Exclusive Limited @ Sway's in Mix


Nice to see you again :) 

Mix has began from july 1th to 31th.
Mix is a based HUD monthly event featuaring up to 100 of your favorite shop!!
There is no venue so you dont feel lag when you shopping! awesome!
Each month, designer put on their main shop an items for Mix.
every items are NEW or Exclusive or Sale. You can get a lot of special items in this event.


  • Mixイベント用のアイテムがSale価格になってるお店
  • Mixイベントに合わせて新作を出したお店
  • Mixイベント用に特別アイテムを出してるお店

HUDのゲットの仕方は↓のHow toをご覧ください。

<How to get HUD>
1 . Join in world Group
2. buy for free on Marketplace.

Official website --> Mix 

Sway's also participating in Mix. Sway's exhibit item's category is "Exclusive"
Very adoreble cushion set!! Available only for Mix July 2015.

Chair : Sway's [Filis] Chair A . B&W / Sway's [Filis] Chair B . B&W (Exclusive)
Lamp: Sway's [Filis] Chair A . B&W (Exclusive)
table : Sway's [Filis] Table . B&W white / Sway's [Filis] Table . B&W black (Exclusive)
Tulip : Sway's [Filis] tulip . B&W red / pink / purple / yellow (Exclusive)
Book : Sway's [Filis] Magazine . B&W (Exclusive)
water can : Sway's [Peony] Watering can 
Decor : Sway's [Anchor] floor cushion . red/blue 
Decor : Sway's [Anchor] decor cushion . red/blue 
MugCup : Sway's Coffee Mug LoveLetter - rez (Sway's Gift)

(More infomation of Exclusive items)
Chair -- 12 single animation / 7 couple animation / 2 texture changeable (Black and white)
Lamp -- 3variaton single big / single small / trio

*Available separately and as set. 

Those are different color which i blogged first time for Sway's. 
for me, this chair set is very important item.

I really hope you would like this chair set. 
Anyway look in Main store!!! 
am sure you would love it :)

Thank you for coming here today :)