Snowpaws Au Revoir Silk Gown


Dear reader.  good morning! / evening!

Sakura blooming soon...... i am looking forward to bloom every year.
They are beautiful and i can not enough expression in world. i was impressed by Sakura.
and feel with whole my body that i am lucky that I am Japanese.

Okey.... better to finish my talking!
Introducing about "Snowpaws - Au Revoir Silk Gown" at Designer Showcase March round.
I have known Snowpaws gowns are beautiful. but this time I become aware again of Snowpaws gown is how much beautiful.
available 4 color.

also, Snowpaws has one more gown "Courant Bow Gown" in Designer Showcase.
Big ribbon at front make you cutie but for sure you are elegant.

Designer Showcase Slurl  (New LM)

 Gown : Snowpaws - Au Revoir Black Silk Gown @ Designer Showcase March
 poseExposeur - febgift15-4M  (Free Gift)

 Snowpaws - Au Revoir Plum Silk Gown @ Designer Showcase March 
 pose : Exposeur - febgift15-1 (Free Gift)

common item
 Hair : [e] Quinn - Essentials
 whole body & Head : The mesh project

Mini super Tuesday in UnitedState...... i have to check the news lol
Happy Shopping!