Dear Readers!!  YeY! How is your day? I am happy!!! Thank you! 

This is my First post for * CHEZ MOI FURNITURES *. 
i have looked for their furniture by any social media. 
At first,  Their furniture would be fun for COUPLE! because their vender pops are every thing, COUPLE! (if not at least "almost") 
anyway, i also able to enjoy with my partner, that is very important for me for blogging.
because same time, i could love them. 

... maybe i have fetish for home and decor or like that something. lol 
Thank you very much nanda Marjeta!! for choose me to be part of your team! 

* CHEZ MOI FURNITURES * main store Slurl

Navy Bar set by  * CHEZ MOI FURNITURES * 

Table : Barril Table with Planks Multiscenes CHEZ MOI (3Li)
Chair : Half-Barrel Seat Ocean CHEZ MOI (2Li)
Chair : Half-Barrel Seat Aqua CHEZ MOI
Chair : Half-Barrel Seat Red CHEZ MOI
Chair : Half-Barrel Seat Yellow CHEZ MOI
Decor : Navy Decor CHEZ MOI (6Li)
Lamp : Pier Lamp CHEZ MOI  (2Li)
Dock : Old Wooden Navy Dock CHEZ MOI  (17Li)

Beer : Sway's [Brewery] Beer Bottle . light closed @ Sway's main store 
Beer : Sway's [Brewery] Beer Bottle . lager open @ Sway's main store 

<<a little bit more infomation....>>
Table  -- Rezzable 4 pattern scene by touch on the table.
Chair -- Single animation F and M each 12 animation / Activity animation F and M each 6 animation / 10 Couple animation 
Dock : 9 single animation / play with water 5 animation / 10 couple animaton 

Summer came again!!

Thanks for reading. 
I wish you have happy end of suumer :)