of type of shape and you can do anything for what you want.

Enjoy your Catw…



Dear reader.

Featuring ::Modish:: new skin for Catwa in The Season story. (Until July 31th)
7 skin tone, 2 type lipstick available.
J&W Jewelers accessories are in Designer Showcase July.  (Until July 31th)

Skin : ::Modish:: Paige Catwa skin @ The Season story
Lipstick : ::Modish:: Paige Dark [Catwa]Lipstick Set @ The Season story
Lipstick : ::Modish:: Paige Tan [Catwa]Lipstick Set  @ The Season story
Necklace : J&W-Jeweler-Akroma-Collection-Diamonds (picture1) @ Designer Showcase July
Necklace : J&W-Jeweler-Akroma-Collection2 (picture2) @ Designer Showcase July
*Available Earring and bracelet and Necklace
Hair : TRUTH VIP - June @ GroupGift of June
Head : Catwa Catya

Happy shopping and Enjoy your mesh life! 😆
Thanks for coming to my blog.

relaxation time


Dear reader.  Hope your good weekday will come to you 😊

I wanted to share with you a lot of more item of Decorate July.
There is many really awesome items and really nice. so I will pre-order next round too! 😁

So below picture is a my dream that relaxation under the sunset.

Credit @ <Heart Homes> / Aphrodite shop
<HEART HOMES> Outdoors gazebo @ Main store / Marketplace
<HEART HOMES> Spa Massage Table PG 1.0a @ Main store / Marketplace ( in Adult)

Credit @ Decorate July
Cabinet : Pewpew! Cabana Modular
Hammock : Hammock Honolulu (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Limit8 (Open on 18th July to August 13th)
Double Adirondack Chair Malibu (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Double Adirondack Chair Rustic (Adult) CHEZ MOI
*Available in PG and in Adult  / 3 color
Watermelon Tray CHEZ MOI

Chez Moi participate with Limit8 from 18th and this is first round for Chez Moi.
I will visit to there at least one time and check what is limit item of this round :)

Enjoy decorating! H…

Dreaming in summer shadow


Dear reader.

From today, for 3 days holiday in japan. and the first day today. so my work was very busy 😓

If you feel Summer feeling by my picture, please check the credit :)
Featuring Your Dreams released lovely gacha "The beginning of magic"
And, Sway's FLF item and TLC - The Liaison Collaborative!

Credit @ Sway's FLF (July 14th week)
Sway's [Agwe] Moon Chair . tropical
*You can choose from 2 type chair
*Color change by touch

Creidt @ TLC - The Liaison Collaborative by Sway's
Sway's [Agwe] Sofa . pattern / Adult
Sway's [Agwe] Tapestry . tropical
Sway's [Agwe] Side table
Sway's [Agwe] Vase with Monstera leaves

Credit @ Your Dreams in Lootbox Gacha event
{YD} The Beginning of Magic - Case Herbs & Potions RARE
{YD} The Beginning of Magic - Crystal Ball  Pink
{YD} The Beginning of Magic - love potion
{YD} The Beginning of Magic - Friendship Potion
{YD} The Beginning of Magic -  Peace herb
{YD} The Beginning of Magic - Envy potion

Powder Pack Catwa July pre-order


get my attention...


Dear reader.

Designer Showcase time! and this is my first post for July round.
July round running to the 31th.

Prism Design Journey McLaglen released cute bikini dress :) 
Color change by HUD and fitmesh for Maitreya / Belleza / Slink. 
You can try DEMO!

outfit : Prism Kennedy by Journey with Hud @ Designer Showcase July
*Color / Design change by HUD for bikini top and skirt
Hair : Magika - 01 - Fever
Necklace : Cae :: SL14B Gift (previous gift)

Happy shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.



Dear reader.

One of my favorite event is On9. I love to find price down item😁
This month is already running to the 31th July.

