[VM]VERO MODERO / Virtual Diva


Nice to see you again :) 

Introducing about [VM] VERO MODERO released 3type dress.
and Virtuel Diva released New hair "Ariel".

Hair -- Virtual Diva (black natual color in BLACKS package)
dress : [VM] VERO MODERO  Indian Dress

Hair --- Virtual Diva (Blonde blondy in BLONDES package)
dress : [VM] VERO MODERO  Red Dress
shoes : E-Clipse Ete' Nude ( @ On9)

I like this 2dress color. 

My graphic board crashed in last weekend.... was suddenly....  
then i changed to new graphic board.
So i tried to take photos much higher setting than before.
I think i could take photos better than before!! 

Thank you for coming here today :)