Alchemist Balloon Gacha @ WayWard Carnival


Nice to see you again :)

WARWARD CARNIVAL started from july 15th to july 30th.
I have not went to there,but i can image a lot of people there....>.<
but would be very interesting for me thought :)

WayWard Carnival Slurl

Alchemist is participating WayWard carnival as sponsor.
this time i want to introduce you about Alchemist's Gacha items.

WayWard Carnivalが始まりました!!
去年はWayWardHuntが行われ、今年のAvichoiceAwardのHunt Organizer?の部門で賞を取ったようです。
個人的にはPIXEL MODEのプールが。。。><

Alchemist baloon gacha items and Sway's Canopy Sofa in above pic.
In this post, i will introduce you only Alchemist's balloon Gacha items. 
I will post about Sway's more detail in a few day :)

Alchemist Gacha is Balloon. 3 rare / 18 common 

*A*CBG BalloonOne Blue(Wear)&(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG BalloonOne LightBlue(Wear)&(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG BalloonOne LightYellow(Wear)&(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG BalloonOne Pink(Wear)&(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG BalloonOne Red(Wear)&(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG BalloonOne Yellow(Wear)&(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG BalloonThree (Wear)&(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG BalloonThree Monotone(Wear)&(Rez)Copy
*A*CBG BalloonThree Pastel(Wear)&(Rez)Li1Copy

Each different balloon color and different color type / different balloon number.
when you wear, 5 single animation working each.  --> below pic
except left pose, each animation has floating.

*A*CBG SurpriseBalloon Black(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG SurpriseBalloon Blue(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG SurpriseBalloon Gray(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG SurpriseBalloon LightBlue(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG SurpriseBalloon LightYellow(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG SurpriseBalloon Pink(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG SurpriseBalloon Red(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG SurpriseBalloon White(Rez)Li1Copy
*A*CBG SurpriseBalloon Yellow(Rez)Li1Copy

above list items are balloon decor. 3 non floating balloon. 

*A*CBG BalloonChair (Rez)Li4RARECopy
*A*CBG BalloonChair Monotone(Rez)RARELi4Copy
*A*CBG BalloonChair Pastel(Rez)Li4RARECopy

Rare 4 Li / 14 single animation  / 3 color type / option floating on or off  
("*A*CBG BalloonChair Pastel(Rez)Li4RARECopy" in first pic)

Each pastel balloon is very pretty! of cource the other type color also nice.but i like pastel most :)
Rez type balloon is so nice for decor to garden or inside house also :)

I hope you would love balloon Gacha and you would love Rare balloonChair :D 

Thank you for coming here today :)