a nip of autumn


Hi dear!  I hope your weekend is fine :) 

Autumn is the best season for food or sports or reading book. specially fruit! 
non stop my appetite. Autumn is the most cozy season for me :)
I will introduce you Pier set by * CHEZ MOI FURNITURES *
They are in everyseason and  at everywhere good match Outdoor set! 

and the table and Stool that Sooo lovely cat sleeping on the table is by **JPK Village!! 

* CHEZ MOI FURNITURES * main store Slurl
**JPK Village main store Slurl

Pier : Douillet Pier CHEZ MOI  (5Li) 
Couch (inside) : Douillet Couch 2 Seats (PG) CHEZ MOI (8Li)
Couch (front) : Douillet Couch (PG) CHEZ MOI (7Li)
Plant : Douillet Potted Plant CHEZ MOI  (4Li)
Empty flower pot : Flower Pot CHEZ MOI (3Li)
Blanket : Douillet Blankets CHEZ MOI (3Li)
Fire Brazier : Douillet Fire Brazier CHEZ MOI (4Li)
Blanket on Pier : Douillet Banklet Multi Poses (PG) CHEZ MOI  (2Li)
Pier stair : Douillet Pier CHEZ MOI (2Li)

Table with cat : **JPK Viintage Side Table 
Chair : **JPK Side Table Stool

Couch (inside) 
 Single F / M 18 animation, Activity 6 animation , Alone F / M 10 animation, Couple 24 animation ...... 
Couch (front)
  F / M sit single 20 animation, activity 8 animation / 28 cuddle animation 
Blanket on Pier
  F / M each 8 single animation  

......would be much more sweet autumn?
I hope you would love them :) 

Thanks for reading.