Athletic bar by Sway's @ Uber August round

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Dear Readers. Happy to see you again!!

Sway's back to Uber!!! I am so happy that participating with Uber August round. 
They running  from August 25th - September 23rd. This round theme is "Athletic
then, participating shop's items are relative with something Sports. 
Sway's items are relative with basketball. but they are feel like so adult :) 

Uber Slurl


wall table : Sway's [Basketball] Wall table @ Uber August round 
Stool : Sway's [Basketball] Bar stool @ Uber August round (--> 10 single animation) 
Beer : Sway's [Brewery] Beer Bottle . light open @ Uber August round 
Beer : Sway's [Brewery] Beer Bottle . lager open @ Uber August round 
Beer : Sway's [Brewery] Beer Bottle . light closed  @ Uber August round 
Beer : Sway's [Brewery] Beer Bottle . lager closed  @ Uber August round 

wall light  : tarte. ceiling string lights
Glass flower : **JPK-F Ice Glass Set

Thanks for reading.
Happy Shopping at Uber!! 

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  1. Don't look so sad.
    Lovely picture. Thank you :)

    1. She is in adult mood <3 Thank you Sway!!! hugggs**


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