I would love to share with you Me Sew Sexy released Cecile lingerie.
Fitmesh cloth for Maitreya. 6 color coming. you can try DEMO.

outfit : *MSS* Cecile Blue Set @ On9 (picture1)
outfit : *MSS* Cecile Pink Set  @ On9 (picture2)
Hair : Exile: Fake Magic 5 Color Naturals pack
Body : Maitreya Lara
Head : Lelutka Chloe

Enjoy Shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.



Dear reader.
My Thursday was busy... how is your day? :)

[PUMEC] released cute skin for We <3 Roleplay.
2 Skin tone (April / May), You can try DEMO before purchase.

Skin : .:[PUMEC] :. - .TESS:. -  /  2 in 1  - April / May (Catwa) @ We <3 Roleplay
Lipstick : ** [PUMEC]  -  Lipstick Pack #3 -  FOR CATWA HEADS HUD **
Lashes : .euphoric ~Azra Lashes ~[Catwa] @ Marketplace
Catwa eye applier : .euphoric ~Bebe Eyes[Mesh & System& Catwa Applier] @ Marketplace / Demo
Hair : TRUTH Lake - Brunette
Head : Catwa Lona
Body : Maitreya Lara

We <3 Roleplay running to the 31th July.

Enjoy your Secondlife!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Comfy summer heat


Dear reader. Hope you doing fine!

If i could choose that i can change living country in summer time, I do not choose Japan! lol
Many kind of disaster still happen and unusual summer heat!  ggrrr...

My Second purchase of Decorate. Theme is "Tropical Heat"
Preview July Decorate -->
Featured Shop! Gorgeous!
ARIA / *HEXtraordinary* / .:revival:. / [Merak] / Di'Cor / Chez Moi Furniture
Little Branch / Vagabond / Cheeky Pea /  PewPewSerenity StyleN4RS /
[Schultz Bros.] [Bad Unicorn]CONVAIR
Decorate Order is HERE!

Credit @ Deco(c)rate
Tree : LB_DracaenaTree.V4{Animated} by Little Branch
Tree : LB_DracaenaTree.V1{Animated} by Little Branch
Tree : LB_DracaenaTree.V4{Animated} by Little Branch
Beach bar : [Merak] - Aloha Beach Bar 1  by [Merak]
Swing chair : [Merak] - Swing Bar Chair - Blue by [Merak]
Swing Chair : [Merak] - Swing Bar Chair - Brown by [Merak]
Swing Chair : [Merak] - Swing Bar Chair - Red by [Merak]

Essences @ Powder Pack July Lelutka


Dear reader.  Hope your nice weekday will come to you!

Powder Pack July Catwa Edition pre-order will close soon in a few days.
Order in Marketplace / Order in world /  Powder Pack online 
The price change to full price after release! So don't miss out pre-order!

That before, did you check July Lelutka edition pack?
please check July lelutka edition pack preview -->

Featuring Essences new skin "Amanda" and Zibska  new makeup from Powder Pack July Lelutka.
I really like Essences skin.. looks like a bit sleepy and sexy face :)

Skin : Essences Amanda (lelutka applier) @ Powder Pack July Lelutka
*Skin tone Coming 6 color. (Pale 1.2 / medium 1.2 / Dark 1.2)
*Body applier including. for Maitreya / Belleza / TMP / Omega system)
*Shape / Eyebrow including.
Makeup (Lipstick) : Zibska Alyssa Lelutka Applier
Makeup (blush) : Zibska Ayame Lelutka Applier
Makeup (Eyemakeup) : Zibska Ilara Solo Lelutka Applier
Makeup (Eyemakeup) : Zibska Ila…

Little Pugs beach


Dear reader.

