LUXE Paris Winter collection 2016


Dear reader. Good morning / evening!!

Winter is cold... lol  of course i know. I just wanted to say...
when summer time, I miss winter time.
and when winter time, specially cold day(like today), I miss warm time. don't you?

LUXE Paris released 2016 collection.
I introduced you that  "winter" clothes on past post.  
This time i want to show you that "spring and summer" clothes by LUXE Paris.

LUXE Paris main store Slurl

picture 1
 outfit : Luxe Paris Depeche Mode Dress
 Hair : Mirna Hair  BrownsGroupGift  @ Vitrual Diva Group Gift
 pose : Kirin - Rini Pose 2 Kirin-pose main store
 Necklace : Lazuri La Vie en Rose  Necklace Boxed

picture 2
 outfit : LUXE Paris FLARE FASHION Top & Skirt - ORANGE
 Hair : Blues. Daisy - Essentials
 pose : Kirin - Rini Pose 1 Kirin-pose main store
 Necklace : Lazuri La Vie en Rose  Necklace Boxed

picture 3
 gown : LUXE Paris LONDON Gown
 Hair : [Entwined] Ivy - Group Gift
 pose : Di's Opera - Limited 1 - 7  (pop-up shop)
 Necklace : Lazuri La Vie en Rose  Necklace Boxed

picture2 outfits looks already summer time. I see that LUXE Paris will work hard next summer also! :D

and LUXE Paris released the other great outfit also.Don't miss it <3
Thanks for reading. Happy Shopping!