After Easter @ [Earth’s]


Nice to see you again :) 

Introducing about "After Easter @ [Earth’s]"
This event sales are 100% benefits to Relay For Life. 
Running from Apr 12 - April 23.

 [Earth’s] released new 9 items. each 1L.
specially i like blue butteyfly wristband and earring :) 

right --- 9 (BG) - Toasty (Black/Gold)
left --- 9 (BG) - Toasty (Black/silver)  

(dress will introduce next post) 

(on wall)

3. HOME Wall Hanger
4. Read The Numbers Clock (the last photo)

right --- 1 Piece of Pi Table
left --- 2. Play Me table w/ 4 different textures 
 (change for 4 texture with HUD / change size with touch)

on the pi table -- 5. Any Occasion Cake w/ Texture HUD (change texture each step with HUD) (you can see right side. middle possition one)

pillow that holding and attaching with my body --- 
  6. Comfy Condiment Decor Pillows(change texture each with HUD)
***this pose is own work. not including)

writband -- 7. Bao wristband w/ texture HUD  (you can see right side. top possition one)
earring --- 8. Cut & Comb Earrings with color change (change color with HUD)
  (you can see right side. lowest possition one)

earring...sooo adoreble!!!! Love this.

I hope you join for Relay For Life and would like those items :)

Thank you for coming here today :)