Outdoor Bath

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Dear reader.  Good morning / afternoon(for me at this time) / evening!

*~Aphrodite  Shop~* released "Outdoor Bathtub" for a while ago.
soo lovely bath... Your body would be very warm even outside with this tub even still winter.
and this tub was made by wood. personally i love very much wood bathtub in RL...
it makes me feel that i am Rich!

Aphrodite Shop Outdoor Bathtub PG Version on Marketplace
Aphrodite Shop Outdoor Bathtub ADULT Version on Marketplace
Aphrodite  Shop Marketplace top page

Aphrodite  Shop main store Slurl

<Aphrodite> Outdoor Bath. PG Version / ADULT version.
also some decors around bath and bathrobe including.

Have Fun <3

Thanks for coming to my blog.
see you soon...

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