Mid Shoes @ APPLY ME


Nice to see you again :)

APPLY ME event until 20th. will be end soon...
if you didn't check yet, HURRY! 
I hope you could find what you need something in this event.


This time i want to introduce you items that shoes!
when i saw this shoes in Flicker, I decided i will blog for this shoes at least.
because only one shop participating in this event.
Wish from next round would be more many shop will come!!

Shoes : Lindy Delinda  available 12 color.

This shoes is for "Mid". for Slink. Maitraya,The mesh project.. each body.
for mid shoes is kind of rare.because almost shoes are high or Ouch.

Design so modern and retro and elegant!  I think it is able to use any occcation.  
price...Reasonable price :)  

You can't miss it.... No... DON'T MISS IT!!

I hope dearly this event would be success first round. and will come next round also!

Thank you for coming here today :)