.:FlowerDreams: New Gown on Friday


Nice to see you again :) 

When i was participating as blogger of last round of SNEAK PEKA, I met with .:FlowerDreams: Creator.
I was going to be last post with her gown at last round.
That gown was very elegant and so silky. (----> Previous post )
I told to her thank you and i added to Flicker group....It was Began my .:FlowerDreams: life. 

Her gown is elegant. but before that, would be feel that sexy.
but she is innocent.....very pure. She loves to design new gown and this is her focus in her SL.
I love her every i talk with her even more.Every i know about her. 
In group about 800 people joining.even to join the group, need fee 200L.
I am sure of course they like her gown and they like what she does for them.

I was be blogger of .:FlowerDreams: I love her creation and herself. 
I hope dearly that by my blog. if increasing her fans. it would be my honors.

Introducing about her new gown of this week. 
I was suprised she has released every week. i have not know why she saying busy busy busy... i understod at that time.

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Zerrin - pale green
pose : pose : [[J'adore]]Alexandrae-005 

availavle 5 color 

.:FlowerDreams:のオーナーと前回のラウンドのSNEAK PEEKで出会いました。

i will introduce you her gown as much as possible i can.
We made a Flicker group. Let's share ourself in her gown!!
Flicker pool group

I hope that it would fills up alot of picture with her gown in this group.

Thank you for coming her today :)