Haute Velvet gown by Final Couture

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Dear reader. Good evening (for me) / morning!
Thanks for coming to my blog at this moment :) 

As i wrote last time, Designer Showcase running duration has changed from January round. 
Event duration from 5th to end. 

Introducing about "!Finale Couture AFTER DARK Haute Velvet Gown". 
available 6 color. 
specially white gown looks like wedding dress :) 

Designer Showcaseのイベント期間が今回のラウンドから変わりました。5日スタートで月の末日までです。

Final CoutureがDesigner Showcaseにリリースしたガウンの紹介です。

Designer Showcase Slurl

picture 1 
 Gown :  !Finale Couture AFTER DARK Haute Velvet Gown - Blue @ Designer Showcase January
 pose : XXY Sparkle2 XXY main store 

picture 2 : !Finale Couture AFTER DARK Haute Velvet Gown - White  Designer Showcase January
 pose : [[J'adore]] 

Hair : Exile:: Another Day Gone 5 Color Naturals pack

I like the other color also... red and plum and black and Teal. everything beautiful looking. 
Check it out them <3 

Thanks for reading. 

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