How You Like My Whimsy? Hunt (2)


Nice to see you again :) 

Introducing about "How You Like My Whimsy? Hunt". 
This time is second because I want to introduce you as much as possible many items i can.

This time introduce items also you can grab only 1L.  (unless Virtual Diva hair)
Find "W" object.
(I will blog about Virtual Diva items soon)

dress : .::Fascino::. Whimsey Fae Dress & Wings
 (include wings)
 store name : New Fascino Shop

I am surrounded by i like things. with very casual outfit :)
I like this feel so relaxing. 

on planter shelf flower : "Spring flowers Garden box - menu with 8 Flowers"
 store name : Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
 (You can change 8 texture by touch)

table and flower set : ~H&H~ Whimsical Tentacle Table & Flowers
  store name : Hearth & Home ~ Gypsy Wares ~ Urban Gypsy Clothiers
 (You can see detail flower pic, front in this picture)

tulip and Pinwheel window : Cake Fox Garden Repurposed Window Tulip and Pinwheel Box
  store name : Cake Fox
 (cute ><)

on the corner shelf : -CC- Whimsical Shelf
 store name : Carnal Cabal
(You can see detail pic front in this picture,right one)

female outfit : MCC - whimsy dress dress 
 store name : MadCatCreations Boutique (include for men and for woman both)

Hair : Virtual Diva Eva  Hair Mesh 
dress : Coull Creations Whinsy Dress 
 store name :  Coull Creations 

shoes : Pink ankle boots with stacked heels
  store name : Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

Face Frame Peircings : Blue face frame piercing decor with three different styles included
 store name :  .::[HTxDZ]::.   (lipstick and eyebrow are not include)

I hope i could show you those items attractive. 
Specially i hope last photo.
because i have not make up like this ever.

Have enjoy hunting!!

Thank you for coming here today :)