Red Dream


Good morning / afternoon / evening!! 

Introducing about *** VIPs Creations ***. 
bee Tizzy released so sexy red dress "Red Dream". every thing Red! and sexy. and back style is so cute ribbon. 
before i wore it, i didn't think of such a beautiful and sexy dress. Specially if you like RED, you would love this dress! 
There is many LB (1 min round) and Group Gifts and some free gift at the shop. and Group join fee is only 5L!  
I don't want you miss it! 

*** VIPs Creations *** 知ってる方は知ってるかもしれませんが、基本的にアウトフィットフルセット。

*** VIPs Creations *** Skins & Clothes Store main store slurl
Market place

Outfit : Female Outfit - Red Dream 
including earring / ring / lipstick / Heal for Slink high / Bracelet / clutch

Happy Shopping! 
Thanks for reading. Hope to see you soon.