Angel chatting place by Sway's


Dear Readers :) 

Right now, Sway's is participating with 2 event. 
Fantasy Gacha Carnival (November 6th - December 6th) 
The Liaison Collaborative (November 7th - December 4th)

I really hope you would love Sway's item.  if you like decorate inside the home, you will love them! 
if you like taking a picture, you will love them! Because they are so adorable angel chair and hanging light. 
Angel chair and beautiful hanging light available at Fantacy Gacha carnival. 
and Fireplace for The Liaison Collaborative. definitely you will need later on. 

Sway's は今2つのイベントに参加しています。
Fantasy Gacha Carnival  / The Liaison Collaborative の2つです。
Fantasy Gacha Carnivalには天使のイスと、ライト。The Liaison Collavorativeにはこれからの時期必要となる暖炉。

Fireplace : Sway's [Darret] Stone Fireplace @ The Liaison Collaborative
stone of above fireplace : Sway's [Darret] Stone Fireplace / extension  @The Liaison Collaborative
wood frame : Sway's [Darret] Wood frame & Sillhouette @The Liaison Collaborative
Fire poker : Sway's [Darret] Fire Poker @The Liaison Collaborative
hanging light 
 Sway's [Victoria] hanging Lamp . silver / night (c) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival 
 Sway's [Victoria] hanging Lamp . silver / silk (c) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
 Sway's [Victoria] hanging Lamp . gold / ocean (c) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Angel chair 
 Sway's [Wings] Chair . white / silver RARE (c) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
 Sway's [Wings] Chair . white / love (c) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
 Sway's [Wings] Chair . white / gold RARE (c) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
 Sway's [Wings] Chair . white / ocean (c) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Sway's [Victoria] hanging Lamp : 16 common - no rares  / 25L per / 2Li 
 --light on / off by touch 
Sway's [Wings] Chair : 16 common - 4 rare / 50L per / 2 Li 
 --common chair 6 single animation / rare chair 10 single animation 

Dress : -AZUL- Anais /Sapphire (Limited_Reopen)

Happy shopping  and have a beautiful day!