Nice to see you again :) 

Lucy is offering psychiatric advice from her office. 
Only 5 cents a visit. I'll bet it's good advice too. 
This is a stand alone cutout with no background. 
A delightful addition to any party or event.

as you know, "Lucy PSYCHIATRIC HELP. The Doctor is IN" comes out of "Snoopy & Charlie Brown".
WHIMSICAL HAPPENINGS already did setup this pack in her shop.
then....this is freeeee! only you touch the board, you can grab this item.

this set has....

  •  (Sitter) - The Doctor Is In (2pose female / male)
  •  (HG) - The Doctor Is In (2pose)
  •  (Pencil) - Taking Notes - The Doctor Is In
  •  (Pad) - Taking Notes - The Doctor Is In

The desk and chair able to adjust.
Right click the desk or chair -->You can see yellow icon(bar) -->you sit on yellow
  --->you see activation message "Yes" click  
  --->you can adjust position in edit mode. 
  --->when you change the pose, touch that yellow.
when you stand, yellow will disappear

I has knew about "Snoopy and Charlie Brown" animation.

but i did not know about "PSYCHIATRIC HELP" is what related in with Snoopy.
then i asked to my partner.  He knew and explained me.
when i  looked in google search photo. i was happy a little bit.
because i could know more one things about Snoopy.

This time, it make me love even more about "Snoopy and Charlie Brown"

I saw similar items in marketplace. but every items not free.
If you want to psychiatric advice, i will suggest you to grab this item!!! 

Thank you for coming here today :)