*ARGRACE* / -CroM-


Nice to see you again :) 

*ARGRACE* released New 2hair for girl. and 1 hair released for boy. 

-CroM-  has a Spring hunt now! Yay!! 
This time hunt is everything 6L and 8item.
This time also very nice item!! 
I liked last time item also but this time item is more like than last time.

hair --- *ARGRACE* URARA - Coppers (NEW)
dress ---  -CroM- Spring hunt No6 

Hair ---  *ARGRACE* HINATA - Light Browns (NEW)
tops ---     -CroM- Spring hunt No4
pants --   -CroM- Spring hunt No5
boots ----  -CroM- Spring hunt  No8

(right)     dress :  -CroM- Spring hunt  No3
(middle )  dress :  -CroM- Spring hunt  No2
(left ) dress :  -CroM- Spring hunt  No1
 ( 3 hairs  are   *ARGRACE* URARA - Coppers (NEW))

ooops! i forgot "No7" 
You will know what is "No7" when you get those hunt item what is "No7":)

Enjoy Hunting!!!

Thank you for coming here today :)