Tropical summer is here! and its with cutie pugs😉
So so lovely pugs coming from {Your Dreams} "Little  Pugs" Gacha for The season Story .
8 items : 1 rares and 7 commons. Will make you lots of pugs in your beach😏

Credit @ {Your Dreams} in The season Story
{YD} Little Pugs - Luna RARE (with pool)
{YD} Little Pugs- Ginger
{YD} Little Pugs - Max
{YD} Little Pugs - Buster
{YD} Little Pugs -  Cooper
{YD} Little Pugs - Amora

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture
Enchanted Bridge (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Credit @ :: NEWCHURCH ::
:: N :: Book Lovers' Retreat (Decorated)

Credit @ Dreamscapes Art Gallery *Summer Love*
*Beach Life* Towel Red
*Beach Life* Towel Blue
*Beach Life* Umbrella
*Beach Life* Bucket B
*Beach Life* Bucket A
*Beach Life* Milkshake B
*Beach Life* Milkshake A
*Beach Life* Ice Cream B
*Beach Life* Ice Cream A

So pretty everything!
I really hope you enjoy this picture and visit to main store or the event.

Enjoy your Summer in SL!
Thanks for coming to my blog.



Dear reader. Good evening!! and Morning / afternoon!
From Tomorrow... Saturday will back to normal day in RL. so My SL also will back to normal.

Powder Pack Lelutka July Edition released on 1st of July.
Check preview -->
Powder pack order in-world / Powder pack Marketplace / Powder Pack online

This time, i made a new shape for ::Modish:: new skin "Giana" for Powder pack July Lelutka.
Skin tone coming 4 color and 5 eyebrow and Lipstick. Body applier working on Omega system.
Including shape is for Lelutka Simone and Cate.
Lelutka eye applier by [ MUDSKIN ]. Including 3 collection. Very softly eye color and i love it!

Skin / Lipstick : ::Modish:: Giana [PowderPack Lelutka] July @ Powder Pack lelutka July 
Lelutka eye applier : [ MUDSKIN ]_Signature LeLutka Eye Collection @ Powder Pack lelutka July 
Head : LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 2.7
Hair : Tableau Vivant Mallongaj hair - Fades @ Hair Fair
Body : Maitreya lara

Enjoy your lelutka lif…

Colours On The Water


Dear reader.  Good morning / afternoon / evening!

Perfect TEN July is running to the 15th.
please visit and check new items from awesome creators!

Also.  ""Let's go Glamping"... Gridwide Hunt" running in The Cookie Jar sim.
From:  July 1st -  Midnight - Ends  July 29th Midnight
1L cost / Theme: Furnishing your Glamping trip!
Start point :
Hunt Hint :
Please look for "Tiny Tent"

In this post, featuring HJM Design new "Vanity". 50%off offer only during the event open.
and sneak peek of Cwtch wall art for Home show event. (8th July - 29th July)
I will provide the SLURL when LM provided to blogger.

Credit @ Perfect TEN July
Melissa Vanity by HJM Design

Credit @ Cwtch in Home Show(8th July - 29th July)
Cwtch. Flamingo Print (Standing)
Cwtch. Flamingo Print (Sitting)
Cwtch. Flamingo Print (Clouds)
Cwtch. Be a Flamingo Print




Dear reader.
If you are an American, Happy independence day!!
and if you are not an American, hope your good weekday :)

I missed to blog for Prism Design "Maverick Silk Top and Wrap Skirt" set last month.
You can find this so adorable outfit at Prism Design main store.
and sexy heal was by Glamistry.

outfit : Prism Maverick Silk Top and Wrap Skirt  with Huds by Journey
*Color change by HUD
*Including fitmesh for a lot of mesh body
Heal : Glamistry - ANEMUNA Heels [PF1006]

Enjoy shopping and styling!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

little Princess room


Dear reader.  Hope your weekday is good!

I have been busy this week .. from Monday. Specially yesterday was busy.
I hope i have my time more from today.

