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Introducing about Gown category dress in APPLY ME.
when go to ballroom or else formal things, they are very important essence for woman.
in second life, specially when they go to ballroom,The gown makes them like blooming flower.
I think almost woman never get bore to chose gown and never get tire to wear it.

Now a day, mesh body became a common items.
Apparel creator would be so hard work to chase them than some times back.
because the mesh body is not one kind and each body different way that how to make the applier of each body.
Gown also is not excepting. (it can say same things with Cocktail Dress)
I appreciate for those creator,because I love mesh body and I love applier cloth and gown.
This time i want to introduce you 3 brand's gown in APPLY ME.



Gown : Belles Parisiennes- Dress Fiona- Exclu for Apply me
 -->Compatible with The mesh project / Slink / belleza / Maitraya / Omega / Eva / Standard avater

Pose : andika pose andika [vip group gift jun]  -- [love song L]

Skirt parts was made like feather. then white, so beautiful. like wedding gown.
Exclusive item in APPLY ME event by ...:::: Belles Parisiennes ::::.., . 

Gown : Gown : Sweet E's Teal  Dress with Appliers @ APPLY ME
 (Compatible with The mesh project / EVE / Omega / Maitreya / standard avater)

Gown : Sweet E's purple  Dress with Appliers @ APPLY ME
 (Compatible with The mesh project / EVE / Omega / Maitreya / standard avater)

Available 5 color 
Each color very beautiful. i can't chose what color most i like. 
you can chose in your mood when you purchase :) 
I love to chose gown color and never ending!!

Gown : ~*CC*~ Temptation (Red)  @ APPLY ME
 (compatible body --> Slink / Belleza / Maitreya / The mesh project) 
Necklace : French Vintage Couture - Fama Necklace - Silver

so beautiful and very elegant mermaid gown!!  

if you never try applier gown, you should try. they won't disappoint you.

each main store Slurl
 ...:::: Belles Parisiennes ::::..
Sweet E's Designs
Cherished Creations,

You can't miss this items! because including Exclusive items. 
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