am ready for to scare


Good evening! to me. 

Do you like Halloween??? Ready to scare friends....?
maybe you need some Ghost and tombstone and black cat...? I love black cat. 
or you will be Witches? 

Introducing about "Salem Witches Square" by CHEZ MOI
including cute ghost :D 
if you need Tree Stump, You can find at The secret room Halloween!!

CHEZ MOI FURNITURES main store slurl
The secret Room Halloween Slurl

>>Decor Credit<<
paling : Salem Witches Square CHEZ MOI
Ghost : Floating Ghost I CHEZ MOI / Floating Ghost II CHEZ MOI (standing)
bench : Spooky Square Bench CHEZ MOI 
Tree stump : +Espoir+Tree Stump RARE (Gacha) @ The secret room Halloween 

>>Outfit credit<<
Outfit : *MSS* Izzie Outfit pumpkin @ FAD Fashion 

....little bit more infomation...
paling -- 5 Single animiaton . swap / THRILLER dance (able to Sync)
bench -- 12 F and M single animation  / 8 Alone F and M animation / 5 activity animation / 24 couple animation 
Ghost  --  able to copy ( you can make as much you like)
Tree stump --- 11 single sit animation