Featuring shops are Aphrodite shop and Cwtch for 4 season hunt prize (Starts July 8th, 1L hunt)

Credit @ Thimble event
Aprodite Princess Bed 1.0
Aphrodite Princess Bedcurtains
Aphrodite Princess deco  teddy bear
Aphrodite Princess Sidetable A
Aphrodite Princess Lamp Unanimated
Aphrodite Princess Sidetable B
Aphrodite Princess Lamp Animated
Aphrodite Princess Pink Rug
Aphrodite Baby Girls Wardrobe (Animated)
Aphrodite - Girls Wardrobe - Rug
Aphrodite - Boys Wardrobe - Rug
Kids Chair & Table Set 1.0
Kids Additional Chair
Please check Aphrodite shop official blog :

Credit @ <Heart Homes> Main store or Marketplace
Aphrodite  Multi functional bed for baby boys & girls

Credit @  Cwtch 4 season hunt item (start july 8th)
Cwtch. Vintage Flower Poster 4
Cwtch. Vintage Flower Poster 1
Cwtch. Vint…



Dear reader.

Powder Pack July Lelutka Edition released!
Order in -world / Order in - maketplace / Powder Pack online
July Lelutka designer list :
July Lelutka preview  :
All of Powder Pack Lelutka is A Must item for Lelutka user.
so please don't miss out July Edition💖

I would love to share with you amara beauty new skin Sylvia😍 for Powder Pack July lelutka.
and this is my first blog post for July Lelutka. So excited!!
Coming 12 skin tone, body applier for matireya / belleza / slink, and vista hand by Omega system.
Lipstick coming by [PUMEC] in Tres chic. (Until 10th July)

Skin : amara beauty - Powder Pack LELUTKA JULY 2017 - Sylvia
Lipstick : ** [PUMEC]  -  Lipstick Pack #13 -  FOR LELUTKA Tres chic
Hair : TRUTH HAIR Katara -  light browns
Head : LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE 2.7
Body : Maitreya lara

I really hope you enjoy Lelutka life!
If i could help your lelutka life even if only a little bit, i a…



Dear reader. are you enjoying weekend? :)

I want to go to vacation and stay for a while with my love like this cutie house.
Peaceful and quite time passing away.....

Credit @ Your Dreams in Tres Chic (until 10th july)
{YD} Houses of Santorini - Big House House
{YD} Houses of Santorini -House medium 4

Credit @ Aphrodite shop
<Heart Homes> Dutch Spring Gathering - Couple Bench PG
<Heart Homes> Dutch Spring Gatheri - Single Chair  (No Blanket)
<Heart Homes> Dutch Spring Gathering Chair (w. Blanket)
<Heart Homes> Dutch Spring Gathering - Firebowl
<Heart Homes> Dutch Spring Gathering - Table
Aphrodite Spring Rose Champagne serving tray

Credit @ Dreamland Design
DD Peaceful Water Trough With Hummingbird
*Welcome mat set*
DD Autumn Cuddle Welcome Mat
DD Yellow Rubber Boots
DD Yellow Sunflower Planter
DD Apple Fruit Basket
DD Mixed Flowers Tub

Credit scene...
post : {what next} P.S I Love You Mailbox (no text) (previous gift)
post : {what next} P.S I Love …

*FlowerDreams New


Dear reader.  Hope your wonderful weekend!

Have you visited to *FlowerDreams after moved to new location?
*FlowerDreams creation is running some of SALE event right now.

1. "Belinda" New release!
     cappuccino color and lilac color gowns are 50%off offer only limited time.
2. 99L offer until Sunday midnight (or until Nile change the price )
3.  Old gown (applier gown and mesh gown) 100L sale!
4. 30 over group gift is waiting for you! (Fee to join the group 500L)

I would love to share with you new release gown "Belinda" 50%off offer gown.
Very gorgeous!!

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Belinda - cappuccino (picture1)
Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Belinda - lilac (picture2)
*Cloth applier coming for Belleza / Maitreya / Slink, and system layer for standard avater.
Hair : Exile Gift! Tommy & Gina

Do not miss out from *FlowerDreams Creation!

Enjoy shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.