andika poses / ""D!va"" @ Shiny Shabby


Nice to see you again :) 
(this time my blog would very long...with my poor english) 

Introducing about ""D!va"" @ Shiny Shabby  and andika poses.
and this time, I want to think about "before unpack wearing pose"

""D!va"" package was very lovely and with a lovely pose.
and it is not only now. 
Her old items also same. cute package and unique pose.
It is not changed. Awasome!!    
even unpack before, we can enjoy only this package. 
I am one of fan of ""D!va"" since 2009.
(now main store is closing)

and my favorite pose shop "andika pose"
This shop poses are almost "pose and holding something" set. 
anyway cute and lovely and pretty. (I think this pose style is "Now a day")
Lucky Board working on One-minute intervals. so you could get easy :)
If you never went to this shop, even not was going to do shopping
you would enjoy this shop pose with DEMO.

She sent to group member a gropugift and small letter.
in letter she said andika pose will participate something event. ( i dont know what event)
that is for her, first experience she said in her letter :)
that how much she is exiting now,how much she has high tension now......
It was very....very adoreble letter. 
I love andika pose creator even more. not only a creator .. with a person.

(above pic credit)
Hair : ""D!va"" Hair "Tessa" @ Shiny Shabby
Pose : andika pose [vip groupGift [arigatou]] 

Tops : BllackCropTop in [VM]  VERO MODERO LongStorySkirtSets 
skirt : !APHORISM! Green Leather Skirt (Gacha) @ Shiny Shabby

(above pic credit)
Hair : ""D!va"" Hair "Tessa" @ Shiny Shabby
Pose : andika pose [vip groupGift [arigatou]] before unpack wearing pose 

dress : Ever An' Angel Attendees Gift - Silk Slip Dress - Fuschia   
            .PENUMBRA. S/S 2015 Fashion Week Gift

(above pic credit)
Hair : ""D!va"" Hair "Mia" @ Shiny Shabby
Pose : ""D!va"" Hair "Mia" before Unpack wearing pose.
top :  Hibisc top by Sonatta Morales *8* 
              .PENUMBRA. S/S 2015 Fashion Week Gift 

Skirt : Mag<3.B gift 

Thank you so much for reading till last. :)) 
if my english was wrong, please correct me.... i know i need to learn english more...

again thank you. 
for coming her today :)