Emilia bench by Sway's @ WayWard Market


Hi dear! Good morning (for me) / evening! 

Have you visited at WaryWard Market? 
The sim is very beautiful winter decorating right now.   
Market has started November 12th - December 12th.
Next Round of New Stores is December 12th!

Sway has released "[Emilia] Bench" for Wayward Market.  
as always so lovely couple animation<3 

Wayward Market Slurl

Furniture and Decor credit (everything by Sway's) 

bench : Sway's [Emilia] Bench
 Sway's [Greta] potted topiary . tall/light  @ main store
 Sway's [Greta] potted topiary . small/flower/bow @ main store
Jar Candle (on the bench)
 Sway's [Tom] Jar with Candle . red/blue @ main store
 Sway's [Tom] Jar with Candle . yellow/red @ main store

Sway's main store 

Happy shopping at WayWard Market!! 
Thanks for reading :) Hope to see you soon!