Raft or boat? The Mix and TSR!


Glad to see you again :) 

Where I live is SUPER HOT! I should be dry up soon...

The Mix Event Started from August first! 
I feel that participating shop is increasing more than last time.even i am not officer of this event, i am very happy!! 
So! My precious Sway's participating in this event of course. 
Sway's category is "Sale". This time i want to introduce you one of participated items.
They are so lovely in the sea and in forest, if i chose more simple word, They are nice for summer! 
This time i want to post with +Espoir+ in The secret room.

Sway's Slurl
The Secret room Slurl

The Mixイベントが1日から始まってますっ!HUDを使ってのあの例のイベントです。
Sway'sからは2つ、家具を出品しています。今回はThe secret roomの+Espoir+のボートと一緒に紹介します。

How to get Hud  
 --> Join group secondlife:///app/group/f556032c-2a9b-edf6-4f90-798bdd187b84/about
MP --> https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mix-August-2015-Official-Event-HUD/7499835

Raft : Sway's [Tom] Raft with candles @ 50% off for Mix August 

(Detail info about  Sway's [Tom])
*Raft with candle and simple raft included
*both type has static and rotating version.
*16 animation for up to two. 
*pillows with 5 texture options
*jar with candle 3 colors included

boat : +Espoir+Pastel boat:Blue / +Espoir+Pastel boat SP @ The Secret Room

*available 3 color 
*only Type of "SP" able to sit up to two  (second sit person have to sit on candle)  3 couple pose 
*pink / blue type 9 single animation / one person able to sit 

Which you would chose raft or boat at summer sea? 

Thank you for coming here today :)


  1. Lovely post and pics, Thank you very much :)

    1. oohh! Sway Thank you for coming to my blog!! am happy :)