Sway's Campfire set @ Uber


Nice to see you again :)

Uber new round has started from June 24th to July 23rd.

Uber Slurl 

with the theme is "Rustic". 
Sway's exhibit items is "[Walden] Campfire Set"  
I can imagine..Sit with friend of your partner on wood log , enjoy talking and eating sausage or yummy marshmallows!
and fall in sleep..... when you wake up. you would feel bright sun shine on your whole body :)
They are very wonderful and beautiful "Rustic" scene!!

(”田舎風な””飾りのない”みたいな意味でとらえていいのかな。他の出品してる家具屋さんもそういう感じに見えました 私にはw)

(Detail info of Uber items)  -----------------------
  .....not include bird in above pic....

CampFire :  Stone Frame with fire crackling sound

 2 variation / with pillow and without pillow
 14 single / friend animation, 10 couple animation (so cute!!!)
 4 texture changeable for pillows by touch

 2 variation / with pillow and without pillow
 16 single animation  
 4 texture changeable for pillow by touch.

Coffee pot and Mug 
 4 color / each (red / green / yellow / blue)

WoodStick Sausage and marshmallow
 (Decor type and prop(when animation working you will recieve items))

(the other Decor items) -------------------------------------
 sign : Sway's [Love] sign . big no nail
 Flower : Sway's [Filis] Tulips . B&W pink  and yellow and red @ Mix 

i am feeling much more that "Loving Decorate". since i started Sway's items blogging. 
every time, i am enjoying to blog of her items, same time proud blog for Sway's.
Thank you so much!! 

I hope you will enjoy with this CampFire set as i love!!
Happy Camping!! and Happy Shopping :)

Thank you for coming here today.