Its a small world


Hello Readers. Glad to see you again :) 

Introducing sooo lovely Sway's items for "The Fantasy Gacha Carnival"
(August 12th - September 12th)

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Slurl Silva/190/116/52 

Jar worldは一つ一つが中で何かが動いています。気球が浮いてたり、、、魚が泳いでたり。。

Sway's ready 2 variation. above picture has both. 
as always, I will introduce you more detail info of each.

Swim suit : alaskametro<3 "Janelle" swimsuit - Chocolate @ anyBODY round 9 
 --> compatible with The mesh project / Slink / Omega system 
 --> available 6 color  / each 25L

Decor : Sway's [Jar World] Decoration @ FGC

Sway's [Jar World] Snowman
Sway's [Jar World] Beach
Sway's [Jar World] Camping
Sway's [Jar World] Desert
Sway's [Jar World] Moon RARE
Sway's [Jar World] Ocean
Sway's [Jar World] Sky RARE

So Lovely!!! the each jar has small world. one jar is winter, one jar is in space.. 
cant show you only picture... script working in each jar, like flying bird, falling snow,hovering balloon, etc....
all i can say for this jar, stunning Adorrrrreble!!!

2 rare / 5 common / 2-3 LI

Sway's [Dreamlike] cushion @ FGC

Sway's [Draemlike] crown cushion . teal/stars (wear or rez)
Sway's [Draemlike] crown cushion . green/blue (wear or rez)
Sway's [Draemlike] crown cushion . blue/doodle (wear or rez)
Sway's [Draemlike] crown cushion . mint/pink (wear or rez)
Sway's [Draemlike] crown cushion . pink/heart (wear or rez)
Sway's [Draemlike] crown cushion . red/blue (wear or rez)
Sway's [Draemlike] crown cushion . red/hearts (wear or rez)
Sway's [Draemlike] crown cushion . yellow/orange (wear or rez)
Sway's [Draemlike] floor cushion for 2 . rainbow RARE

*1 rare / 8 common  
*crown cushion wearable
*rainbow floor cushion for 2 person 12 single or friend animation / 5 couple animation (5LI) 

(the other info)
Swimsuit : alaskametro<3 "Janelle" swimsuit - Cranberry anyBODY round 9 
pose : andika pose [andika Bumbina posepack] LuckyBoard

I should put on my head this crown :)  I am a king? :)

Have Happy Gacha!!