-AZUL- (GroupGift②)


Nice to see you again :) 

Maybe already a lot of people know -Azul- GroupGift.

I thought those group gift was only for Platinum member..
I am not Platinum menber,However i got those gift before i knew it :)

anyway, i want to introduce you about those gift.
I hope you know they are how beautiful gift by this photo.

dress : -AZUL- GroupGift2015Jan ( White cocktail dress )
(for -Azul- menber and Platinum menber)

dress : -AZUL- GroupGift2014Dec (black bird feather skirt)
(for -Azul- menber and Platinum menber)

Pose : .::DD::. Sky Dancer Ring
 .::Digital DeZines::.

Thank you for coming here today :)