Chocolat @ Solaris AW15 Fashion week

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Hi! Glad to see you again! dear. 

Solaris Autumn Winter 2015 Fashion week will close on 18th October. 
Hope you already met with beautiful fashion item ON YOU :) 
Introducing about  Chocolat 's lovely Gown and cute dress!

Chocolat retail area Slurl  (NE Wing)

Dress : *Chocolat** A-Line Dress-L-Dark-Orange @ Solaris AW15 Fashion week 
pose : Di's Opera - Feminine Line 2 - 1 
Hair : TRUTH HAIR Ryleigh -  browns 
Boots : [LIV-Glam] Winter 2012-[Stella]-Envy Boots 

Dress : *CL** Nadeshico Wrap Dress @ Solaris AW15 Fashion week 
pose : Di's Opera - Feminine Line 2 - 7

Gown : *CL** Meria Gown-Dark Red @ Solaris AW15 Fashion week 

Gown : *CL** Poppy Gown Lightcoral @ Solaris AW15 Fashion week 
  -->including Head, Bust, Hip accessory 
pose : Di's Opera - Editorial 1
Hair : Magika [01] Calm

Dress : *CL** A line Dress-SOLARIS Limited- Lightslategray  @ Solaris AW15 Fashion week 
pose : Zomy - walk away #3
Mouton Boots : [SOUP]  GoGo*  +brown+ (closed)

Chocolat main store Slurl

I hope you would chose one of your favorite dress Chocolat's lovely Dress. 
Because i do! 

Thanks for reading. 
Happy Shopping! 

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