*.amato.* Pose / [VM]VEROMODERO New!!


Good evening! to me. 

Morning time and night time feel chilly even more and more. 
but afternoon time is still HOT! of course not like summer... 

Introducing [VM] VERO MODERO Alin Skirt Set Boho.
Looks so good if it is in rl begging autumn season like now. 
Cardigan tops and Skirt is NOT separate.
available 5 design. 

and poses by *.amato.* at The Secret Room Halloween!

 [VM] VERO MODERO main store Slurl
The Secret Room Halloween Slurl

Outfit : [VM] VERO MODERO / Alin Skirt Set Boho Floral
Pose : 6US_tSR509_*.amato.* @ The Secret Room Halloween

Outfit : [VM] VERO MODERO / Alin Skirt Set Boho Patches
pose : 1GM_tSR509_*.amato.* The Secret Room Halloween

It makes my leg looking good by long skirt!! looks long! 
and flower design very cute :) 

Thanks for reading. 
Wishes your Sweet Weekend <3