Supporting the Japanease Earthquake


Dear reader.

As i wrote in my past post, The Earthquake disaster in Japan of Kumamoto pref, still there is many unsolved incident.
and still continuing hard earthquake and many people passed away... and will come rain season soon..
nobody can not see the end of this disaster.

I wanted to do something for them but I can not do so much things.
in that, i met with "HEART for NINE STATES" charity event. Charity event that Part of your shopping will be donated for HEAET of NINE STATE.
we do that we can do right now.
I am very happy that there is many people same feeling with me in Secondlife.


Participating designer.. and more detail is in HEART for NINE STATES blog :

Male : kimono kasa(sumi)Mpop : kokorotayori (50% Donation item) @ HEAET of NINE STATE
Female : shishi kirei3! : kokorotayori  (100% Donation item) @ HEAET of NINE STATE
             nipple cover : chichikazari : kokorotayori (Free)   @ HEAET of NINE STATE
pose : *CN* 1603C10  (100% Donation item) @ HEAET of NINE STATE

Location : -NOSTALGIC-

hope you visit and have happy shopping!
Thanks for reading. see you soon....