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Nice to see you again :) 

Introducing about {AnaMarkova}Designs's Stephani dress and accessory by  French Vintage Couture.

(above 2 pic credit)
dress : {AnaMarkova} Stephani Bouquet
Necklace and earring : French Vintage Couture - Savana Set - Galaxy
LipStick :French Vintage Couture Light Lipsticks - Pack Green & Blue - Ice 1
ElyLiner : French Vintage Couture -  Eyeliner Metallic Color - Gray

hair : [e] Fight - Rich Browns
body : #The mesh Project

Location : -The bay-  (to go inside, you need join group)


dress : {AnaMarkova}Stephani Blue Lagoon
Necklace and earring : French Vintage Couture - Savana Set - Silver & Gold
LipStick : French Vintage Couture - Sensuality Lipstick - 4
hair : *ARGRACE* Lily - Light Browns
body : #The mesh Project

Savana set would be nice accessory with any outfit. Gown or Casual or anything!!
Savana set  -- 5type (Galaxy / Silver & Gold / Silver / Gold / Coral )
Stephani dresses are every color  soo beautiful. 
Specially I love "Blue Lagoon" type. becasue I love Blue sooo much you know :)
about this dress more detail in  {AnaMarkova}'s Flicker.

I hope you will chose Stephani one of your summer dress!!
and   French Vintage Couture's accessory would be elegant on your around neck.

Thank you for coming here today.

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