Pure Nature and Chandelier dress


Dear reader! I am so exited that my flicker account back to "public / safe" of safety level.
OKOKOKOK!! so i can upload all my picture to blog to my flicker without hesitation!!
when my safetly level was "moderate" my picture could not to put in some group...i have feel very sad .... lol

btw, I would love to introduce you Prism Design outfit "Sia Chandelier Skirt" created by Journey McLaglen and Kat Carter of Moondance
and very unnormal hair is "Pure Nature" by [Bizarre Hair]  at Hair Fair 2016.

dress : Prism Sia Chandelier Skirt  by Journey
Hair Hat : [Bizarre Hair] "Pure Nature" Hair @ Hair Fair 2016.

outfit and hat hair both are very unique and they are an art.
you can wear butterfly and bee particle with hat. to show you in picture is little bit hard for me..
if you joined "Hair Fair DEMO group". you can get from demo group... even not DEMO. if still in group notice.
and this is not mesh. some people say not mesh hair should throw away ... however. i can not do this ...
even not mesh, beautiful creation is beautiful.Art is Art.

Have a Happy shopping <3
thanks for coming to my blog.