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Dear reader. Good morning! It's a refreshing morning.
however itchy itchy edge of eyelids.....
Yesterday, Sakura blooming has officially announced in japan.
but not full blooming yet, it would be full blooming from end of this month to first week of April.

Introducing "-IrodorI-  Noir"
This kimono design say in japanese "漆黒" / in english "jet- black"
Elegant head accessory. they are so beautiful and fantastic.

available 4 color.

-IrodorI- and ***En*** Main SHOP

 Kimono : -IrodorI- Noir(flower)  ....Head accessory / Geta for Slink Flat / exclusive hair  including
 pose : *PosESioN* Tokyo 4

 Kimono : -IrodorI- Noir(crane)  ....Head accessory / Geta for Slink Flat / exclusive hair including
 Pose : *PosESioN* Tokyo 6

Location : -NOSTALGIC-

Visit to shop and Check it out <3

Thanks for reading.
see you soon....

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