-IrodorI- New Gacha!!


Dear Reader. Good evening!! / morning! / afternoon!.

I have to drive in morning time in RL.
I was lucky that nothing happened when i was driving on the icy road!!
Because i dont get used to drive on icy road. but it was ok!! Good!

-IrodorI- released Japanese bag Gacha!! very pretty.
Each gacha's RARE item is Kimono! even common item, they are very cute Japanese bag.
If you have interesting in that, better you try this Gacha. you would like this.

-IrodorI- Ribbon bag gacha --- 6 common / 1 RARE , per play 50L
-IrodorI- Gamaguchi bag gacha -- 8 common / 1 RARE per play 50L
-IrodorI- Kimono bag gacha --  8 common / 1 RARE per play 50L

-IrodorI- Gacha corner Slrul
-IrodorI- main store

 Kimono  : -IrodorI- Gamaguchi bag gacha RARE
 Bag : -IrodorI- Gamaguchi bag(pink)
 Kimono : -IrodorI- Kimono bag gacha RARE
 bag : -IrodorI- Ribbon bag(orange)
 Kimono : -IrodorI- Ribbon bag gacha - RARE
 bag : -IrodorI- Kimono bag(beige)

pose : [[J'adore]]

Don't miss it <3
Hope you love them! but be careful too much pay for Gacha :D
thanks for reading.
see you soon!