Sway's [Filis] for TLC


Nice to see you again :)

First. i am very happy that this time I can blogging about "Sway's [Filis] "
because i love Sway's funiture and other items since 2009 (i was in secondlife since 2009)

Introducing about Sway's has released new chair set for TLC (The Liaison Collaborative started in April 15th)

TLC event -- Taxi

above photo is this full set.
i will do some descriptions with below photo. 

Sway's [Filis] 

*2types (top and bottum of above photo)
 12 single animation and 7 couple animation and 6 texture change by touch 
 pillow position on chair is different. 

<Lamp>(middle of above photo)
*paper ball lamps
*Variation are 3 trio / 3 single big size lamp / 3 single small size lamp
*lamps color will matching for the chairs. You can change light on / off by touch

<the other>(middle of above photo)
*Tulip has 4 veriaion (yellow, pink, red, purple and  colorful
*Magazin and table

Sway's [Filis] is available huge complete set with all colors in this event.
each chair and lamp and other items also separate availavle.
This event later available in main store and marketplace

main store -- Taxi 
marketplace is here (hit 'newest first')

everything very cutie pastel color. 
make me turn to summer from spring feeling :)

I love this chair animation. specially couple animations are cute. 
couple would be feel LOVE LOVE :) 
and I feel season both of spring and summer by chair pastel color.

I hope you would be love this items :) 
final... Thank you so much Sway ^^ this time you give me a chance. 

Thank you for coming here today for everybody of here :)