Swimming pool under daylight


Dear reader... Hope your Saturday is fine / will fine / was fine!

Right now, i am trying with best to back to "Safe" of Safety level of flicker account.
My account was flagged to "Moderate". Because some pictures was "moderate"
but i want to back to Safe definitely! so i deleted some picture and sent a review offer to flicker team.
I hope i can back very soon....

But, i wanted to blog for Bee Design released "Paradise Swimming Pool" for Cosmopolitan.
You can choose in PG or in Adult. I think much romantic in Adult type♥

Swim pool : .:Bee designs:. Paradise Swimming Pool P1l @ Cosmopolitan
Tent : .:M.LAW:. Round tent PG (indian) (in -world / Marketplace )
Planter : [CIRCA] - "KAIU COAST" Palm Floor Planter - 8 Colour Menu

Palm tree : p8 4 + 2 palms set copy version by inVerse™

It is so gorgeous! You would to put on land by rezzar.
I could not decide where i put this pool forest or sea side when take a picture.
when i saw the palm tree that put together with pool, i decided to put on sea side.
but, it would be so beautiful in forest situation also.

I hope you will choose one of your summer item and your lovely summer time <3
Have a nice Saturday.
Thanks for reading.