Cozy my spring life


Dear reader.  Thanks for coming to my blog in this moment!
How are you?? Times goes by fast!  little bit slow pace to blog this month.

I want to introduce you a lot of furniture and decor item in this post. inside and outside both.
Spring season is sometimes good, but sometimes not good. because I have hay favor lol
However even when too bad running nose, too bad itchy eyes, when i feel spring sunshine, it makes me feel very good.

This time i tried to take a picture whole house."llorisen // alms cottage.yellow"
Created by Elsa Wellesley The owner of  "Llorisen"
I was going to to buy prefab. but i found lovely cottage Gacha. per play 75L.
I played 3 times. and i got red house and yellow house. This time, i chose yellow house to blog with the other stuff.

CHEZ MOI FURNITURE released "Garden shed" for TRES CHIC April round. Event running to the 10th May.
If i have large garden. i would put like this shed definitely.
Rustic but cute decoration inside shed. and including adorable gardener animation with some props and so so love love couple animation.
Garden shed have 3 color blue / green / pink. you can choose according to the around color.

Almost garden decor in above picture. They are created by created Cherelle Capra.The owner of "[CIRCA]"
They were released for some event. but that round was closed already so you can find at main store now.

I would love to show you my decorating inside of the house.
 " Lounger Bench" Green bench.. would be good at outside. but i feel it is good in inside also.
because this house made by wood. not bad combination... don't you think?

(( Credit outside ))
Cottage : llorisen // alms cottage.yellow
Garden Shed Green CHEZ MOI @ TRES CHIC April
Trellis Green CHEZ MOI  @ TRES CHIC April
[CIRCA] - "Botanical Garden" Potting Table - Light Wood w/ Mint
[CIRCA] - "Garden Escape" Bird House Stand - Green Ombre
Fu's  Katakuri in barrel
Fu's Marguerite pink in barrel
[CIRCA] - "Floral Delight" Plant Stand - Green Ploom
[CIRCA] - "Cottonwood Grove" Carrot Basket
[CIRCA] - Spring Chalkboard Stand - "The Deep Roots"
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" Planter Bench - Cream Wood (10 pos) 1
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" Planter Bench - Lt Nut Wood (10 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Cloudy Escape" Balloon Wall Art -  Green & Purple
[CIRCA] - "Cloudy Escape" Balloon Wall Art -  Pink & Yellow

(( Credit Landscape ))
Fu's Clover 4tex L-mesh
Fu's Marguerite pink Flexible
Fu's Dandelion a L
Fu's Katakuri flexible
*alirium* butterflies blue B
*alirium* butterflies pink B
*alirium* DwarfForest [LightGreen]

(( Credit inside ))
[CIRCA] - "Cyprus Oasis" Canopy Bed - Aquamarine (40 fem pos)
[CIRCA] - "Cyprus Oasis" Scroll Area Rug - Aqua
[CIRCA] - "Cyprus Oasis" Scroll Area Rug - Cream / Aqua
[CIRCA] - "Cyprus Oasis" Chair with Pillow - Aqua/ teal (28pos)
[CIRCA] - "Cyprus Oasis" Side Table w/ Birds of Paradise -Ivory
[CIRCA] - "CLARICE" Jacquard Curtains - In Smoke
[CIRCA] - "Botanical Garden" Hanging Flower Basket2 - Purple
[CIRCA] - "Botanical Garden" Hanging Flower Basket2 - Yellow
[CIRCA] - "Pink Delight" Butterflies in Flight (Copy)
[CIRCA] - "Garden Escape" Lounger Bench C - Leaf weave (6pos)
[CIRCA] - "Garden Escape" Lounger Bench D - Emerald grid (6pos)
[CIRCA] - "Garden Escape" Lounger Bench B - Emerald grid (6pos)
[CIRCA] - "Garden Escape" Lounger Bench B -Emerald weave (6pos)
[CIRCA] - "Garden Escape" Lounger Bench A - Emerald grid (6pos)
[CIRCA] - "Garden Escape" Centre Table - Pink Flowers
[CIRCA] - "CLARICE" Chaise w/ Touch Blanket (45 pos-F) - Smoke @after 19th April at main store
[CIRCA] - "CLARICE" Side Table w/ Orchid Vase - Smoke & Scarlet @after 19th April at main store
[CIRCA] - "CLARICE" Area Rug - Feather Scroll in Scarlet @after 19th April at main store
[CIRCA] - "CLARICE" Area Rug - Fleur Pattern in Scarlet @after 19th April at main store
[CIRCA] - "CLARICE" Jacquard Curtains - In Scarlet @ Black Fashion Fair 
[CIRCA] - "BLOOM" Modern Bench Sofa - Florals (26 pos) Txt Chgr
[CIRCA] - "BLOOM" Modern Round Rug - Tigerlily Velvet (C/M)
[CIRCA] - "BLOOM" Modern Round Rug - Orchid Velvet (C/M)
[CIRCA] - "BLOOM" Modern Round Rug - Leaf Velvet (C/M)
[CIRCA] - "BLOOM" Blossom Wreath - In Orange
[CIRCA] - "BLOOM" Blossom Wreath - In Poppy
[CIRCA] - Spring Quote Chalk Art - "Do More Of" (neutral)
[CIRCA] - Spring Chalk Art - "Bloom & Grow" (pastels)
[CIRCA] - "BLOOM" Blossom Wreath - In Orange
[CIRCA] - Spring Quote Chalk Art - "Do More Of" (pastels)
Sway's [UFO] Lamp . Mars (c) (Gacha item)
Sway's [UFO] Lamp . Pluto (c) (Gacha item)

Hope you like them :)
If you have question, ask me! Thanks for reading.