Sage&LaBoheme @ RFL Christmas Expo

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Dear Readers. 

RFL Xmas Expo is running. until 14th December.
(You can get all infomation on it. map&LM or Hunt or etc.....)

Introducing about Sage and  LaBoheme.

Sage shop location

Sweater : Sage Christmas 2015 RFL Sweater  (100% of proceed goes to RFL)
(There is for male and for female sweater, you can take a picture as a couple Christmas)
NAUGHTY or NICE design change by HUD

Sweater : Sage Noel Dress Set Navy/White (50% of proceed goes to RFL)
Nail : LaBoheme [LB First Frost Gold] / [LB First Frost Silver] (100% of proceed goes to RFL)
 (including applier for Slink / Omega System / Maitreya,color change for 10 color. gold and silver each)

picture 3 :  Sage Noel Dress Set Red/White (50% of proceed goes to RFL)
picture 4 : Sage Noel Dress Set Black/White  (50% of proceed goes to RFL)
picture 5 : Sage Noel Dress Set Blue/Ivory  (50% of proceed goes to RFL)

There is many wonderful other shop and items.
I hope you will find your favorite item on RFL Expo.

Thanks for reading. 
Happing shopping! 

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