Sway's[Peony]GardenShed&GardeningTable @ THE HOME SHOW 2015


Nice to see you again :)

Introducing about "Sway's [Peony] Garden Shed & Gardening Table"  
This time, Sway's was released very very lovely shed and table
and a lots deco of garden items on The Home show 2015

I tried to decorate those items in my way >.<
I hope i could tell you over all figure of this items.

so i will introduce you a little bit more detail with below photo.....

First.this is  garden shed set.  There is  "link"  and "unlinked" variaton.
Link version is much easy placement when you put on the land.
if you want to change the position, you can change in edit mode.

including items are all individually.
linking version and unlinking version and individually all items in this pack.
so you can chose which is good for you.
sample --- you can add to individually items what you want with linking shed item. 

you can do close or open by door touch.
Rubber boots you can change color blue or pink by touch.
Empty flower pot has 3 variaton figure.
 (woops >< Emply flower pot not in list above photo)

Garden shed with working door is 2LI.
Linked garden shed is 11LI. Individually items are 1LI. 

Next.Gardening table set. 
This set also has 2 variation. but different with shed set.
There is "partical link" and "unlinked"
partical link version that Flowerpot with tulipA / B and watering can are not linking.
The other items are linked.

You can change the color Flower pot with tulips A and B by touch.
 (red / yellow / pink / blue)
You can change the color Watering can by touch. (green / pink / blue)

Garden table are 2LI. Individually items are 1LI. 
partcical linked gardening table set 11LI. (it is not include that not linked items) 
Every items are Copy and modify available.
but Please dont forgoet, Resizing able to increase land impact of them.

I think i can introduce you of this items.
If you have question, You can see those item at  The Home show 2015

am sure that you would like Sway's [Peony] Garden Shed & Gardening Table on your garden :)
Because I love those! and when i decorate them i could enjoy very much!

Thank you for coming here today :)