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Dear reader. glad to see you again here :)

Have you visit to HEART FOR NINE STATE Charity event? This charity is supporting for 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake disaster.
A lot of Japanese creator is participating for this charity. and will be donated part of your shopping.

My favorite shop "AZUL" also one of exhibitor.
AZUL creator Mami created Limited color for this event. even she didn't have enough time to prepare. Thank you so much dearly Mami <3

HEART FOR NINE STATE Slurl (Until 2th May)

HEART FOR NINE STATE blog : http://heart4ns.wix.com/2016

 Dress : -AZUL- Jonelle /Topaz [Heart For 9 States LTD] (50% donated) @ HEART FOR NINE STATE

 Dress : -AZUL- Mimosa /Sakura [Heart For 9 States LTD] (50% donated) @ HEART FOR NINE STATE

Location : -NOSTALGIC-

of course i wanted to buy the other gown also.. because they are exclusive color on this event.
but my wallet said Nooooo!
But if i could meet with AZUL in this charity next time, i will buy the other gown :)

Wishes you visit and happy shopping.
and even if it is not easy, i will pray to get good for Kumamoto & Oita prefecture people.

Thanks for reading.

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