Love AZUL Color


Glad to see you again :) Thank you for taking my blog at this moment!!

AZUL released Nayomi Gown. as always So Elegant and beautiful and never get bored.
also beautiful that change the color a part of skirt (flexi).  
as always AZUL waiting for you "Marketplace limited color" and "Limited 100Pieces color" at main store.
Marketplace Limited color is
"-AZUL- Nayomi (MSL/MissBrazil) /Ruby (Limited_MP)"
Limited 100 pieces color is 
"-AZUL- Nayomi (MSL/MissBrazil) /Sapphire (Limited_100)"

AZUL main store Slurl

AZUL MarketPlace

Gown : -AZUL- Nayomi (MSL/MissBrazil) /Sugilite 
Hair : *ARGRACE* URARA - Coppers

Gown : -AZUL- Nayomi (MSL/MissBrazil) /Sapphire (Limited_100)
Hair : *ARGRACE* URARA - Coppers

am sure you would love them as like i do!

Have Happy shopping :)